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Boot Black Blues

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/4/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

February 2006

Directed By:

Kristofer Weston

The Cast:

Danny Roddick, Josh Weston, Nick Marino, Simon Angel, Parker Williams, Kyle Lewis, Lucas Di Fabbiano, Trey Casteel, and Colby Taylor.

The Movie:

"Newly evicted boot black Oliver (Danny Weston) is a little blue. He is down on his luck and working hard to make his way in a sex-crazed world. With his youthful butt, Oliver finds that his customers often want more than just their boots polished."

The Dudes:

COLT Studios and Buckshot Productions have brought together a very nice variety of hunks with an age range in the early twenties to early fifties. All ten of these dudes are hot and have nice tight bodies. There is a variety of body types from slender/tight to full out muscle daddies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, tattoos, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Cute Danny Roddick, early twenties with a sexy smooth body and blondish hair, has received an eviction notice. The news must make him horny as he has a lil' sale going for his boot polishing service: polishing and anything else for $5.00. Hunky Josh Weston is the first customer to take him up on the offer. Danny is busy polishing those big boots when he begins to polish Josh's big cut cock with his wet mouth giving it an excellent spit shine. Danny really digs that dong as his mouth slobbers up and down Josh's fat shaft and performs some deep throat. There's plenty of heavy kissing with tongue as Danny moves his way down to eat Josh's tight shaved butt hole.

Josh grabs Danny's stiff cut cock from behind and pulls it between Danny's thighs giving it a good suck as he also munches down on Danny's tight lil' pink hole. Josh switches back and forth between Danny's hard cock and his pouting pucker. Josh fucks Danny from behind (with condom) and then switches to a frenzied sink/bounce as Danny clutches on to the window bars for dear life. Josh gives Danny's hole a complete work out as he switches to the side/missionary position. Danny beats his hard meat and shoots a load on his leg. Josh jacks off and dumps a load on Danny.

Scene Two:

Danny takes his $5.00 to a deli for lunch. Cute Simon Angel (with a tight lil' body and dark hair) breaks the news that a sandwich and drink will be much more than five dollars but perhaps they can work out a "deal" in the kitchen. The guys make out in the privacy of the kitchen rubbing each other's bodies and sucking tongues. Danny goes down on Simon's big veiny uncut cock and gives it his full attention. Very hot! Simon begins to suck Danny's big hard cock and works his hot nuts as well. Simon is quite fun and playful in his cock sucking. Danny chows down on Simon's tight hole and teases the gentle pink rosebud with the tip of his tongue. Danny fucks Simon in the missionary position (with condom) as Simon strokes that big uncut tool not missing a beat. Simon fucking loves being fucked! The playfulness in this scene is a huge turn on. Danny quirts a big load on Simon's chest while Simon cranks out some cum on his stomach.

Scene Three:

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Restroom Romance! Hot muscle stud Kyle Lewis (with military cut) is making out with hot dude-next-door type Colby Taylor in a public men's room. I love me some Colby Taylor!! Kyle sinks to his knees and begins to suck Colby's big cut cock. Colby has some very nice brown pubes and a veiny cock. Colby handcuffs one of Kyle's hands to the metal handrail in the handicapped toilet stall. There is more making out as the two dudes kiss each other and Kyle strokes his own hard cut cock. Colby jacks off and shoots a nice load all over Kyle's chest. The two are interrupted by California Patrol hunk Alex Chandler. Colby zips up and gets the hell out of dodge.

Scene Four:

Alex Chandler, very hot with his shaved head and muscular body, begins to tease Kyle who is still handcuffed. Alex orders Kyle to lick his big black boots. Kyle gives those boots a shine with his wet tongue much to Alex's pleasure. Alex pulls his stiff cut tool out and Kyle begins to polish it with his mouth. The handcuffs come off as Alex eats Kyle's tight shaved hole licking, rubbing, and sucking that hole like it is his last meal. Alex fucks Kyle from behind (with condom) giving that tight butt a complete overhaul. Alex beats his dong and shoots a big load on Kyle's back. Kyle strokes and cums all over Alex's boots...and then licks up that load. Hot!

