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It's a Daddy Thing! 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/21/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

It's A Daddy Thing! 2

Elegant Angel

Genre: Vignette

Director: Patrick Collins

Cast: Aubrey Addams, Keisha, Mark Davis, Naomi, Herschel Savage, Charlotte Stokely, Patrick Collins, Dick Nasty, Naomi St. Claire, Steven St. Croix, Sasha Knox; Vanessa Chase, Cody O'Connor (last two in the bonus scene only)

Length: 131 minutes

Date of Production: 7/1/2006

Extras: The best extra for most of you will be the bonus scene from an uncredited older movie (probably Sodomania 10) called Teacher's Pet between Vanessa Chase, Cody O'Connor, and Patrick Collins. It lasted about 28 minutes and showed that the ladies could have a heated time together with all the usual trimmings, and Patrick getting a little action from the two in a parent/daughter/teacher scenario. I also liked the 12 minute long Behind the Scenes feature as it showed a lot of playfulness and extra nudity/sex footage with some minimal commentary by the cast and crew. The photogallery was lengthy, the usual style of double sided DVD cover was present (covers on both sides), spam, and there were trailers to movies like Greatest Asswhores Ever Big Wet Asses Slave Dolls 2 It's A Daddy Thing.

Condoms: One

Audio/Video Quality: It's A Daddy Thing! 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as directed by Patrick Collins for Elegant Angel. The fleshtones were fairly accurate, the lighting decent, with the visual flaws like grain and video noise about average, thanks in part to the camera work by Michael Cates and Ron Bossman. The composition of the camera angles wasn't always the best in terms of making the gals look their best but they weren't terrible either. Patrick has made better looking titles in the recent past but he did manage to handle the thematic elements better than most seem able to do, spending the kind of time needed to make the scenarios work on a deeper level. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo audio was in English though more basic in most ways than expected with little separation and limited dynamic range but it didn't get in the way of the heat when it appeared in the action either. Some of the audio mixing was on the light end, needing to be ramped up to be heard, but at least the music wasn't as invasive as in some movies by others these days.

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Body of Review: Patrick Collins has been called a lot of things over the years; some of them good and some of them bad. He tends to be a shrewd businessman with as keen a sense of capitalism as any of his peers in porn. His directing style has evolved over the years to the point where he tries to show something more than just the sex itself, typically lending strength to the vignettes that he shoots these days. His latest work is It's A Daddy Thing! 2; a set of five scenarios where youth women had sex with older men and women. Unlike titles where the age gap appears to be a couple of years (at best), the realism of the scene set ups was above average for those of you into the fantasy elements of this concept. The sex itself had a lot of highlights as well so fans of the cast will likely find this one a great DVD to enjoy. That said, here's a brief look at the scenes by cast, action, and scenario, noting that only one condom was used:

Scene One: Aubrey Addams, a newcomer that many are finding to be a breath of fresh air, was up with industry veteran Keisha (39 years old per her own words) and bald Mark Davis. Mark was a photographer shooting Aubrey while her mother tacitly approved (finding pictures of hotty Tiana Lynn on Mark's computer to be very stimulating). The photoshoot started getting heated when Mark took advantage of Aubrey and Keisha watched them go at it. While his choking got a bit much (when a gal's face changes color, I don't care for it no matter how much she wants to continue), the MILF and hotty action became pretty arousing. Keisha may not appeal to those of you into pre-teens but that's where Aubrey came in and the lesbian action turned into a full fledged scene with Mark doing both of them. The oral showed some nice contrast in styles (Aubrey pretending to be less skilled to fit the role and Keisha as skilled a cocksucker as ever). The dynamic continued into the rest of the scene with the ladies playing their roles to the hilt, with the surprise being Keisha having Mark use a condom when taking his cock up her ass. The pop shot went to Aubrey's abdominal area as Keisha licked it all off her, ending a scene with some conceptual flaws but an overall sense of chemistry and heat.

