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Thief in The Night 3

Studio: Global Media » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/1/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

December 2005

Produced, Directed, and Edited By:

Marvin Jones

The Movie:

"Some thieves don't understand that what goes around cums around. Check out how one thief thinks he can go around takin' all the ass and dick he wants. But after he gets dicked down for what he's done, he might learn his lesson or he'll rob forever..."

The Cast:

Peanut, Rock, Venom, Eyce, Dollar

The Dudes:

These African American dudes are fucking hot with streetwise attitudes, look to be in their twenties with beautiful tight bodies, plenty of tattoos, full/shaved pubes, and big fat cut cocks.

Scene One:

Thief Peanut, wearing a bright yellow bandanna, breaks into an apartment. He may as well be waving flags as he breaks in, as it would be comparable to wearing a bright bandanna at night. Eyce arrives home and is greeted by Peanut brandishing a handgun. Eyce goes down on Peanut's big cock giving it a complete oral workout and receiving a nice face fucking. Peanut begins to suck Eyce's large cock slobbering up and down that hard shaft. Peanut slaps his hard cock against Eyce's firm butt and then fucks him from behind (with condom). Peanut gives Eyce a good ol' fuckin' switching to the missionary position. The dudes jack off and cum. Eyce's load is nice 'n thick.

Scene Two:

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Peanut is visiting his pal Dollar. The dudes quickly get down to some sexin' as they suck each other's big dongs sliding their hot mouths up and down those stiff poles. Peanut eats Dollar's butt a little but there are no good close-ups of the rimming. Peanut fucks Dollar in the missionary position (with condom) and then pounds that ass from behind and a little sink/bounce. Dollar definitely gets a good fucking. Both guys jack and shoot small but very thick loads.

Scene Three:

Venom, one of the hottest dudes I've seen, is lying on his bed naked and playing with his big cock. Peanut easily breaks into Venom's home, barges in pointing his gun and screaming "freeze motherfucker!" Peanut then puts his gun down, climbs into bed, and gorges himself on Venom's big cock. Peanut sucks that big thang like there is no tomorrow taking that fat shaft into his mouth, rubbing those balls, and fingering Venom's tight hairy hole. Hot! Peanut sucks those hairy nuts and eats Venom's hole. Again, there are no good close-ups of the actual butt munching. Venom gets down on Peanut's big cock giving it a nice wet bath with his mouth and receives a face fucking. Peanut fucks Venom from behind (with condom) starting nice and slow and ending up with frenzied pounding. There are some very hot camera shots of Peanut's firm butt, shaved hole, and slapping balls as he fucks. Peanut switches to the side/missionary and missionary positions as he takes Venom's tight butt. Venom jacks off as he is being banged and shoots a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Four:

Venom calls Rock and tells him what has just happened. Rock, who is very sexy and has a commanding presence, assures Venom he will take care of the situation. Rock orders Peanut over to his apartment and calls him out. Peanut is ordered to chow down on Rock's large dong and gives it an oral examination. Rock fucks Peanut's tight hole from behind (with condom) slowly sinking his fat shaft all the way in. Peanut is soon hunching his butt against Rock's hard dong and enjoying getting fucked. Rock puts Peanut through his anal paces with some missionary and side/missionary porking. Rock pulls out and dumps a large thick load on Peanut's back.



"Thief in the Night 3" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held providing plenty of good close-ups of the cock sucking and butt fucking. Unfortunately, there are no good close-ups of the rimming. The picture quality is a bit grainy at times and the editing keeps each scene moving along at a steady pace.


The sound is clear with plenty of hot ball slapping noises as the dudes fuck. The scenes are accompanied by hip-hop, techno, and keyboard instrumentals.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, and a lengthy trailer for "Dealers 3".

Final Thoughts:

"Thief in the Night" is a definite turn-on and an entertaining watch. The dudes are hot with their sexy New York accents, streetwise attitudes, and big cocks. These guys look to be enjoying sucking cock and fucking ass as they get off. The standouts here are Venom who is an exceptionally handsome dude and Rock with his shaved head, hairy chest, and very commanding presence. The videography provides plenty of good dick sucking and butt pounding close-ups and a descent picture quality that is a bit grainy at times but does not distract from the action. My only complaint is that there were no butt munching close-ups. I recommend to fans of hot African American dudes with plenty of macho/street attitude and of course big fat joints.

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