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Weekend in Belgium

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/17/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

May 2005

Directed By:

Stephane Berry


Sebastien Dupres, Maximilien Kops, Trystan Ray, Laurent Venderberg, Gabriel Junior, Bruce Van Konig, Jason Beri, Jon Landerse.

The Movie:

Eight sexy French dudes spend a sexually charged weekend in Belgium. These dudes are hot and ready for all types of sexual hijinx. Don't you wish every weekend could be this good?

Scene One:

Maximelien, cute dude with dark shaggy hair, is sitting on a park bench gabbing on his cell phone. He cuts his conversation short when sexy Trystan, very cute guy with short black hair and glasses, appears and begins to chat him up. In just a snap, the dudes are back in an apartment making out with lots of tongue kissing. Shirts are removed during their fevered kissing revealing nice smooth chests. Trystan soon removes his glasses, gets down on his knees, and sucks Max's uncut tool. Trystan sucks that big cock like a champ working his wet mouth up and down the fat shaft and sucking that purple knob. Trystan pulls out his enormous uncut cock and begins to stroke it as he continues to suck Max.

Trystan bends over exposing his hole, very hot hangy balls, and big fleshy cock swinging between his hairy legs. Max eats Trystan's tight shaved hole (no close-ups of rimming) while Trystan pulls on his pud. Trystan again chows down on Max's cock and gives him a little finger fucking at the same time. Max fucks Trystan from behind (with condom) and really goes to town on that tight hole. Trystan expresses his love for being fucked through a non-stop series of sexual cries, groans, and whimpers. After a bit more cock sucking, Max grabs a dildo with some lube and fucks Trystan's butt. Again, Trystan cries out in pleasure as he is being fucked. Trystan grabs that dildo and fucks himself while sucking Max's cock. After a variety of fucking positions, the dudes jack off as Max cums on Trystan's face, mouth, and shoulder and Trystan shoots a nice load on his own stomach.

Scene Two:

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Trystan is obviously still horny as he is now hanging out with Jon, a hot dude with brown hair in a military cut. As the two dudes drink and engage in some flirtatious conversation, Laurent, another hottie with brown hair in a military buzz cut, enters the room. Trystan and Jon begin to make out and Laurent joins in on the heavy tongue kissing and rubbing of hard bulges. Shits are removed as the dudes lick each other's chests and hard nipples. Trystan pulls Jon's big uncut cock out and begins to bob up and down sucking that hard shaft. Laurent strokes and sucks Trystan's huge uncut tool and then switches his attention to Jon's cock. Laurent continues to suck John's dong while Trystan washes John's hangy nuts with his hot mouth. Trystan sucks Laurent's stiff cut cock while Jon eats Trystan's butt (no close-ups of rimming). Trystan plays sink/bounce on Laurent's condom-covered dork jacking his big tool at the same time. Jon fucks Trystan from behind (with condom) as Trystan sucks Laurent's cock. Jon jacks off and shoots his load on Trystan's face and chest. Trystan shoots a load on his own stomach. Laurent does not cum.

Scene Three:

Sebastien, a hottie with short dark hair and husky build, is making out with Maximilien in a luxury hot tub. With plenty of tongue n' bubbles, the dudes have a good old-fashioned make out session. Max stands up and Sebastien grabs that big uncut cock and begins to suck it. Sebastien gives Max's cock a thorough sucking as he works that hard dong and sucks those nuts. Max returns the favor by sucking Sebastien's big uncut tool under water! Sebastian eats Max's butt and gives him a finger fucking (no close-ups) to heat him up even more. Sebastien fucks Max in the missionary position (with condom) and then switches to a fast doggy style while Max beats his meat. There is a bit of the ol' sink/bounce in which Max really gets plowed by Sebastien. Sebastien jacks his cock and shoots a big thick load all over Max's face. Max jerks off and shoots on his own stomach.

