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Naomi ... There's Only One

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/27/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Naomi: There's Only One

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: John Leslie

Cast: Naomi, John Leslie, James Deen, Marie Luv, Sascha, Erik Everhard, Mario, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Scotty Lyons, Mike Hash, Brian Pumper, Lefty LaRue, Tee Reel, Mysti May, Mark Davis

Length: 141.5 minutes

Date of Production: 3/1/2006

Extras: The best extra this time was easily the nearly 28 minutes of deleted footage that wasn't present on the VHS version of the movie, in the form of five segments (each from one of the main scenes). It had lots of tease and more sexual activity although the technical limitations looked to be the primary reason why most of it was edited out (too much grain, John Leslie talking, and a variety of imperfections with the source material) but in terms of extras, such footage is great and getting more of Naomi is always a treat. There was a lengthy photogallery, a cast list, limited filmographies of Evil Angel titles some of the gals were in, a biography for John Leslie, and a cumshot recap, with trailers for shows like Crack Her Jack 5, Veronica De Souza: Some Piece of Ass! and Fresh Meat 20.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Naomi: There's Only One was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by John Leslie for distribution by Evil Angel. As noted previously, John has long since surpassed the desire to show crystal clear visuals, preferring to focus his efforts on the kind of raw energy and rougher edged look that most of his peers only seem to fall into by mistake, though I'll be the first to admit I'd like his movies to revert back to a more traditional & well lit approach if at all possible. The levels of grain, video noise, and even pattern effects were higher than I like to see but the action, however marred this way, was still hot. The composition of the camera angles showed some care put into them, making the ladies look their best virtually always, and this is the strength of John's directorial ability more than anything else (as a producer, he also tends to make fine selections of cast). The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio track was as basic as gonzo porn came be, with limited talking going on outside of John's own directions in the background. The cast could be heard moaning & groaning but this was definitely a limited selection based on audio quality.

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Body of Review: John Leslie is the senior director at Evil Angel outside of Buttman himself, and known for his sometimes eccentric manner of presenting a cast of hotties having sex on camera. You can see this in some of his classic titles where he influenced the people making those movies and you can see it on those he claims sole control over; which is not a bad thing considering the cookie cutter nature of porn these days in particular. His latest movie is much like his well received Veronica De Souza: Some Piece of Ass!, called Naomi: There's Only One; showcasing the newcomer Naomi as she provides more than just a top flight ass to play with. Every scene had the hotty participating in one manner or another, offering up more of this gal than anyone has provided in the past (or likely, the future). One look at the front DVD cover will tell you that she had plenty of tight junk in the trunk and a set of DSLs that most men would fight over if asked. Here's a look at the scenes by cast and action but note that aside from her second released anal scene on DVD, there was a lot more to appreciate if you're a fan of hers:

Scene One: Naomi, the hot newcomer on the front DVD cover, was up first with the legendary John Leslie after walking through a parking lot at night in a skimpy white dress that barely covered her ample sample. The camera work was particularly grainy but had the kind of raw energy that John has chased for years in his movies (sometimes offering more than other times if you catch my drift). The dress she wore was the same one from the cover of Crack Her Jack 5, and after they went into the hotel, she urinated on the toilet (proving it can be done, contrary to what some would say about American porn), and then John started outfitting her with a ball gag as he felt her up. This led to an extensive amount of tease footage and John never boned her like most men would but it was a solid scene of tease and masturbation, if no real sex.

Scene Two: Naomi, having left the last scene and still in her white dress, went over to the room of James Deen, where the camera followed her in a peeping tom fashion outside. James went down on her but in keeping in the spirit of the voyeur-cam aspect of the scene; the viewer could barely hear her (and only heard John when he found something particularly amusing). She then went down on James, blowing him with lots of energy, before the scene reverted to the norm with all the sounds of a regular scene to enjoy (intermittently though). She seemed almost like an unpolished diamond in the rough here, having fun with the sex but not having the years of experience to look like a jaded performance artist. It was an active ride in her tight pussy though and she showed a lot of potential, even doing her reported "first anal" on camera (though the second released anal scene of hers on DVD). His cock wasn't so large as to tax her backdoor but she wasn't exactly enthusiastic during this portion of the scene, putting up with the anal more than appreciating it. It ended when he jerked off into her mouth and she gave him some post coital head.

