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Bad Boys 1

Studio: Vivid » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/7/06

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Date of Production:

May 2002


Joachim Koehler

The Cast:

Christian, Pit, Marx Amon, Florian, Stefan, Marc Spitz.

The Movie:

"Bad Boys # 1" is the simple story of a bleached blond twink masturbating on a sofa and his various fantasies before he shoots a load. Conveniently, all the fantasies take place in the same apartment and on that same awful looking sofa.

The Dudes:

Five European guys (I'm guessing German from the names of the Director and Editor) with three being bleached blond twinks (who would look better with their natural hair color), one hottie with a dark brown military high and tight, a dark haired guy with spiked hair, and finally, another dark haired dude with a small bleached patch in the front that looks a bit like bird doo doo. The bodies are all slender and smooth, the pubes range from closely trimmed to completely shaved, and the cocks are uncut.

Since there are no photos of the dudes to match the names with, I'll be using short descriptive nicknames to differentiate between them.

Scene One:

Bleached twink is on that damn sofa jacking his cock when he begins to fantasize about a sexual encounter with another bleachie (he is tall/slender so I'll call him "Tall"). Bleach makes himself a cocktail and joins Tall on the sofa for some kissing and crotch rubbing. Tall is soon unbuckling Bleach's belt and pullin' down his pants to reveal a black thong. Tall is soon sucking on Bleach's cock and balls.

Tall starts eating Bleach's shaved butt hole and finger fucks him. The finger fucking leads to Tall fucking Bleach (with condom) from behind with his large cock. It's now missionary time as Tall fucks Bleach on a barstool. This seems to be a somewhat dangerous position as Bleach could fall over at any moment (remember he did have that cocktail earlier).

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Sexual Switch time as Bleach fucks Tall in the always sexy missionary/side position (with condom). Tall then starts to play bouncy bouncy on Bleach's cock. Tall shoots a load on the floor while Bleach shoots a thick load on Tall's face. Not to be outdone, Tall jacks off and shoots a second load.

Scene Two:

Bleach is still pullin' his pud on the sofa when he starts to daydream about a four-way between himself, a dude with dark hair with bleached front (I'll call him "Two Tone"), hottie with Military haircut (now known simply as "Military"), and another dude with spiked hair (I'll refer to him as "Spike" but he ain't anything like Spike from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer").

There are many oral and anal switch-ups in this scene. The four dudes start out in pairs: Spike/Two Tone and Bleach/Military. Shirts are soon discarded as plenty of making out and body rubbing ensue. Military sucks Bleach's cock as Spike sucks Two Tone. Military eats Bleach's ass hole and then fucks him from behind (with condom).

Spike is still sucking on Two Tone but is now fingering his shaved hole at the same time. Spike fucks Bleach (with condom) in the missionary position while Military fucks Two Tone (with condom) doggy style. Unfortunately, not all the dudes cum.

Scene Three:

Bleach lubes up and fucks himself with a dildo. I'll bet you can guess where he is sitting. Ha! Fantasy time as another bleached blond twink is introduced (I'll call him "Slim" as he is tall and slender). Slim and Bleach kiss and jack each other's hard uncut cocks. Slim sucks Bleach's cock and then Bleach sucks Slim.

Butt munch time! Slim eats Bleach's bum and finally there is a descent close-up of the action. It's kind of a disappointment though as Slim licks very near Bleach's hole but never hits the bull's eye. Why bother having a rimming scene? Two Tone from Scene Two joins in and sucks Bleach while Bleach sucks Slim. Two Tone fucks Bleach from behind (with condom) then Bleach takes Two Tone's cock for a quick test ride. Two Tone cums on Bleach's face, Slim shoots his load on Bleach's chest while Bleach squirts on his stomach.



"Bad boys #1 " is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The camera work features the basic porno angles providing mostly medium shots with a few close-ups thrown in here and there. The picture quality is all right but hardly clear and crisp as it has a bit of grain to it. The editing by Jurgen Bertz is basic and keeps the scenes moving along at a satisfactory pace.


The music by Dagmar (I love that name!) Stenger starts out with some cool guitars but quickly moves to standard techno with lyrics such as "You got me spinning 'round like a wheel, baby." Aimee Mann he ain't. Some scenes are music only while others mix both music and sex sounds of moaning and sighing.


The extras include a scene selection and trailers for additional French Connection releases: Let's Play Doctor Part 1", "Let's Play Doctor Part 2", "Men of Summer" and "Bi Teen Power #1" (I did not spy any gal/gal action which is odd for a "Bi" movie).

Final Thoughts:

"Bad Boys #1" is simply average. The picture quality will suffice although it is nowhere near sharp and crisp. The camera shots are mostly medium with some close-ups but they are mighty scarce.

Personally I only found one dude to be completely attractive (Military) while Bleach would have been very cute without the white hair. The movie is not a complete washout as the sex is enjoyable to watch. I recommend a rental for fans of skinny Euro Twinks only.

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