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Jenna's Depraved

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/7/06

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Jenna's Depraved (Jenna Jameson)

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Compilation, Jenna Jameson

Director: Jonathan Morgan (compilation only)

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Nikki Tyler, Felicia, Alexa Rae, Brad Armstrong, Jeanna Fine, Shayla LaVeaux, Stephanie Swift, Brittany Andrews, Keri Sable, Alex Sanders, Tony T.; Channone, Mark Davis (last two in bonus scene only)
Non-sex Role by: Jessica Drake

Length: 105.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/3/2005 (compilation only)

Extras: The best extra for most people will be the bonus scene between Jenna, Channone, and Mark Davis from the movie Hard Evidence shot long ago. It had anal although not by Jenna and I described it below for those who care. There was also a brand new photogallery by Keri Sable for fans wishing she hadn't left the industry. This was followed by some Star Stats for Jenna, a promotional reel from the 2004 season, the standard DVD ROM materials, a Wicked Pictures DVD catalog, and trailers to shows like Camp Cuddly Pines, Eternity, All About Keri, Sold, and Hook Ups. There was also a cardboard protective sleeve that mirrored the DVD cover.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Jenna's Depraved was mostly presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as most of the scenes were presented with a few scenes in non-anamorphic widescreen sporting an aspect ratio of 1.85:1. There was a lot of grain on some of the scenes and the visual flaws that accompanied the older material are something fans of Jenna will have to get over although it has been pointed out to me that most of her older work looks better than her newer material that relies far too heavily on flashing lights, special effects, and make up applied by the pound so your mileage will vary according to what you prefer. If you've never seen an older Jenna flick, suffice it to say that ten year old porn scenes don't look at well done as some of the best modern movies have to offer, especially by the directors at Wicked Pictures. The Keri Sable scene, for example, looked very crisp and clear with few problems on the simulated street corner. The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English though most of the audio was added in later, the vocals typically taking a backseat to the music and effects. Still, the scenes were exactly as I recall hearing them in terms of the audio so while they weren't anything special in that sense, they weren't any worse either (a few actually sounded like the music might've been remixed but I doubt that was the case).

Body of Review: Jenna Jameson is currently the leading lady of porn, focusing her efforts on running her empire with husband Jay, and releasing a limited number of previously shot movies where she engages in sexual activity with other women. This makes her scenes from the past, especially those shot by Wicked Pictures, to take on a new life as new fans want to see the lovely gal when she was at her so-called peak performing ability. Well, in yet another compilation of scenes from the young hotty, Jenna's Depraved, the company offers up a series of Jenna's scenes where anal sex was the kicker, although much of the hype was kind of misplaced since the action largely took place with toys in her rear end. Still, Jenna is one of those gals many of us have long appreciated and compilations such as this offer something to fans that they might have missed in the past. The movie even included an exclusive scene by now-retired contract star Keri Sable so here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast, action, movie, director and date of production for those of you still interested:

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Scene One: Hell on Heels: D-Brad Armstrong: 4/27/1999: Here's what I said when I originally reviewed the scene awhile back: "The fifth scene has Nikki Tyler (she was a long time girlfriend of Jenna's, which is why she got so much airtime here) and Felicia with Jenna in a sort of period piece involving corsets and old style clothing. All three women have huge followings in the adult business so this is the best of all worlds for many of us. This scene was also hampered a bit by a grainy picture. However, there isn't enough grain in the world that could lessen these three together."

Scene Two: Dreamquest: D-Brad Armstrong: 10/4/1999: I saw a few versions of this scene, the best of which was the uncut version for another compilation, Jenna: Uncut & Uncensored, with this being the shorter version: "Jenna, in her then ultimate movie (winning a zillion awards) and final release as a contract star for Wicked Pictures, had a scene with ice queen (no, literally) Alex in a snow cavern, lasting 8:32. The picture quality was always weak here too (I see a trend folks) but the lesbian antics drove me crazy when I first saw it so long ago and it's no wonder that fans everywhere call this the pinnacle of pussy for Jenna Jameson. The uncensored, uncut version lasted 27:33 and had all the background noises and flubs you'd expect but was also hotter in many ways if you can get past the problems."

Scene Three: Jenna Ink: Brad Armstrong: 6/18/1996: I know a lot of guys in the military that loved this following scene (guess why): "Jenna Jameson, all dressed up in a military-style costume (stripper fashion at least), had this scene with Brad Armstrong, a guy she later married. It initially had bombs going off and a stress level similar to living in the big city so the couple decided to make the most of their last minutes together. She gave him a decent blowjob and toyed with his cock before he started hammering away at that primo pussy of hers in the foxhole. She then reached into an ammo crate and pulled out a vibrator so she could do a technical DP. It wasn't the fastest paced, most energetic and chemistry filled scene she had done to that point but it was fun to watch. Fans will want to know that he launched a second large load at her face but mostly missed it with her staying still (rather than trying to dodge it as critics have suggested) with the first load going onto her pussy and thighs."

