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Running Wild (Adonis Pictures)

Studio: Adonis Pictures » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 5/6/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Michael Zen
90 minutes
CAST: Justin Wells, Bobby Williams, Brad Benton, Corbin Michaels, Jason Crew, Jonathan Gabriel, Anthony Shaw, Nick Capri

The Good Stuff
Running Wild's "story line" is that Justin Wells is in bed naked dreaming. Each scene is started with a shot of Wells in bed tossing and turning before getting to the guys and the sex. What is he dreaming of you may ask, well running of course. You've heard of a good luck fairy I'm sure, Justin Wells seems to be the good fuck fairy because whomever he passes on his run ends up having sex within 5 minutes of seeing him. I wish Wells would run through my neighborhood.

Scene 1
Bobby Williams is checking out his bike on a trail when who should run by but our star Justin Wells. After his bike ride Bobby gets back to his house and his friend Brad Benton is in the hot tub with a raging hard-on. Bobby comes up to the hot tub where Brad wastes no time in getting him out of his shorts and into the water with him. The guys make out and grind against each other before some quick oral swapping. The two guys have had enough flopping around in the water so the get out and dry off and go inside to get down to the real business. More heavy making out interspersed with some armpit and nipple licking before Brad is blowing Bobby again. While blowing Bobby, Brad begins fingering Bobby's shaved asshole, afterwards Brad gets to some heavy deep rimming and tongue fucking of Bobs hole. Now it's Bob's turn to give Brad some oral and rim action. Bobby gives Brad the full crack swab with his tongue, licking from his asshole up over his taint and balls to Brads cock, which gets some well needed loving. The guys are now in spoon position with Bobby teasing Brad by letting him rub his cock against Bobby's asshole. Bobby relents and takes it from Brad in spoon position, cowboy and finally doggie. Both guys' cocks were hard the whole time. Now its Brads turn to get dicked so he hops on Bobs pole for a hot cowboy ride. Brad is jacking while taking his ride and cums a decent amount on Bobby's chest. Bobby jacks and does the orgasm face but you don't see his cumshot so maybe he couldn't achieve orgasm, that being the only detractor from this scene.

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[Actors: Bobby Williams, Brad Benton | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, Rimming | Positions: Spoon, Cowboy, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 2
Corbin Michaels is your local deliveryman. While walking up to a house to make a delivery who should jog by but our friend Justin, you know what that means. Corbin's delivery is for "the party guys" he gets to the house and asks for said guys and Jason Crew and Jonathan Gabriel say that's them. OOOPS while walking in to give the guys their box Corbin trips and the box opens and dildos fall all over the floor. Now that he has seen what their delivery was "the party guys" lead Corbin away for some action. Crew undresses Corbin and then its right into the action. Corbin switches between Gabriel and Crews cocks giving each one some nice oral action. One hot scene is that Crew ends up having his cock sucked by both Corbin and Gabriel at the same time almost as if the guys are kissing and Crews cock is sliding in-between their lips. Corbin lubes up Gabriel's butt with some rim action before Crew bangs Gabriel doggie style while Gabriel has his mouth full of Corbin's thick cock. Swap to Crew now sliding up and down on Corbin's wide rock hard cock with a mouth full of Gabriel's uncut salami. This is another hot scene, with nice close ups of Corbins hard cock sliding all the way in and out of Crews hole. Briefly we see Gabriel topping crew in missionary before Gabriel jacks and cums followed by Corbin ending with Crew, who apparently came first but the scene was edited to have him cum last as he sprays an impressive load.
[Actors: Corbin Michaels, Jason Crew, Jonathan Gabriel | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking |Positions: Cowboy, Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: 2 Cut, 1 uncut | ]

Scene 3
Justin Wells apparently wakes up and grabs his shoes and goes for yet another run, or is it all the same run? He runs by Anthony Shaw who is in his SUV smoking weed and apparently jacking off looking at the joggers. Nick Capri is a cop who happens upon Shaw and says," What are you sucking on, a joint? I know a place for guys like you." This sets up the following scene where Capri is like a drill instructor telling Shaw to answer him with a YES SIR! Capri tears off Shaw's shirt and undresses him down to his underwear then begins to caress his cock through said underwear. This scene gets a little weird because here is where they incorporate Wells dreaming, because he is all of a sudden in the scene slurping on Shaw's cock through his underwear while Shaw and Capri make out. Wells is gone again and Capri gives Shaw some head and spits all over his dick. Next scene is for you foot fetish people as Capri makes Shaw shine his shoe with his tongue. Finally we get to see Capri's cock coming out the side of his black jockstrap and it was worth the wait. It is big, thick and cut. Capri makes Shaw give him some head. Again Wells is back in the scene now sucking on Capri's dong briefly before he is gone again. Shaw rims Capri then Capri fingers Shaw's hole before sliding in Missionary with Shaw's legs in the air. Capri shoots his load of jizz on Shaw before Shaw jacks out a few drops of his own. Capri to me is probably the best looking guy in the movie, at least to my taste. He has a nice Italian almost guido look, dark hair nice lips and a little body hair.
[Actor: Anthony Shaw, Nick Capri | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, Fingering, Rimming | Positions: Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 4
Finally Justin Wells is in a scene for real, not just running through or naked in his bed or popping in and out of the scene. The scene may not make sense though as it's an S&M dungeon or something of the like. In the room with Wells are Anthony Shaw, Nick Capri, Corbin Michaels and Bobby Williams. Wells is getting his tool slobbered on by Corbin who is in a cage, while Shaw is in a cage by himself jacking and Nick and Bobby start the scene jacking while watching Corbin and Wells. Capri and Bobby get to business while Shaw jacks and cums on his thigh. Corbin and Wells are now 69'ing before Wells is slamming Corbin Doggie style. Bobby is in a sling with Nick going to town on his asshole. Capri pulls out and shoots on Bobby who then mysteriously turns into Wells. Corbin jacks on Wells who is now in the sling and then Wells jacks and cums too. Both guys shooting nice loads. Cut to Wells now in the bed that he was sleeping in all movie with Bobby spooning behind him. Wells wakes up and Bobby says "And you thought it was all just a dream. Is this the stuff your dreams are made of?" while scooping up what looks like sweat from Wells chest but is supposed to be cum and puts it in Wells mouth. Movie ends with Shaw and Capri coming in and rubbing the cum all over Wells body.
[Actor: Justin Wells, Anthony Shaw, Nick Capri, Corbin Michaels, Bobby Williams | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Missionary, Doggie, 69 | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]




Both sound and picture quality are good. Nothing super special in either department, just crisp clear picture and sound.


The only thing that can be considered an extra would be the Behind the Scenes, which I found entertaining, as it's almost a blooper type thing. From the guys getting into the right positions to Crews smelly socks it was very fun to me. Too bad it is only 10 minutes.

Scene Selection: Choose from one of the 4 available scenes.

Behind the Scenes: 9 minutes of footage

Trailers: They weren't even trailers as there was no footage of anything. One was for Thirst; it just shows title and nothing else. Then possibly a title of Curious for Cock or it might just be an advert for a website I couldn't really tell


At the End of the Night

Running wild was a quality flick. The guys were all very good looking with Nick Capri being my favorite as mentioned. The sex was hot, the guys were into what they were doing as they were almost always hard regardless of fucking or being fucked. The kissing was also hot not just some quick pecks but nice heavy making out. The only negatives being the last 2 scenes where Justin Wells appears and disappears in the one scene and then the last scene I feel like there was too much going on and the camera guy or editor didn't know whom to focus on. This one gets my rating of Recommended.

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