Scene Two: Naomi, the bubble butt babe of the year, was up next doing dishes in the kitchen when old spotted dick Herschel Savage walked in to admire her. She wore a revealing white dress with black polka dots on it and a white thong (the dress was far too short to cover her ass); starting off the action by asking him to show her how to kiss. This led to a reluctant Herschel being seduced by the far younger Naomi, with some solid cocksucking and an active ride by her as she truly appeared to be living up to her role. The vaginal gave way to a slower anal set of positions where she gyrated on his cock like she was on fire, proving that she can work with almost anyone and turn in a good scene as the two left lots of sweat stains on the blue couch. It ended when she sucked out his miniscule load, marking it as another winner for her porn resume.

Scene Three: Charlotte Stokely, another gal with an all natural body that many have been excited to see, was up next as she catered to family friend Patrick Collins and pretend father Dick Nasty as they played poker. Admittedly, some of you will be distressed that they spent so much time playing cards instead of going right to poking her but it added something different to the mix (and you can always skip the dialogue part quite quickly with your remote control). One thing led to another and the men took advantage of her while she teased them, providing some hot lap dance action before slobbing their knobs. Both men busted a nut on her face, closing out the action without any vaginal or anal sex, surprising me more than a little given her recent performances using penetrative sex. While a limited scene, it was still well worth watching a few times, providing some nice stroke value along the way.

Scene Four: Naomi St. Claire, playing a youthful coed in a skimpy outfit, was up next as she was seduced by teacher Steven St. Croix in his study. He verbally coaxed her into disrobing, asking probative questions (much like the tenure review committee would be asking of him if he were caught) that led to him sucking the crack of her ass and jamming his cock down her throat. Her claims of never having seen a cock before were a bit far fetched, actually more than a bit, though she did seem to know how to play at being inexperienced better than some of her peers in the movie (at least initially). The vaginal sex wasn't the most active ride of the movie but she did get better as she warmed up, bucking her hips more than a little bit in response to his penis pulsing inside of her pussy. It ended when he popped a moderate load onto her head and chest, the largest stream going as far as the top of her head.

Scene Five: Sasha Knox, the hotty on the front DVD cover with the all natural body and award winning smile, was up last as she walked in on Mark Davis who was working in the Elegant Angel warehouse. It was funny seeing the companies on the background board listed as his C.O.D. associates (they must've fucked him over in the past) though I'm willing to bet they'd be less than enthusiastic about seeing their names on Patrick's shit list. Still, her role as the inquisitive stepchild was amusing as well, following him to work to find out how he paid the bills. The acting was like most in the movie by the ladies; stilted and reminiscent of junior high school drama, but Mark, like the other men was able to carry the scene in that sense until it was time for her to take over sexually. He spanked her hard and she got turned on to the point where she wanted his cock even more, blowing him fairly well before they bumped uglies. He returned the oral pleasure on her and they shared what appeared to be a moment of exceptional chemistry before the penetrative sex began. The vaginal and anal sex was also decent, but she showed a lot more ability with the pussy than ass (at least until she warmed it up). There were times when the scene seemed to show them hitting it off and other times when they seemed to be merely performing for the benefit of the camera but I enjoyed it and found it to be a solid scene overall. There was some foot fetish material and it ended with the usual facial after she asked for it in her mouth, showing a lot more semen than his first scene.

Summary: It's A Daddy Thing! 2 was a solid effort by director Patrick Collins that was worthy of a rating of Recommended due to the levels of fuck for the buck, the heat of the scenes, the wealth of attractive ladies present and the decent extras. The flaws detracted from the overall project enough to keep it from achieving the next level but I have to admit that if my big fantasy was hot young ladies doing old, slobby guys, It's A Daddy Thing! 2 would probably have rated Collector status. The cast was a nice selection of women though and as such, I hope it gets some exposure to their fans given the mannerisms and appeal they displayed here but with a little more polishing up, the series might become even better so check it out to see what I mean.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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