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Comming of Angels, A

Studio: Caballero Video » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 8/3/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee and Abigail Clayton are three 'angels' who have to go into action when their partner, Amber Hunt, is kidnapped by a white slave trader played by the filthiest man in fuck films, Jamie Gillis. He's keeping her in his underground dungeon out in the woods surrounded by nothing but snow and trees. The girls show up and soon they're using every dirty trick in the book to spring their playmate and save the day.

Directed with a modicum of style by Joel Scott, this 1977 production mixes a nice amount of humor in with some surprisingly tender sex scenes. A bit of kink comes from the dungeon set pieces and from Gillis' dominant presence but it's all in good fun and no one gets hurt, making this a good couples film for those who are okay with way porn was made decades ago and who don't expect full on gonzo all the time. Here's how it happens…

Chapter 1 – Leslie Bovee And Eric Edwards: Leslie strips for Eric and then they kiss before she gets him naked and starts rubbing him down before giving him head. She sucks him for a bit and then he gets her on her back and fucks her pussy missionary style. She gets on top of him for a minute and then she finishes him off with her mouth – or so we think. She leaves him there, hard and horny for a few minutes, teasing him, before sucking him to a true finish.

Chapter 2 – Leslie Bovee, Jamie Gillis And John Leslie: Bovee sucks on John's prick before she gets on all fours and he fucks her doggy style. He spanks her as Gillis encourages him to hit her harder, and the sex gets more intense. She says she likes it and the spankings continue as she gets plowed from behind. Gillis makes her roll over onto her back and John fucks her missionary style while Gillis commands her to play with her tits. The scene ends with her sucking Gillis' cock while he has a cigarette.

Chapter 3 – Amber Hunt And John Leslie: He starts the scene by eating her pussy while she sits with her legs spread on the kitchen counter. After that it's his turn and he sits on the stove (!) while she sucks him and jerks his cock. He bends her over and fucks her from behind, then, oh snap, Gillis walks in an interrupts them. What a bastard!

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Chapter 4 – Abigail Clayton And Jamie Gillis: She sucks his dick briefly in the dark and then he gets her naked and on her side so that he can fuck her pussy from behind. She goes back to blowing him, and it start to cut to few different fuck sessions going on all at once, one with a girl taking two cocks with her mouth, then back to the couple now doing it missionary style then back to the three way. It's kind of hot and all, but it's really confusing and quite hard to follow in spots. There isn't any double penetration but there's a lot of sucking and fucking in here.

Chapter 5 - Amber Hunt And John Leslie: She strips down to nothing but her panties and sucks his cock while he lies on the bed. She stops and says she has to go to work, leaves him there hard, and tells him to put on his pants.

Chapter 6 – Abigail Clayton And Jamie Gillis: In the underground prison, Gillis drops his pants so that she can suck him off. Bad music plays in the background and she goes down on him slowly and sensually. He tugs on her hair and she sucks a bit harder and finally he comes into her mouth and onto her face and she keeps sucking until he's cleaned right off.

Chapter 7 - Leslie Bovee, Abigail Clayton, Annette Haven: The three girls are playing around in the bedroom together and soon they are overtaken by lust. Annette and Leslie work on Abigail as she lies on her back and lets them kiss her up and down. They spread her legs and take turns eating her pussy while bad piano music plays away in the background. Leslie continues to eat while Annette strips and let's Abigail suck on her tits only to return the favor seconds later. Soon Abigail sits on Leslie's face while Annette eats Leslie's pussy, and after that Abigail backs off so that Annette can sit on Leslie's face and get her pussy eaten while Abigail plays with her breasts. From there Annette eats Abigail's pussy while laying on her side so that Leslie can stick her tongue into her slit at the same time. The music plays over the dialogue and sounds of the girl-girl-girl action, but this is still a very hot and natural feeling scene. All three girls are into it, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Chapter 8 - Annette Haven And John Leslie: These two are in the bedroom and he's wearing nothing but a towel. She undresses for him and does a brief tease show before putting his cock into her mouth and giving him head. He gets on top of her and fucks her missionary style, then rolls her onto her side before getting her on all fours for more of the same. She gets him on his back and rides him cowgirl style and the scene ends.

Chapter 9 – Abigail Clayton And Jamie Gillis: She gets Gillis on his back and chained so that he can't move, takes his pants down, and sucks his cock. She uses her mouth on him, then strokes him with her hand before sucking him some more. She pulls off her panties and then gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl style.

While those who require money shots in their smut might be disappointed in this one, those who appreciate the classic beauty of the three female leads out to really enjoy this film as it's well shot, well paced, funny, and very sexy. Annette Haven, stunning woman that she is, looks as good here as she has in any of her other movies and the fact that she looks like she's really enjoying herself on screen adds a whole lot of heat to the movie whenever she appears on screen. Bill Margold called her the first true beauty of the porno industry, and who am I to argue? She's a stunner.



The movie is presented fullframe and if one had to guess, it's probably a safe assumption that it was shot this way as the compositions look pretty decent. Unfortunately the image is really soft and lacks almost any fine detail whatsoever. The colors bleed and the picture lacks any real definition. If you're used to the rather lackluster presentations that most older porn films have received on DVD thus far you'll be alright with the image as it's on par with most of those discs but don't go into this one expecting it to look like anything made recently because it's not. The image is not particularly damaged or anything but since it was sourced from a tape it is very soft.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track (the packaging states Dolby Digital Surround Sound, it's not) might as well be mono as the muffled track doesn't exhibit much channel separation at all, if any. The dialogue is soft and sometimes gets buried in the mix but most of the time, if you turn the volume up a bit, you'll be able to at least understand everything that everyone says. Just like on a few of their other recent DVDs, there are also a few spots where the audio levels hit the red and your speakers will actually vibrate, which is never a good thing.


Aside from a menu and chapter selection, the only extra feature on this release are some trailers for other Cabellero DVDs, a still gallery made up of roughly two dozen stills from the feature and a web-link, a phone sex advertisement, Cabellero contact information, and web-link.

Final Thoughts:

While the presentation isn't great, the movie is. If you're okay with a less than perfect audio and video presentation and you're a fan of seventies porno or Annette Haven, consider A Coming Of Angels recommended.

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