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Anal Cavity Search 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/6/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Anal Cavity Search 2: Special Extended 2 Disc Set

Evil Angel/Erik Everhard Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Erik Everhard

Cast: Judith Fox, Erik Everhard, Lucy Anne, Steve Holmes, Michael Stefano, Angelina Crow, Toni Ribas, Rebecca Linares, Kristine, Taryn Thomas, John Strong

Length: 207.5 minutes (not including the bonus scene or footage)

Date of Production: 2/15/2006 (cover); 10/30/2004, 4/27/2005, 5/9/2005, 7/21/2005, 10/23/2005, 2/15/2006 (credits)

Extras: The first disc was primarily used for the movie material so the only extra was a cast list and some website links. The best extra of the second disc was the lengthy bonus scene between Taryn Thomas, Michael Stefano, John Strong, and Erik Everhard that lasted 36.5 minutes. I outlined it below for those who care but there was a lot of anal action and she seemed to be into it more than a little bit. I also liked the 37 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. There was more sex, lots of nudity, and a sense of fun that is often missing in BTS features these days. Lucy's "Cum Cough", Angelina's web browsing of her own profile, Taryn's preparation (and new neck tattoo), and lots of extra sexual footage made it a winner with plenty of solid stroke material. There was also a cumshot recap, four filmographies, a cast list, and a biography for Erik Everhard, a photogallery, and a trailer for Erik's next release, This Butt's 4 U, one for Canadian Beaver, and with the rest of the movie.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Cavity Search 2 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Erik Everhard for distribution by Evil Angel. The fleshtones were very accurate, the composition of the shots enhanced the look of the gals, and the lighting was pretty decent too in most scenes although this was definitely not the same kind of porn Erik shot for his previous company by a long shot. If you've seen any of the travelogue movies made by Seymore Butts or the Shane's World people, you'll have an understanding of what to expect, with Erik generally doing a better job of it in most ways. The lighting wasn't quite as flat as I like but accommodations seemed to be made for the variables, keeping the visual aspects of the action in line with any top line gonzo available on the market. There were no compression artifacts or video noise either so the DVD mastering appears to have been done pretty well too. The stereo English audio was more of a basic matter though. The dynamic range was okay and the separation nonexistent but I could hear all the moans and groans well enough for my tastes.

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Body of Review: It wasn't long ago that DVD Talk featured Erik Everhard as our Spotlight Performer/Director. His body of work stands on its own merits but unlike far too many modern pornographers, he has been willing to embrace the concept of value; typically offering up double disc sets full of solid extras and lots of footage, never sacrificing the efforts with filler material. In fact, much of his work is good enough that even the weaker scenes routinely outclass the competition so it makes sense that he joined the folks at Evil Angel to further his career (and have more autonomy in what he produced). His latest set of discs is titled Anal Cavity Search 2, and while I never saw the first volume in the series, I thought this one was outstanding in terms of value, quality of action, and all the other factors that make one movie better than another. In short, my quick breakdown of the scenes will tell you why the specifics were so good but any of his fans will know why he generally wins awards and outdoes the market so consistently. That said, here's the breakdown of the scenes, noting that no condoms were used and that all the women seemed to be having a good time:

Scene One: Judith Fox, the hotty featured on the left hand side of the front center of the cover, was sitting alone in a park as Erik Everhard and his crew were driving by. They stopped at Erik's insistence and he rushed out to say hi to her, leading to the couple making out in public (half falling out of her white dress and panties with her pulling out his cock for stroking and sucking as people drove and walked by them. Like a gentleman, he held her hair and I thought it was funny how he had the Red Light District logo pixilated out of the picture (last I heard, they were suing each other so I completely understand this) but they went at one another in open view much like most people with a sense of daring would do if it weren't grounds for incarceration. Even the public works crew slowed down for a look before moving along, but foreign countries tend to have looser standards about such things. This led them to moving on to an indoor couch where the preliminaries were dispensed with in favor of a good hard fuck; Erik banging her as though he were trying to tear her a new one. They didn't do anal until about 30 minutes into the show but she proved to be almost as receptive to actively working his bone anally as vaginally (with ATM a standard occurrence here too). They didn't do a lot of anal, moving back to vaginal in fact, with the scene ending as he jerked off a load around the 45 minute mark. It was a solid scene to open with; showing all the right stuff for fans to enjoy.

Scene Two: Lucy Anne, the blonde in the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as a waitress at an indoor café who served Steve Holmes, Michael Stefano, and Erik Everhard, "the usual" which consisted of a glass anal plug and her body. Okay, I was thinking waffles or French toast for breakfast but her pretty blue eyes convinced me that some meat would be a better plan for the day to start it off right. I only wish the café had been populated as the other public scenes were but it was still a better location than the generic couch (which isn't a bad idea but change is the spice of life). Her lean hardbody was built for giving men pleasure, taking them in each hole and doing some DP and airtight action (a DP while blowing one of them) along with taste testing galore. She didn't need to be directed since she was on fire and went with the flow of the situation as it evolved, displaying a lot of skill as she took all three of them on as needed. The scene eventually ended at about the 1:15 mark with the guys giving her a mouth pop to swallow and two anal creampies. She looked a bit trampier than I prefer but if she were my waitress, she'd be getting a big tip for service like this.