Scene Four: Hard Evidence: D-Brad Armstrong & Greg Steel: 2/4/1996: Jenna Jameson, dressed up in black lingerie, had a nasty lesbian scene with Jeanna Fine, a gal who at the time was a bigger star (or had been) in the industry as Jenna continued her ascent into the top spot of porn. Jenna was submissive to the older woman and there was a lot of licking and sucking going on as well as fingering (and heel sucking). Jenna showed a tender side though whereas Jeanna was edgier and the scene had some replay value based on the manner in which it seemed like our favorite hotty learned the ropes from the established professional of the time.

Scene Five: Hell on Heels: D-Brad Armstrong: 4/27/1999: I remember this one being almost a tribute to fashion and style with an annoying music track keeping the nonexistent vocals at bay but here's what I said years ago when I first reviewed it: "The last scene was a science fiction take off with Shayla and Jenna dressed up something like Borg's from Star Trek. The music is techno and the lighting looks like modern dance clubs. All in all, it was perfectly suited for the two of them. They seemed very comfortable in the surroundings although Brad tells us otherwise on his commentary track. Perhaps it was the miracle of acting and editing that saved the day but I'm not complaining."

Scene Six: Dreamquest: D-Brad Armstrong: 10/4/1999: Jenna Jameson, back in a fantasy sequence with a far lighter (and less annoying) score in the background, enjoyed the oral pleasures of a couple of wood nymphs played by Stephanie Swift and Felicia in her blockbuster hit from the 1990's. It was dark and grainy but aside from the abundant use of glitter paint, it was obvious that all three had a lot of fun with huge amounts of chemistry together. If you enjoy watching Jenna diddle herself (vaginally and anally), you'll probably like this one as much as fans did when it first came out.

Scene Seven: Built For Speed: D-Brad Armstrong: 2/2/1997: Jenna, playing a gun moll in a 1932 Studebaker, started this scene by smoking a gross cigar as Brittany Andrews, also dressed in period clothing (though in a dykier manner) and holding a Tommy Gun (not the male performer), had some lesbian loving while a jazz score played in the background. These two bank robbers did the usual licking and rubbing with the screen colored the sepia tone to convey a sense of age. The sense of passion between them wavered from time to time and I wasn't as enthusiastic about the variety of toys deployed here but I never doubted they liked working together in the scene from their various responses.

Scene Eight: Jenna's Depraved: D-Jonathan Morgan: 10/3/2005: Keri Sable, the then-rising star in Wicked Picture's contract stable, was recorded in a scene at a bus stop with Alex Sanders and Tony T., as a couple of guys looking for love in all the right places. The guys were kind of rough and the bench looked kind of uncomfortable but she laughed and smiled throughout the scene as they worked her over on both ends. She gave some really sloppy oral to them and they fingered her as though digging for clams at the beach but she was the one demanding they "fuck" her harder. She did anal, rimmed them, and did the usual taste testing before they dropped loads onto her face. If you're a fan of Keri's hardcore style, you'll enjoy the fact that she ended up with a "got milk?" mustache from both of them.

Bonus Scene: Hard Evidence: D-Brad Armstrong & Greg Steel: 2/4/1996: Jenna Jameson, joined by Channone and Mark Davis, had a scene on a couch at night. Channone wore a black dress with many air vents while Jenna wore a silvery jumpsuit, having been held by a couple of others as if kidnapped. As Channone sucked Mark's dick, Jenna worked the gal's pussy (and ass) with her fingers and tongue, readying her friend for some boning action. Both gals got in some oral action on his shaft and he returned the favor slightly before riding both of them fairly well. Jenna was very active at riding him though Channone did the only anal screwing of the flick. It was over too soon and that ended the bonus scene.

Summary: Jenna's Depraved was a nice selection of scenes by Jenna Jameson from her prime performing years when she took to men and women with equal vigor. I have no problem admitting I have long found the beautiful gal appealing and even in her most recent movies, she offers something special that most gals in porn never learn to project in their performances. I'm going to rate this one as a Rent It unless you haven't seen these scenes before (most true fans will already own the originals) since the amount of extras was minimal and the use of the lovely Jessica Drake was so limited (why couldn't she have had a scene?) but also because the limits of the material and lack of a fully packed DVD. There were too many Jenna scenes that could've filled this one out nicely so while I enjoyed every moment of the show, I was left wanting more.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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