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Exercising Peter

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/4/06

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Date of Production:

February 1998

Directed By:

Stephane Moussu

The Movie:

Sexy French dudes hang out at the local gym and exercise in a number of ways: They hook up in the locker room, the showers, and right out in the main exercise room.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all good-looking; appear to be in their early twenties with dark hair, a variety of tall/slender and shorter/tight body types, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, smooth and hairy chests, and uncut cocks. Since there is no cast listing, I will differentiate between each dude with a simple nickname.

Scene One:

Dude A (sporting an early 1990s hair cut) is given a tour of the gym by Dude B while various guys work out. Naturally, Dude B shows Dude A the locker room where they begin to make out and feel each other's bodies. Their shirts and shorts are removed and the uncut cocks appear. Dude A goes down on Dude B and gives his tool a nice workout.

Dude B fucks Dude A's hairy hole from behind (with condom). A cute Twink spies on the two while stroking his large uncut cock. Dude A cums on his own stomach while Dude B shoots on Dude A's hairy buns. The Twink continues to lurk in the background.

Scene Two:

Dude A (from Scene One) is still recovering from being fucked when the Twink who was spying immediately makes his presence known. Twink pulls out his large uncut cock and begins to stoke it as he rubs Dude A's body, pinching his nipples. Twink fucks Dude A from behind (with condom).

Dude A sucks and stokes Twink's cock (with very large knob) and eats his hairy butt hole. The butt munch turns into finger fucking as Dude A works the Twink's hole and hairy balls. Dude A jacks the Twink to climax and strokes/shoots a big load of his own. The rimming scene is very hot.

Scene Three:

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Cute dude with short dark hair (Dude C) flirts with another nice looking guy with a 1990s hair cut (Dude D) while working out. Dude C offers to spot Dude D as he lifts weights. Dude C begins to rub dude D's muscular, smooth chest as the two begin to make out. Dude C sucks and strokes Dude D's uncut cock and there is a nice shot of Dude C's tight little hairy hole as he is bent over sucking. Dude C fucks Dude D's hairy hole from behind (with condom). The two switch to a missionary position as Dude C squirts a large watery load drenching Dude D's chest. Dude D jacks off and shoots a thick load near his pubes.

Scene Four:

Hot dude wearing a yellow tee shirt (Yellow Tee) is chatting up a cute dark haired dude (Dude E). Yellow Tee takes off his shirt to show off his smooth muscular chest, pulls out his uncut cock as Dude E sinks to his knees and begins to suck. Dude E undresses and reveals a nice hairy chest and uncut cock sinks down on Yellow Tee's condom covered cock and gets fucked. Yellow Tee bends Dude E over and fucks his hairy hole from behind with a nice camera shot of Dude E's hairy balls and uncut cock (with nice long foreskin). Yellow Tee dumps a load on Dude E's back near his butt. Dude E does not cum.

Scene Five:

A dark haired dude wearing red shorts (Red) is exercising and talking to another dude with dark hair wearing a green tee shirt (Green). Green fucks Red's face with his big uncut cock (with large cock head). Red jacks his own uncut cock while being face fucked on the exercise equipment. Green eats Red's very hairy asshole really giving that hole a going over. Green fucks Red from behind (with condom) with some slow strokes.

Green finger fucks Red with one, then two, and finally three fingers really cramming and twisting his busy digits into Red's hole. Green fucks Red in the missionary position as Red cums on his own stomach and Green squirts on Red's chest.

Scene Six:

A Tall/slender guy with dark hair (Tall) disrobes and takes a shower. Tall is soon talking to a dude with a smaller/tight body (Dude F) in the shower stall next to his. The two dudes begin to kiss and feel each other up. Dude F licks and sucks Tall's hard nipples working his way down to a large uncut cock with big knob. Dude F strokes Tall's veiny shaft and nurses on the purple knob.

Tall fucks Dude F's hairy little hole from behind (with condom). Luckily, they do not slip on any soap. Dude F sinks down on Tall's cock and begins a nice, slow ride. There is a nice camera shot of Tall's hairy butt crack and balls. Dude F fucks Tall from behind (with condom). The two face each other and begin to jack off. Dude F shoots a large load on Tall's pubes and thigh while Tall shoots a smaller load on Dude F's thigh.



"Exercising Peter" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides the basic porno camera angles with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is descent but gets a bit grainy at times. The editing could be better as the camera shots are too stationary making the scenes long and monotonous.


The sound is clear with plenty of sexy French as these dudes talk to each other, sigh, moan, and cry out in pleasure. No subtitles are provided...or needed.


The extras include scene selection, chapter stops, web site information, photo gallery, and trailers for: "Zoltan Et Les Minets De L'est" and "Q". The trailers can be viewed following the closing credits and cannot be accessed through the menu.

Final Thoughts:

"Exercising Peter" has plenty of handsome French dudes in their early twenties who sport very nice uncut cocks. The guys seem to be enjoying the action and really cut loose during the sucking and butt munching. The picture quality is watchable and becomes a bit grainy at times. The sex is hot while the editing allows the basic camera shots to appear much too long without change. This makes each scene somewhat monotonous. The movie is a turn on but you may want to have your remote handy for some fast-forwarding, as the scenes tend to go on for too long. Tighter editing would make the movie much better.

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