Scene Three: Angelina Crow, the brunette featured on the right center of the front DVD cover, was the last performer of the first DVD as she took on Steve Holmes, Toni Ribas, and Erik Everhard. Steve began the scene by jerking off to her website photos and made a call to send her over. This was the first scene that didn't use the public sex angle and while I think she'd have been great at it, she was fetching enough in her metallic outfit that I wasn't complaining. There was less tease this time too, with just enough to please me though not enough to get me off, with Steve getting some minor oral before he played with her oiled up ass. He used a large black anal plug on her with some ATM before he started boning her ass himself. Unlike the previous scene where he was clean cut, he sported his svengali look here and she didn't miss a stroke as she sucked him clean from her ass. The other men joined in to get some head and penetrate her pussy and ass, with the inevitable DP seeming to work for her just as much as any of the other acts did. She wasn't quite as active as some of the other gals but I always got the sense that she was having fun and doing various acts of her own volition, making it more fun than many of the mechanically inclined "robots" of modern gonzo. It ended with the anal creampies and cum shitting (as well as a single load to her mouth), marking the end of a fine first disc to enjoy repeatedly.

Scene Four: Rebecca Linares, the attractive young lady shown on the lower left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was the first player on the second disc as she searched for Steve Holmes at the Venus show (a foreign sex convention much like our own AEE Show with fewer rules). Her male partner walked up to Erik Everhard (who was talking to Jimmy Scaffnetti, an employee of Red Light District by the looks of it) and he hooked the gal up on the convention floor where she pounced on Steve in front of everyone (gathering a large crowd). The cameras were clicking away as she sucked him off in front of the crowd, moving on to vaginally screwing him in a manner I wish gals at the American exposition were allowed to do. The camera faded away and the next time it came into focus, the trio were in a hotel room where the sex continued in earnest; this time with her doing both men. I really liked the display of passion she put on with the combination of POV (Erik on camera) and more traditional sex but also the sheer ballsiness of the convention floor display. That she took them in each hole with a happy sort of attitude, including lots of taste testing and DP footage, spoke volumes for how much fun she was. The scene lasted about 40 minutes and she worked out Steve's load to her mouth for swallowing rather than sit their like a lump and let him jerk off on her though Erik did that on his own. In all, it was a solid scene with lots to enjoy; including chemistry, passion, and a sense of fun missing in most porn.

Scene Five: Kristine, the red haired gal in lingerie located in the upper left corner of the front DVD cover, had a nice smile and lean all natural body for Erik Everhard to appreciate as he stoked up on her during a photoshoot by Jimmy. Erik being the world ambassador that he is, felt obligated to share some love with the Russian hotty, with a lot more tease footage than most shows have (some reviewers don't understand the power of such footage but to me, it's the gold that separates the men from the boys in gonzo). They initially started having some sex in the small bathroom, her sucking him off and giving him a titty fuck before he started nailing her in that wild way he has. She seemed lost in the moment too, breathlessly appreciating his rapid pounding and oral on her fine pussy. They went throughout the dwelling as they boned in various ways, doing plenty of anal and taste testing (she did some PTM but lots of ATM) before the large load to her head completed the scene. The scene lasted 50 minutes and if there was more than a minute or two of wasted material to be found, I didn't see it. As much as any scene in the set, this one conveyed a sense of who Erik is and why the ladies like him so much, making it a solid choice to close out on.

Bonus Scene: Taryn Thomas, the hotty on the lower right hand corner of the front DVD cover, started off the bonus scene by teasing the camera in slow motion all dressed up in fetish lingerie. I'm not used to her hair being so casually made up but she looked like a gal with a sense of abandon and her great ass is always fine to look at. There was some masturbation action with a large dildo and then she went upstairs to the couch for John Strong, Erik Everhard, and Michael Stefano, to ready take out for a test drive, thumbing her ass, using large blue anal balls (with ATM), and then practically jamming in a whole hand (luckily, it was Michael's small hand) before she began to take cock in her backdoor. She did some oral on them but anal was the spotlight act, with some heated DP and lots of taste testing before she took all three loads into her mouth for swallowing. Fans of Taryn's (and most straight men) will consider this a great bonus scene, especially since it lasted 36.5 minutes and wasn't a filler like most such scenes tend to be.

Summary: Anal Cavity Search 2 showed us that Erik Everhard is still in the prime of his game, providing scenes from a diverse period of time where he shot for his own company, probably with the intention of releasing them under his label at Red Light District. One of the great things about change in the industry is that the movie would have shined no matter where he released it but the technical values were solid and the amount of heated fuck for the buck a superior value. If you like sex in public places, complete with gawking civilians, this will serve as one of the very best releases in years to showcase the genre but the bottom line is that the DVD set was easily worth a rating of Highly Recommended (nearly scoring the highest accolades too). Enthusiasm in huge quantities, skilled hotties that had the looks to ice the cake and technical values that most gonzo producers only dream of having made Anal Cavity Search 2 one of the best titles in recent months for fans of gonzo porn.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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