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Secrets (Caballero)

Studio: Caballero Video » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/18/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Christine (Ashlyn Gere) runs a high class call girl service in Beverly Hills that caters to only the wealthiest of clientele. She sets up their appointments and often times watches them with their customers for various reasons that she explains through the narration as we go from one sex scene to the next. She also drives around and masturbates briefly in between almost every scene!

Chapter 1 Ashlyn Gere And Rocco Siffredi: As a camera snaps away, Rocco feels up her tits through the window. We move inside and he kisses her neck, and some heavy petting ensues. He moves south and eats her pussy while she plays with her tits, and then he uses his fingers on her. She blows him as he lies back in the chair, and then she gets on her back with her legs spread so that he can fuck her missionary style. After he moves her over and fucks her while she's laying on her side he pulls out and comes into her open mouth.

Chapter 2 Ashlyn Gere: Laying a loose diamond bracelet down over her pussy, Ashlyn plays with herself a bit before putting the bracelet inside herself and then sucking it clean in this very brief scene.

Chapter 3 Danielle Rodgers, Rocco Siffredi, Zara Whites, Ashley Lauren, Fallon, Valerie Stone And Randy West: Randy kisses Danielle's neck and she takes off her skirt so that he can finger her pussy. With a few other women watching he bends her over and fucks her from behind, while, watching through a telescope, Rocco moves in and licks Zara's pussy. He puts a finger in her ass while he eats her out, as she grinds her stockinged hips into his face, her eyes still in the telescope watching West and his girls play. Fallon gives West a blow job, the other girls play with themselves, and Rocco moves in to fuck Zara from behind in her pussy. She kneels in front of him and gives him head, and then he fucks her sideways before putting her on her back and fucking her missionary style while she fingers her clit. She blows him and fingers her own pussy while he fingers her ass, and then he starts to fuck her in the ass while she lies on her side so that he can like her ankles. He pulls out and comes in her mouth, finishing a rather hectic but sexy scene.

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Chapter 4 Samantha Strong And Peter North: Peter, with the perfect hair, starts this scene by licking his way from her feet up to her thighs before she gets down in front of him and gives him head. He plays with her tits after that and then spreads her legs so that he can eat her out. She blows him again, briefly, then he lies her down and puts her legs in the air so that he can slide it in, Whitesnake style, all the way to the top. He pulls out and squirts his goop all over her ample rack and then the two sip what we can only assume is the finest of champagne.

Chapter 9 Jeanna Fine And Sabre: When this scene starts, Jeanna is dressed up like a man but that doesn't stop her from stripping in front of Sabre, who is brandishing a dildo, and showing off her body for her. She puts on a strap on and makes Sabre suck it before she goes down on her. She sucks on her tits and then puts the strap on inside her playmate, fucking her with it missionary style. She pulls out and manages to make some sort of simulated ejaculate splatter against her new friend and then they kiss.

Chapter 10 Sunny McKay And Jon Dough: Sunny is a virginal bride in this scene and Jon, her new husband, walks up to her and drops his pants so that she can have her first taste of cock. She sucks his cock and then sits back with her legs spread so that he can use his fingers and his tongue on her. After that he fucks her doggy style out there on the front lawn, before they move to the poolside where she mounts him and rides him reverse cowgirl style. She pulls off of him and jerks him off onto her face.

Chapter 11 Kristina King, Nina Alexander, Nikki Wilde: A pair of guys who are supposed to be high class oil sheiks watch as the three lesbians enter the room and do their thing. Nikki sits in the middle and the two others undress her, with Nina zeroing in her on cunt and going to town with her tongue while she sucks on Kristina's tits. Kristina then moves off to masturbate in front of one of the guys while the other girls take turns eating each other out.

Chapter 12 Ashlyn Gere, Samantha Strong And Rocco Siffredi: Rocco moves up behind Samantha and, after kissing her neck, rubs her pussy while Ashlyn licks it with her tongue and rubs it with her fingers. The girls then take turns sucking on Rocco's cock, before Rocco starts fucking Samantha missionary style while Ashlyn once more uses her tongue on her. He fucks her sideways while Ashlyn plays with her tits, and after a bit of that he pulls out and jerks off onto the girls' faces.

Chapter 13 Ashlyn Gere And Zara Whites: Zara strips in front of Ashlyn while a dirty old man watches the two of them. She kneels and starts sucking on her nipples, and then eats her pussy a bit. Ashlyn then bends her over and eats her snatch out from behind, using a riding crop to smack her cheeks now and then before inserting the handle end into Zara's pussy. She fucks her with it a bit and spanks her ass a few more times and then once she's moved her over to the bed, she gets down on all fours so that Zara can spank her with it while she fingers her own pussy.

If you dig Blake's style, it doesn't come much cooler than this. While he's not for everyone, his extremely glamorous porno is effective more often than not and Secrets really lets him bust out the high gloss fashion photographer style that he's known for in a big way. The sex is steamy and the cast is attractive, though nothing goes so far as to make this too alienating it wouldn't be a bad choice for couples in that regard.



The movie is presented fullframe and if one had to guess, it's probably a safe assumption that it was shot this way as the compositions look pretty decent. Unfortunately the image is really soft and lacks almost any fine detail whatsoever. The colors bleed and the picture lacks any real definition. If you're used to the rather lackluster presentations that most older porn films have received on DVD thus far you'll be alright with the image as it's on par with most of those discs but don't go into this one expecting it to look like Neu Wave Hookers or Pirates. It's not particularly damaged or anything but since it was sourced from a tape it is very soft.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track might as well be mono as the muffled track doesn't exhibit much channel separation at all, if any. The dialogue is soft and sometimes gets buried in the mix but most of the time, if you turn the volume up a bit, you'll be able to at least understand everything that everyone says. Just like on a few of their other recent DVDs, there are also a few spots where the audio levels hit the red and your speakers will actually vibrate, which is never a good thing.


Aside from a menu and chapter selection, the only extra feature on this release are some trailers for other Andrew Blake DVDs, a still gallery made up of roughly two dozen stills from the feature and a web-link, a phone sex advertisement, Cabellero contact information, and an advertisement made up of cover art for other DVDs available.

Final Thoughts:

A nicely shot feature from the early 90s that benefits from a solid cast, Secrets may not have been given the best DVD presentation of all time but it's a feature that stands up well even now over fifteen years later. Recommended.

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