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Beverly Hill's Cox

Studio: Caballero Video » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 7/6/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Ginger Lynn, smoking hot in her prime here in this Cabellero film from 1986, plays a private eye named Susie Cox who struts around in blue short-shorts and a pink vinyl top. When we meet her, she's on a case trying to bust a married man who is cheating on his wife.

Chapter 1 – Sheri St. Claire, Tantala Ray And Nick Randon: Tantala is on all fours getting fucked from behind by Nick while Ginger watches from the other side of a glass window. Sheri is in there too, encouraging Nick to fuck her harder and then to move his prick into her ass, which he does. She tells him she's watching, and Tantala starts to moan pretty convincingly as he pumps her ass faster. He pulls out and jerks himself off all over the top of her ass and the small of her back, rubbing his cock up and down between her cheeks. At the end of the scene, Susie snaps her picture, and Nick is soooo busted.

Chapter 2 – Bridgette Monet And Ginger Lynn: Ginger delivers the film to her bosses office and finds out that she's got a new case – she has to bust the Boner Bandit, a man who picks up women, fucks them, and steals their jewelry. Ginger's on the case and her investigations lead her to entice Bridgette into meeting her a hotel room in Beverly Hills. Before you can say 'sweet lezbo loving' Bridgette is in her bra and garters and on top of Ginger and they're kissing in bed. Bridgette sucks on her tits and then slowly starts to eat her pussy. The music is dated and cheesy but the sex is pretty genuine and quite hot as Ginger starts to enjoy herself, playing with her own nipples and grinding her hips into Bridgette's face. After that they kiss and Ginger sucks on Bridgette's breasts for a bit. Ginger pushes her to the bed and really works Bridgette's famous big tits, before taking her panties off and going down on her. She works her clit with her tongue, and then they decide to finish each other off buy rubbing their pussies together and rubbing their clits with their fingers. Anyone who thinks old school porn isn't hot should see this scene, as it's completely bonerrific!

Chapter 3 – Sharon Mitchell And Randy West: Sharon is listening in on Bridgette and Ginger remotely from her car with some surveillance gear and she gets turned on and starts masturbating. Randy is a jogger who happens to pass by and see her in the act, and Sharon pulls him into the car, takes off his pants and blows him. Sharon pulls off her shirt so he can play with her perky little tits and he bends her over and eats her pussy from behind. From there he gets her on her back and he fucks her missionary style, after which he pulls out and jerks off on her pussy.

After Bridgette and Ginger fuck, Bridgette tells her to go back to Des Moines where she came from but Ginger is having none of that, she's on the case regardless of how popular it makes her. From there she heads to a high fashion boutique where…

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Chapter 4 – Tess Farre And Francois Papillion: …these two are in the dressing room together. She takes off her clothes and he starts going down on her, eating her out and fingering her snatch. He takes down his pants and she gives him a blowjob, Ginger has stripped down to her bra and panties and is watching from the other side. Tess bends over and he fucks her from behind, slowly at first then getting faster and faster as it intensifies, before he pulls out and pulls off on her ass cheeks.

Chapter 5 – Ginger Lynn And Jerry Butler: After watching those last two get it on, Ginger follows up on another lead and she drives her red Mercedes to a swanky garage on the other side of town. Jerry is the mechanic working on a Porsche 911 and he asks her what she needs – she tells him a 'fill up' and they talk for a few seconds before he pushes her against the car and starts to kiss her. He sucks on her tits through her white undershirt, making her nipples pock through nicely, before taking her top right off and rubbing her from behind as her tits are pressed against the back windshield (we get a really good look at them from underneath, a nice touch!). He pulls down her pants and eats her pussy while she sits in the drivers seat and then she gives him a pretty slick blowjob. She stands up, the headlights come on and light her crotch as he fucks her. Then she bends over and he does her doggy style, kissing her deeply before pulling out and coming on the small of her back. He actually takes the time to cuddle her a bit once he's done fucking her, something you don't see too often in smut. That doesn't stop her from getting in her car and taking off, however.