Scene Five:

Danny is back on the job polishing hot muscle daddy Lucas Di Fubbiano's boots. Lucas' pissed off lover Nick Marino (very hot with his muscle body and dark hair) barges in and begins to argue. Nick is wearing black leather chaps that reveal his beautiful bubble butt. Danny takes a powder to allow the couple to argue in privacy. Well, the fight does not last long. Lucas is down on his knees gorging himself on Nick's Grade A uncut man meat. There is some very nice foreskin play here as Nick pulls and spreads his overhang for Lucas to suck. Lucas runs his wet tongue underneath Nick's foreskin. Daddy Lucas gives excellent head.

Lucas bends over in his ultra-tight blue jeans to show his stuff. Nick rips a hole in those jeans exposing Lucas' shaved butt crack. Nick rubs and plays with that tight hole. Nick fucks Lucas with a big black rubber nightstick and then switches to a large rotating vibrator. Nick fucks the hell out of Lucas' bung with those toys. Nick pulls Lucas into the missionary position while still fucking him with the vibrator. The toy is soon replaced with Nick's condom covered schlong as he pounds Lucas' ass. Nick shoots a nice load on Lucas' butt while Lucas dumps a cum load on his own stomach and nuts.

Scene Six:

Hot Dad Parker Williams (with sexy hairy chest) finds out about Danny's "sale" and invites him home to polish a walk-in closet full of black boots. Trey Casteel (another muscle hunk) stops by to hang out with Parker. While Danny is busy shining boots, Parker and Trey are in the bedroom engaging in a very hot make out session. Trey goes down on Parker's stiff cut cock and gets a face fucking he will not soon forget. Trey strokes his own cut cock that is poking out of his black jock strap. It's now Trey's turn to do a little face fuckin' as he plows Parker's mouth with his stiff dork. Parker takes that cock all the way down to the trimmed pubes in some very hot deep throat.

Naturally, Danny begins to spy on the two dudes getting off. Parker motions for Danny to join in on the fun. Parker and Danny suck each other's tongues while Trey is busy down below sucking those dongs! Danny sinks down and joins Trey on Parker's hard joint. The dudes take turns sucking that hard cock. Danny grabs that big dick and slaps the pink knob against his wet tongue and then deep throats. As with Trey, Danny received a good old-fashioned face fucking. Parker makes his way to Danny's tight shaved hole and begins to munch down while Danny sucks Trey's cock. Parker finger fucks Danny and finally fucks him in the missionary position (with condom) while Danny jacks off and continues to suck Trey. "Gimme that hole!" Switch up time as Trey sucks Danny's cock and Parker fucks Trey from behind (with condom). Danny fucks Trey from behind (with condom) and sucks Parker's pickle. Trey beats his meat and cums on the black leather sofa. Danny and Parker jack off and shoot thick loads of love juice on Trey's chest.



"Boot Black Blues" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Todd Montgomery is professional and steady with plenty of close-ups, and a very sharp/clear picture quality. The editing by Max Phillips is equally professional and keeps the action and scenes moving at a perfect pace.


The sound is sharp and clear. The musical score by Sergio Montana consists of cool 'n funky instrumentals filled with guitars. The score sets the tone for each scene either with techno, guitar driven tunes, or a soothing new age type song. Of course, there are plenty of hot sex noises to go around as these dudes fuck and suck.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection option, chapter stops, and a photo gallery of cast photos beautifully shot by Jeff Burton, John Conroy, and Big Hud. There is a shortcut to all climax shots, previews for COLT releases: "Hard Studies", Big Rig", "Beyond Perfect", "LeatherBound", "BuckelRoos Parts I and II", and COLT website/contact information.

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios and Buckshot Productions have created more top of the line all-male erotica with "Boot Black Blues" with a great assortment of muscle-bound Daddy Dudes and young (age 18+) cuties with smooth chests. The production quality is the best with excellent videography and editing, lighting, sound, music, and a crisp and clear picture. All ten dudes are very into what they are doing with this being very clear in Scene Two. There is no acting here. The pacing of each scene is perfect as the dudes foreplay is just as important as the actual sex. The dudes take their time with teasing, kissing, and stroking before there is any cock sucking, ass eating or butt sex. I highly recommend to fans of butch muscular Daddies, black boot worship, cute smooth chested younger dudes who need to be shown a thing or two, and high quality all male sex.

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