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Dorm Boys

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/11/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Date of Production:

March 2006


James Justice

The Movie:

"Off to college. No parents. What's the worst that could happen? Seven curious boys livin' the Dorm life." Well, I'm not exactly sure how these boys (age 18+) are "livin' the Dorm life" since there isn't any booze or a stereo in sight. I've lived in many a dorm and life was never like this.

The Dudes:

These seven "curious" European dudes all look to be in their early twenties, have a nice variety of body types from slender/muscular, tall and thin,and husky bear cub types. The pubes are a mix of full, trimmed, and shaved while the cocks are all uncut.

Scene One:

Cute jock type with short brown hair is making out with a very feminine Goth guy with long dark hair, female-shaped eyebrows, a bit of makeup. Jock pulls down his pants revealing a large uncut cock and shaved pubes. Goth wastes no time in bobbing up and down giving that big cock a nice polish.

Jock fucks Goth doggy style (with condom) as Goth purrs and pouts in pleasure. Goth's slender cock with long foreskin is swinging limply between his legs. Jock switches to the missionary position and smoothly glides his cock in and out of Goth's shaved hole. Jock jacks a load all over Goth's face and mouth. Goth does not cum.

Scene Two:

It's dorm three way time as a cute dude with spiked brown hair (who has one of the hairiest/hottest chests and stomachs I've seen), a husky bear cub with a bad case of bed hair, and a tall/slender hottie with short dark hair wearing a green tee shirt are lounging on a large bed. Spike kicks his blue jeans and underwear off revealing full brown pubes and a large uncut cock. Husky is soon sucking Spike's cock while Green Tee pulls his uncut cock out and starts stroking.

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Spike fucks Husky (with condom) doggy style while Husky's mouth is busy sucking Green Tee's cock. Spike repeatedly slaps Husky's butt cheeks making them pink. Spike repositions Husky into the missionary position and continues to fuck him. Spike jacks his cock and cums all over Husky's face. Green Tee and Husky do not shoot loads.

Scene Three:

More dorm three-way action as Spike and Green Tee (now wearing yellow tee shirt) from Scene Two along with a handsome husky dude with closely cropped black hair engage in some kissing on the bed. Spike spreads his legs giving Husky Dude pull access to his full pubes and uncut cock. Spike fucks Husky Dude's face like a piston.

Spike continues his pleasure by jacking off as Husky Dude sucks on Yellow Tee's uncut cock. Husky Dude switches back and fourth sucking Spike and Yellow Tee's hard cocks. Decisions! Decisions! Spike fucks Husky Dude doggy style (with condom), Yellow Tee fucks Husky Dude (with condom) in the side/missionary position, and to really switch things up: Spike fucks Yellow Tee (with condom) in the hairy hole doggy style.

Husky Dude rubs Spike's hairy butt crack and makes a half-hearted attempt at rimming, which frankly sucks. The best Husky Dude can do is make a few licking motions with his tongue on Spike's butt cheek. Why bother? Spike shoots his load on Husky Dude and Yellow Tee's faces. Husky Dude and Yellow Tee do not get their nuts.

Scene Four:

A tall/slender guy who is a bit fem with Blonde hair and sharp facial features is making out with a cute dude with facial hair wearing a blue tee shirt. Blonde gives the most energetic performance in the movie as he rubs his face against Blue Tee's jeans-covered bulge, pulls down the jeans and sucks though underwear, and finally gets to Blue Tee's big uncut cock. Blonde sucks Blue Tee's cock with plenty of gusto bobbing up and down the hard shaft.

Blue Tee fucks Blonde's hairy hole doggy style (with condom) and then switches up to the missionary position with plenty of nice and steady strokes. Blue Tee eventually blows his load on Blonde's stomach. Blonde does not reach a climax.

Scene Five:

Bed headed Husky from Scene Two and Spike (again!) are making out on the couch. Husky either has too much gel in his hair or is in need of a good shampoo! Husky makes plenty of loud popping sounds as he sucks Spike's hard cock. Spike fucks Husky's face like a jackrabbit.

Spike fucks Husky's hairy hole doggy style (with condom) and then in the side/missionary position. Husky has a nice fat cock with plenty of foreskin. Too bad he never gets hard. Spike twists his way around from the side/missionary to missionary positions without missing a stroke and squirts his load on Husky's hairy chest. Husky does not cum.



"Dorm Boys" is shot directly on video and presented in full and wide screen. For some unknown reason, some of the scenes switch back and forth between the two formats. The camera work features the basic porno angles providing mostly medium shots with some close-ups thrown in. The picture quality is just okay: not really grainy but definitely not the most sharp and clear I've ever seen. The editing is very basic and makes each scene stagnant.


There is a bit of catchy techno during the opening title and end credits with none during the actual scenes. There are plenty of natural sex noises to go around: groaning, grunting, sighing, and pouting. Perhaps the sighs are in frustration from the guys who do not get a chance to bust a nut.


The extras include scene selection and chapter stops, a photo gallery, cum shot only option, and website information.

Final Thoughts:

"Dorm Boys" is a tedious and disappointing watch. The picture quality isn't the best, the camera shots/editing make for scenes that seem to go on forever without a decent amount of close-ups. Many times the viewer cannot see what is really going on as the master shot goes on and on and on. For the most part, the guys are attractive (my favorite being Spike with his wonderfully hairy chest and stomach) but most of 'em don't even get to shoot a load! All of this factors into an overall and big ol' Skip It!

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