Chapter 6 – Shone Taylor And Sharon Mitchell: Sharon is trying to keep Ginger from solving the case and her boss sends her off to investigate Shone and make sure that he's taken care of. She arrives and he's throwing a swanky party where the Hollywood elite is coming out to play. She winds up falling into the bathtub with him, much to his dismay (he wanted Ginger!) but soon she convinces him it's all-okay as she kisses him and rubs his prick under the water. He stands up, his cock is hard, and she gives him head, sucking the tip of his knob while Ginger snoops around the house unbeknownst to them. Sharon sucks and jerks him to a finish but the cum shot happens off camera. She sure looks to give a mean blowjob though, and she's very attractive in her performance here.

Chapter 7 – Ginger Lynn And Jamie Gillis: Ginger finally finds her way to Jamie Gillis, the Enema Bandit himself and the raunchiest of the old school porno stars. Here he plays it safe, none of his Water Power shenanigans, he's simply interested in showing Ginger a good time which he does by getting her in bed in nothing but her white lingerie. He sucks her tits and then heads south, eating her pussy for quite a while before putting her stocking covered legs up and sliding his cock into her snatch. Ginger gets him on his back and climbs up to ride him reverse cowgirl style, as he pinches her nipples and kisses her neck. Gillis moves her onto her side, his dick still inside her, and then gets her on all fours without taking himself out. He fucks her doggy style, then gets her on her side again for more of that before pulling out and jerking off onto her blonde muff.

Telling you how it ends would be a grave disservice but let it be said that Beverly Hills Cox gives you everything that you'd want and more than you'd expect from a vintage porno. It's shot on film on good sets, it has a wealth of camp appeal and unintentional humor from the bad acting and horrible dialogue, and the sex is plentiful and hot. The plot stinks but it serves its purpose, it holds your attention, and the sex actually (almost) always makes sense in the context of the story. Lisa De Leeuw and Mickey Dee show up here in non-sex roles and Paul Vatelli's direction, while it won't win any awards, it workmanlike and solid in that it keeps things moving along and looking good. Ginger Lynn carries the movie well, she's seriously sexy here and not only does she look fantastic but she seems to genuinely enjoy her fucking in the film. Likewise, Sharon Mitchell, who has been really hit or miss in a lot of her work (usually dependant on her drug problems at the time which she has supposedly kicked, thankfully!) is quite good here too and her oral scene is very sexy.



The movie is presented fullframe and if one had to guess, it's probably a safe assumption that it was shot this way as the compositions look pretty decent and most porno from the same area is shown 1.33.1. While the image is a little soft the colors don't bleed at all which is nice but they are very flat looking and the picture lacks any real definition. If you're used to the rather lackluster presentations that most older porn films have received on DVD thus far you'll be alright with the image as it's better than a lot of those discs but don't go into this one expecting it to look it was just made. This isn't reference quality, but it's not bad either.


The English language Dolby Digital Mono track isn't half bad for an old porno. The narration is perfectly clean and perfectly clear aside from one or two spots where hiss is present in the mix. The background music, some of which will sound awful familiar to those who appreciate the pop music of the decade in which this film was made, is a little heavy at times but for the most part it's okay. There are a couple of spots where the dialogue obviously wasn't recorded properly and as such it's a little low in the mix but other than that, the movie sounds fine.


Aside from a menu and chapter selection, the only extra feature on this release is a still gallery made up of roughly half a dozen stills from the feature, a web-link, and some catalogue still art pieces.

Final Thoughts:

while the extra features on this release are pretty much disposable, at least the movie is transferred reasonably well and there aren't any authoring problems. The feature itself holds up really well, and Beverly Hills Cox is a superlative example of mid-eighties porno filmmaking at its best. A great cast of name performers, hot sex, a fun if disposable story and some goofy music all add up to a good time, and a good time always comes highly recommended.

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