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Filthy Rich, The

Studio: Caballero Video » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/15/06

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The Movie:

This Swedish Erotica presentation directed by Michael Zen in 1981 makes excellent use of it's solid cast (highlighted by Vanessa Del Rio, Lisa De Leeuw and Samantha Fox) and is a worthwhile movie to track down if you're into the early 80s way that smut movies were made. Too bad Cabellero's DVD leaves more than a little to be desired.

The basic premise is that Samantha Fox is a rich bitch who can't come. Everyone else around her can, the hired help, her husband, but she just can't have an orgasm no matter how hard her mate tries to give her one. This causes some stress in their relationship, and so they decide to try and spice things up a bit. When the new Cuban maid (Vanessa Del Rio) arrives at the house, her sex appeal has an infectious effect on the residents and her co-workers.

Chapter 1 – Samantha Fox And Jack Wrangler: This scene starts off in the bedroom and, as he puts it, he's buried in her cunt. He's trying to give her an orgasm, but no dice. He gets her on all fours and starts licking her from behind, working her pussy from below and playing with his cock. After that she mounts him reverse cowgirl style and rides up and down on his prick and fingering her clit. Just as it looks like she's going to come, she loses it and the scene ends.

The first scene cuts back and forth with the second, which plays out like this…

Chapter 2 – Jessie St. James And Hershel Savage (credited as Robert Savage): He eats her out for a few seconds and then fucks her on the bed missionary style. He puts her legs up around her shoulders and she calls him daddy and refers to him as daddy. After much 'fuck me hard, daddy' she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style. She turns around and rides him cowgirl, and then he fucks her doggy style before he finally pulls out and comes all over the top of her ass.

Chapter 3 – Vanessa Del Rio And Hershel Savage: Vanessa spreads her legs over a fruit plate for Hershel in the food preparation room, and he goes down on her like a starving maniac. From there he sucks her tits while she gives him head, which then turns into a pretty hot sixty-nine session. She gets up on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style, and he yells out 'chili peppers.' He gets her on her back and fucks her cunt missionary style, and then she sucks him off again before jerking him to a big finish and taking his load in her face.

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The third scene cuts back and forth with the fourth scene, which plays out like this…

Chapter 4 – Jessie St. James: Alone in her bedroom, Jessie decides to explore herself and uses a mirror so that she can watch her fingers play with her pussy. She then uses the handle of the mirror to fuck herself with, and while that might sound kind of odd, it worked for me – you don't see that every day.

Chapter 5 – Jessie St. James And Randy West: Jessie heads on out to the sauna and finger fucks herself again, letting her fingers play just underneath her bikini bottoms. Randy, playing the pool boy (no joke), sees her and she's only too happy to let him help her with her goals. She pulls down his pants and goes down on him, and then in a surprise twist he gets down on all fours and she eats his ass out while she fondles his balls. He stands up and she sucks his cock, and then she gets down on all fours so he can eat her fuzzy beaver.

The fifth scene cuts back and forth with the sixth scene, which plays out like this…

Chapter 6 – Lisa De Leeuw And Hershel Savage: Lisa, the original big busted redhead of porno, plays a cowgirl in this scene, where she hops into bed with Hershel and works a bad Texan accent into her performance. She whips out those amazing tits of hers and once he's hard she sucks his dick. After that she sits on his face, before she proceeds to straddle his dick reverse cowgirl style while holding onto a giant double-ended dong. After that she gets down on all fours and he fucks her pussy from behind, before she finishes him off with her mouth.

Chapter 7 – Vanessa Del Rio, George Payne And R. J. Reynolds: George and R.J. show up at the door dressed like the gay biker guy from The Village People and they start to get rough with Vanessa. They take her to an abandoned room somewhere and rip off her top, and then they tie her up and rub oil on her chest. George eats her out, and then she gets down on all fours for the two guys to hit her with the ol' double penetration surprise. She rides George's cock while R. J. pulls out and jerks off on her face.

Chapter 8 – Jack Wrangler And Samantha Fox: Having newly discovered the joy of sex, they attend a meeting and perform in front of a crowd. It starts with Samantha giving Jack a pretty sensual blowjob, as she starts getting into it and bobbing on him faster and faster, before he lays her down and lifts her legs up to fuck her missionary style. He pulls out and jerks off on her stomach as the crowd shows their approval with their applause.

Chapter 9 – Full Cast Orgy!: Everyone fucks everyone else in this final scene that takes place in the dining hall to the tune of a goofy new wave punk song called The Filthy Rich. Samantha starts things off by prancing around in a jungle costume and letting the help squeeze limes onto her tits and play with her pussy.



The movie is presented fullframe and if one had to guess, it's probably a safe assumption that it was shot this way as the compositions look pretty decent. Unfortunately the image is really soft and lacks almost any fine detail whatsoever. The colors bleed and the picture lacks any real definition. If you're used to the rather lackluster presentations that most older porn films have received on DVD thus far you'll be alright with the image as it's on par with most of those discs but don't go into this one expecting it to look like Neu Wave Hookers.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track might as well be mono as the muffled track doesn't exhibit much channel separation at all, if any. The dialogue is soft and sometimes gets buried in the mix but most of the time, if you turn the volume up a bit, you'll be able to at least understand everything that everyone says. There are also a few spots where the audio levels hit the red and your speakers will actually vibrate, which is never a good thing.


Aside from a menu and chapter selection, the only extra feature on this release is a still gallery made up of six stills from the feature and a web-link, Cabellero contact information, and an advertisement made up of cover art for other DVDs available.

Final Thoughts:

The presentation is weak, but if you can get past that, The Filthy Rich is an excellent example of the kind of steamy sex and goofball comedy that made the early eighties a fun time for fuck films. The cast is top notch, the sex is hot, and the movie moves along at a really good pace. If the presentation were better, this would definitely rate higher but even with it looking and especially sounding as bad as it does, the movie still comes recommended for fans of eighties erotica and would prove to be a solid rental for everyone else.

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