Scene Three: Naomi, this time in a pink dress and Marie Luv, in a black dress, were set to work with Sascha and Erik Everhard in a large living room during a photoshoot. Sascha started out feeling up Naomi while Erik went with Marie; each getting some tease action in before bumping uglies together. They all mixed it up together before long though, with the ladies assisting during each other's moments of glory. Marie gave the better blowjob although Naomi picked up a few tricks from her new friend to enhance her own set of skills, and I have to admit that Naomi was the more active rider of cock this time, despite Marie's extensive experience. Still, some fans may appreciate that Naomi wasn't the anal queen Marie was this time, and the sexual contest would have to be decided on points since they had a different set of skills to offer up. Naomi also got a few extra points for doing so much ATOGM (sucking the pipe clean out of Marie's ass so much) before Marie did a DP. It ended with each gal getting a facial and was an all around energetic, passionate, scene with a lot of chemistry between the performers.

Scene Four: Naomi, wearing a yellow two piece outfit where the bottom was pulled way up her ass, was up next in a scene where she started macking out with Rocco-look-alike Mario, in a room where the light from outside poured into the room. She jerked him off as he sucked her nipples, ending up with her doing some face sitting on his willing face as she blew him some more. This led to him oiling up her booty to jerk himself off on her cheeks (far more erotic than sticking it inside her in fact) until he popped his load. At this point in the scene, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Scotty Lyons, and Mike Hash were all naked on the red couch and jerking off in anticipation of some head from her; an act she gleefully took to giving them. This eventually ended when they all popped off to completely coat her face with semen, providing another means to enjoy this DVD as something different.

Scene Five: Naomi, now dressed in skintight blue shorts and a white crop top, was followed up some stairs to do an interracial scene with Brian Pumper, Lefty LaRue, and Tee Reel, as she teased them to the point where tents formed in their pants. They commented on her "look and don't tough policy" just before they broke the rule to do a lot of touching of her outside in plain view. Brian seemed to be the ringleader of the men but she was clearly in control of them all as she jerked them off and they undressed her. This led to some great blowjobs (partially assisted at times with corkscrew handjob motions) though the real action happened after they took the show inside. Brian got first dibs on her pussy, nearly blowing his load early in fact, but the others took their turns too. They came on her face after getting more head and pussy from her active riding, closing out the majority of the first two hours of the show.

Scene Six: Naomi, standing on the slate deck by the pool, watched cute Mysti May as she made out with Mark Davis. Mysti blew him with some enthusiasm as our heroine watched, showing the pretty sky in the background. Mark gave some head to her after that, after which the tree of them went inside to enjoy the privacy of the living room (and that goofy car seat in the room). Mysti got the most attention from him but he knew what a fine physique she had too and played extensively with Naomi as well. What I didn't like about the scene was how little the women interacted with one another except for a few kisses and limited oral. Naomi's grinding on his cock though was wild and the overall quality of the scene was pretty good despite the limitations. The gals did manage to share his prick at the end of the scene where he popped a moderate load, doing some cumswapping to close out a wonderful showcase of Naomi action.

Summary: Naomi: There's Only One was easily a Highly Recommended DVD for fans of Naomi's like myself, providing a tremendous amount of Naomi-style fuck for the buck, solid extras, and a lot of raw energy to repeatedly enjoy the action. I've seen most of her work to date and this was a very sweet set of scenes by the gal, so after you order it, feel free to look at the pictures of her I took in my My 2006 Photo Essay and read the reviews where her potential is mentioned more than a few times. John can still pick out some of the best gals in the business, and this DVD proves he hasn't lost his touch, although I'd like to see more of her under some stronger lights too.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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