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Boyz N the Crib

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/18/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

March 2003 to May 2006

Produced and Directed By:

Brian Brennan

The Movie:

New York City is their home. Sexy and streetwise, these Latino dudes love the privacy of their cribs to fuck and suck. Borrowed apartments, their own pads, or dorm rooms: it doesn't matter.

The Dudes:

These Latino dudes are fucking hot and in their twenties with a variety of husky and slender/tight body types. There are plenty of tattoos, full pubes, and most of the cocks are uncut.

Scene One:

Xavier undresses, hops into bed and begins to sleep. Xavier's horny dream involves taking a shower with his pal Jason. The dudes soap each other's bodies concentrating on their cut cocks and full black pubes. The lathering leads to stroking their cocks to hardness. Xavier gets down on his knees and sucks Jason's stiff tool and rubs those hairy balls. After a quick suck by Jason, the dudes towel off and head for the sofa for more cock sucking and some face fucking. There is a great camera shot of Xavier's beautiful hairy butt and balls as he sucks Jason. Xavier shoots a thick load on Jason's face while Jason unloads some thick man pudding of his own.

Scene Two:

Handsome Macho walks in on Xavier (from Scene One) sleeping in the raw and gets a nice eyeful of his hairy butt. The dudes decide to take photographs of each other wearing various types of underwear. Macho strips down revealing a hot body and fat uncut cock. Xavier rubs Macho's broad muscular back with baby oil and slowly moves to the front and down to that big dong. Macho's cock is fully hard and the knob is still covered with foreskin. Hot! Xavier strokes that big uncut monster and begins to suck it like a vacuum cleaner. The dudes jack their cocks as Xavier dumps a thick load and Macho follows by shooting a large load.

Scene Three:

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Hot and husky Luis is hanging out with sexy J.T. in the bedroom. The dudes begin to make out and feel each other's bodies. J.T. sucks Luis' big uncut cock to full hardness as the knob continues to be covered with foreskin. Husky Hurricane, sexy with a shaved head, arrives and joins in on the action. There is some deep throat as Luis goes down on J.T.'s large uncut schlong. There are plenty of oral switch-ups as the dudes dig on those dongs. J.T. begins to eat Luis' hairy butt and really munches down. Hurricane does not want to be left out so be eats J.T.'s tight shaved hole and really getting into it. J.T. jacks his cock and shoots a big thick load on Luis' chest. Luis cums on his own chest while Hurricane does not climax.

Scene Four:

There is more shower action as buddies Shaheem and Alejandro lather each other's bodies. For some reason, these dudes are wearing their underwear in the shower. Big tents soon rise in the shorts as the dudes strip down revealing full pubes and big uncut cocks. The guys jack each other's rigid members and then beat themselves off shooting nice loads. The scene is short but very hot.

Scene Five:

Rocky Rivera, a totally hot dude with a beautiful body and long hair, is relaxing after a hard day at work. Rocky receives a telephone call from his girlfriend and hangs up on her nagging ass when she becomes too demanding. Rocky plays a straight porn movie and begins to rub his body. He pulls his baggy blue jeans off and plays with his hard cock through his underwear. Rocky pulls down his shorts revealing a big uncut cock and full thick pubes. Rocky works that hard tool and rubs his smooth chest and hairy nuts. Rocky's stroking becomes faster as he squirts a HUGE load that flies out of his piss slit onto his body, sofa, and floor!

Scene Six:

G.Q. needs his ceiling fan fixed and has no problem watching straight porn while hot repairman Scarface does the job. Scarface almost falls off the ladder. Luckily, G.Q. is on hand to catch him and rub the bulge in his blue jeans. G.Q. pulls Scarface's jeans and underwear down exposing his full pubes and big uncut cock. G.Q. strokes and sucks that big thang as Scarface breathes hard. Scarface has a nice long foreskin that covers his cock knob when he is hard. G.Q. sinks his hairy hole down on Scarface's condom-covered dick while stoking his own uncut cock. Scarface changes positions and fucks G.Q. from behind squiring a big load on G.Q.'s back and butt. G.Q. shoot a generous thick load and then playfully commands "fix my ceiling fan, motherfucker."

Scene Seven:

In their Columbia University dorm room, hot Creem watches straight porn while Twink Carlos reads a newspaper on the bed. Carlos believes porn is a waste of time but has no problem sneaking peeks at Creem as he strokes his stiff cut cock. With just a lil' coaxing, Carlos is chowing down on Creem's cock giving it a good workout. Creem teases Carlos with his tool asking "taste good?" As Carlos suckles that veiny cock, Creem plays with Carlos' butt...rubbing and finger fucking his tight shaved hole. Creem fucks Carlos from behind (with condom) and switches to a very hot side/missionary position followed by the traditional missionary style. This is some very hot fucking! Creme shoots a thick load on Carlos' butt. Carlos does not cum.



"Boyz N The Crib 3" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The camera work is professionally hand-held providing plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and butt munching. The editing keeps each scene moving along at a nice pace. The picture is sharp and clear providing a great view of those big uncut cocks and hairy holes.


The movie includes original music and Rap by G.Q. Each scene contains plenty of hot sex noises as well as those sexy New York accents.


The extras include some behind the scenes footage of Shaheem and Alajandro Rapping and a chapter selection.

Final Thoughts:

As usual, The Latino Fan Club does not disappoint. The dudes are fucking hot and really get into the action. The sex is great and some of the cum loads are amazing with plenty to clean up after the camera stops. The videography is professional with a sharp picture and clear close-ups of the hairy ass eating and long foreskins. Simply put, the movie is a huge turn-on. Highly recommended to fans of handsome streetwise Latino dudes and foreskin enthusiasts.

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