Scene Four:

Gym time! This three-way workout includes Maximilien, Jon, and Laurent. Max and Jon are simply enjoying exercising when horny Laurent shows up to get some action. Max and Jon take turns kissing Laurent and rubbing his basket. Jon and Max make out with plenty of tongue as Laurent uses his wet tongue on the dudes smooth chests and hard nipples. Laurent switches back and forth sucking Max's and Jon's uncut cocks. Laurent is obviously starved for dong and needs at least two to slobber on. Max and Jon take turns sucking Laurent's cut cock and balls. Max rides Jon's condom-covered tool rocking back and forth and then bouncing up and down. Laurent slips in from behind(with condom) for some double penetration of Max's butt hole. Max is quite vocal as two cocks fuck him at the same time. Jon beats his meat and shoots a nice load while Max and Laurent do not cum.

Scene Five:

Sebastien (from Scene Three) is back and randy as ever. He is making out with Gabriel, a cute brown haired twink. As the two engage in heavy kissing on the bed, the dudes feel each other's bodies. Sebastien takes his time and slowly licks Gabriel's chest and sucks his hard lil' nipples. The guys work themselves in a sixty-nine as both dudes gorge themselves of hard uncut man meat. Gabriel loves sucking Sebastien's hard cock as he works his wet mouth up and down that rigid member. Sebastien eats Gabriel's butt and rubs his tight little hole (no close-ups). Sebastien fucks Gabriel from behind (with condom) with nice slow strokes. Sebastian's fucking becomes faster as he fucks Gabriel in a very hot side/missionary position while Gabriel strokes his cock. The dudes make the bed springs creek during a heated session of the ol' sink/bounce. Sebastien shoots his load of man juice on Gabriel's chest as Gabriel dumps a nice load on his own stomach.

Scene Six:

It's poolside orgy time as the entire cast relaxes in and around the swimming pool. The dudes begin to make out with plenty of tongue, rub hard bulging crotches, stroke each other's cocks, and suck plenty of hard uncut schlongs. Gabriel makes out with Trystan and goes down on his big cock. Trystan, in return, sucks Gabriel's tool for a while. Jon and Laurent get it on with Bruce Van Konig, a hot dude with brown hair and goatee. Jason, a very cute twink with dark hair, sucks Max's cock like there is no tomorrow. These dudes love to chow down on that hard uncut meat! The dudes stroke those hard shafts and work those sensitive uncut cock knobs. Some greedy dudes suck two cocks at a time.

There is more ass eating (without close-ups)and fucking with condoms in the missionary position on the small poolside tables. Fuckin'! Suckin'! Jackin'! Kissin'! These dudes do it all. They practically turn into one large lump of flesh quivering with sexual excitement! All the dudes jerk off and dump their loads all over Laurent who seems to love getting a bath of man milk.



"Weekend in Belgium" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Stephane Berry and Nick Zoltan provides plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and fucking but none of the rimming. The editing keeps each scene moving along at an enjoyable and steady pace. The picture quality is sharp 'n clear.


The sound is clear providing plenty of French moans n' groans as the dudes get down. Non-descript music accompanies each scene.


The extras include an interactive menu, chapter stops, scene selections, a gallery of photographs from the movie, website information, and hot trailers for: "Hot, Hung & Ready", "Steam, Sex & Sun", "Sex in Normandy", "Boiling Point", "Inside the French Connection", and "Love From Cannes".

Final Thoughts:

"Weekend in Belgium" is an enjoyable and sexy watch. The dudes are all very cute, with most looking to be in their early twenties and two twinks (age 18+) who look a bit younger. The sex is very hot and the dudes seem to really be enjoying what they are doing. The videography is quite good, with the exception of no close-ups of the rimming and finger fucking, and provides plenty of great shots of the cock sucking and butt sex. The editing allows all this hot action to move along at a nice pace keeping each scene fresh and fun.

As mentioned, my only complaint is the lack of close-ups of the rimming and finger fucking. If it weren't for that, I would rate the movie even higher. I recommend for fans of sexy French dudes with plenty of foreskin.

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