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Stud Buds

Studio: Blue Pictures » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 3/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Marco de la Rocha
120 minutes
CAST: Caetano, Apolo, Ayron, Augustus, Basi, Denis, Renato Lemus, Johnny, Pedro, Stephano, Ivan, Douglas
PRODUCTION DATE: October 30,2005

The Good Stuff
Stud Buds apparently takes place in an ultra cruisy park in Europe somewhere, as the guys don't speak a word of English. All scenes begin in the park with the beefcake eyeing each other in the park before going back to what seems like a health club or hotel, as there is a pool with a waterfall, amongst other things. This is another flick where the studio does not hook a name to a schlong, so when you like a performance you can't find any other films by them. Names are listed in the credits so I will just use them in order of appearance.

Scene 1
Caetano and Apolo are riding bikes in the park, and as they pass each other, Caetano sees something he likes, so he pulls a Huey and follows after Apolo who apparently can't ride a bike because he drives to the side of the path and falls off the bike, "hurting" himself. Apparently, what caught these guys eyes is the fact that they are both wearing the same bike shorts and see through mesh sleeveless shirts just in different colors. Weird. Caetano escorts the injured Apolo back to the club house where the action begins. We start with some very short making-out followed by oral, then Caetano getting dick in his hole, first taking in doggie, before sliding his sphincter on Apolo's johnson for some hard-riding, hip-grinding cowboy. A hot theme that is throughout this movie is that the guys on the receiving end of the dicking all show their fucked open love tunnels at one point or another, Caetano being the first to do this. Apolo then takes it missionary and spoon style from Caetano. Apolo shoots first while being spoon-fucked by Caetano, followed by Caetano jacking his turtlenecked meat and cumming on Apolo's chest.
[Actors: Caetano and Apolo | Sex Acts: Kissing, Rimming, Oral, Anal, Fingering | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary, Spooning | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Apolo cut and Caetano Uncut | ]

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Scene 2
2 friends are in the park, one rollerblading and one skate boarding, when they come upon 2 other friends sitting by the lake. They all meet up and the guys sitting by the lake convince the other 2 to teach them each how to roller blade and skateboard. The rollerblading couple are the first to be back in a room and to get down to some lovin'. While the guys are undressing, you can see that Augustus has a big backpiece of a tattoo. Kissing leads to some short 69 action, followed by each guy providing the other with some mouth service. Augustus goes for the gusto and really deep throats Ayron's tool, which I found extremely hot. We get some minor rimming and Augustus tongue fucking Ayron's asshole. An interesting thing is that we see Augustus apply the condom to Ayron's rod with his mouth before climbing on and riding him reverse cowboy while stroking his hard cock. We go to doggie, to missionary, to spooning all with Augustus on the receiving end before the guys jack off each one catching the other's spunk in their hands and then rubbing it onto their nipples.
[Actors: Ayron, Augustus | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Rimming, Fingering, Jacking |Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Spooning, Cowboy, 69 | Condoms: yes | Dicks: Ayron cut, Augustus uncut | ]

Scene 3
The couple that was playing with the skateboard is next, beginning with kissing by the side of the pool, before moving onto bigger and better things. The natural progression follows, from kissing to cocksucking to assfucking. Basi is definitely the skater-boy type, with piercings in his eyebrow, tongue and nipple. Basi takes the most dicking here, including doggie, missionary and cowboy, and he takes it like a pro, with good shots of his fuck-loosened hole. Denis does take a little missionary from Basi, before both guys are jacking and cum on their own chests. Denis' junk is completely shaved where as Basi's sack is shaved.
[Actors: Basi, Denis | Sex Acts: Kissing, Rimming, Fingering, Jacking, Oral, Anal | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Basi cut, Denis uncut | ]

Scene 4
While Renato is stretching out his muscles while getting ready to jog, Johnny and Pedro jog by, but change their minds and come back to see what kind of trouble the three of them can get up to together. All three guys look Latin and easily have the best bodies of the entire movie. They get back to the hotel thingy, undress and get into pool. Renato, the main bottom for this scene, gets in naked and the other two are in speedo-like bathing suits. They start off with typical making-out followed by Renato floating his ass to each of the other guy's mouth for some rim action. The guys get out of the pool to get down to serious action. Everyone slobbers on everyone else's pole before Renato takes it from both ends with Johnny plowing that ass nice and rough with Renato backing up to meet each thrust. The fucking is rather short in this scene and we get right to Pedro jacking to cum on Renato's chest, then Johnny jacking and cumming on his own stomach, and for a twist now, Renato fucks Johnny missionary and doggie before jacking and cumming on Johnny's crack.
[Actors: Renato Lemus, Johnny, Pedro | Sex Acts: Kissing, Rimming, Oral, Fingering, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: yes | Dicks: 3 Snipped sausages | ]

Scene 5
Stephano, Ivan and Douglas arrive back in their room. Douglas goes to change and while he's gone, Stephano and Ivan get to some hanky panky. Ivan and Stephano don't get past some kissing, oral and rimming, before Douglas comes back and joins the fun. Ivan shares bottom duties with Stephano in this one with all guys receiving some oral delights before fucking commences. Ivan and Stephano take turns being fucked in various positions by Douglas. Ivan rides Stephano for a bit before getting in missionary position being stuffed from both ends. Stephano cums first on Ivan's belly followed by Douglas cumming copiously on Ivan's chest ending with Ivan spraying Stephano with his batter. This is probably the hottest sex scene in the movie because Ivan's asshole gets really fucked open and they love showing his twitching brown-eye opening and closing with lots of spit lube.
[Actors: Stephano, Ivan, Douglas | Sex Acts: Kissing, Rimming, Jacking, Fingering, Oral, Anal | Positions: Doggie, Spooning, Riding, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dick: Stephano cut, Ivan and Douglas Uncut | ]



The film is presented in full screen with all scenes being clear and well lit. Each scene starts with some nondescript background music before cutting out, so mainly the dialogue between the guys and the moans and slurping and sex noises provide the soundtrack for this film.


More run of the mill extras that really aren't extras.

Photo gallery: 15 stills

Trailers: Island of Teen Lust, Gay-teen,

Web info: advert for studio website

XXX stud: advert for 1800 number

At the End of the Night

The guys in this film are definitely hot. Some of them I would even dare say are smoking hot. The name of Stud Buds is certainly fitting, as the guys are studs and you could even see them being buds in real life. A nice variety of looks from twinks to guys with some trimmed body hair. Most of the guys' junk is trimmed and there was a variety of cut and uncut jimmies. The actors are comfortable with each other and I would say some are even turned on by their partners. As I mentioned in the review, a nice touch of this film is seeing the gaping love holes of the guys and most of the guys have at least a small tattoo somewhere, which I enjoy. Friends, the gorgeous studs and shots of fucked open holes make me push this one's rating from rent it to recommended.

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