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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/19/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Fuck: A Lesson In Lust

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Lori Lust, Exotica, Tommy Gunn, Ice La Fox, Jenaveve Jolie, Carmen Hart, Marcus London, Mario Rossi, Tommy Gunn, Eric Masterson, Jessica Drake, Katsumi, Felecia, Clara G., Kirsten Price, Mia Smiles, Katsumi, Randy Spears, Chris Cannon, Trina Michaels, Mr. Marcus, Sean Michaels

Length: 83 minutes

Date of Production: 5/13/2006

Extra's: If you haven't seen them already, the two bonus sex scenes from Curse Eternal and Made In The USA that I described below will be the best of the batch for you. I liked them when I first saw them and they seem to have withstood the limited test of time well enough. For me, the lengthy All Access: The Making of Fuck by Mark Stone lasting 32.5 minutes was the best extra since it gave the cast and crew a chance to have more sex and goof off on the sets of the movie. Brad was shown directing various parts of the production (contrary to what some of the haters claim, he does direct his own movies) and many of the ladies mugged for the camera, though some were given more of a spotlight in that sense. There was also a 12.5 minute long Behind the Scenes sex reel where deleted footage of the sex scenes was compiled for your viewing pleasure into a single montage. That was followed by a 5.5 minute long montage of the Girls of Fuck where they stylishly posed for the cameras in various states of undress. There were scores of photogalleries, star statistics, and other minor extras with 6 Easter Eggs discovered as I went through the two disc set. The first Easter Egg I found was on the second disc menu screen (upper right hand side) with it consisting of the ladies saying the word "Fuck" in various settings and being labeled Fuck This!. The second was just underneath Jessica's picture on the photogallery menu, titled A Conversation with Mark Stone: Katsumi lasting almost three minutes as she discussed her role while in make up for the Dolls scene. The third was A Conversation with Mark Stone: Jenaveve Jolie found underneath the Mia Smiles picture on the photogallery menu (second page of it for those who care) that lasted 2.5 minutes (the movie really under utilized her skills though). The fourth was One For The Team starring Jessica Drake found on the Star Stats menu beside her name, lasting about 1.5 minutes and showing how much the metal toys hurt her in the android scene. The fifth Easter Egg was found on the second page of extras down near Kirsten's breasts, titled The Grueling Life of A Porn PA lasting 30 seconds with a brief discussion of what he did (as one of the waiters from the Dinner scene waved to his mom). The sixth was A Conversation with Mark Stone: Exotica found on the trailers page over Curse Eternal in her barbarian outfit talking for 4.5 minutes. There was also two promotional reels (from 2005 and 2006), DVD ROM materials like Wicked Awards and Nominations, company profile, casino game, and desktops, a DVD catalog, some spam, and trailers to shows like Fuck, The Visitors, Eternity, Camp Cuddly Pines, Hook Ups, Curse Eternal, and others that haven't been released yet. Lastly, the box for the show was very appealing with a fold out cover and two single DVD cases inside (I'd have preferred a double disc case) with a true double sided cover on the first one.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Fuck: A Lesson In Lustwas presented in the usual 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures on film. While filmed in high definition, it was down converted to a regular DVD (in the future, the HD version should look even better), so there was some minor grain in some of the scenes. The good news is that even in the dark night scenes, the visual elements were well handled, providing a lot more quality than most studios are currently capable of handling. The video noise was minimal and the composition of the scenes was extremely well taken care of, enhancing the look of the ladies in nearly all cases. The audio was presented with numerous choices, the primary one being a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track that was very heavy on the music (and seemed to used dubbed loops for some of the vocals). There were also 2.0 Dolby Digital tracks with Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, and French available for those who care but the dubbing seemed off on the Spanish track to me (and I don't have a working knowledge of the other languages but they were not as well handled as the primary track on a few levels). Otherwise, the audio seemed to be a step backward for Wicked Pictures; at least if you prefer to hear the vocals over the music as much as I do. I fuss at other companies for this too and it is a common complaint from those who write me. Still, the music was well done and the overall quality of the audio was good for this type of show.

Body of Review: Brad Armstrong is currently the lead director at Wicked Pictures and for good reason; he can do it all and often do it all well. I have long appreciated his feature releases as being a few steps above the competition regularly and his taste in women has never let me down. His latest release was put out last month in time for the awards, serving up a platter of vignettes narrated by the lovely hotty Jessica Drake, was Fuck: A Lesson In Lust. The movie is a visual timeline of sex scenes using fantastical settings throughout the ages, ending in a futuristic setting (sort of like a remake of Star Virgin), that emphasized style and mood for the market Wicked Pictures serves. If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used in the majority of scenes:

Scene One: Barbarians: Lori Lust, Exotica, and Tommy Gunn, were up first as the trio was all decked out in gear looking like it came from an old Jenna Jameson flick (chainmail, polished chrome, head dresses and all necessary accessories). To be honest, Tommy looked as much like Schwarzenegger's Conan with the gals doing a fine job of playing Sandahl Bergman's Valeria-esque characters that the fantasy aspect felt right, regardless of the protected sex they engaged in. The music overwhelmed the vocals and the editing seemed too rapid paced for the setting but the oral and vaginal romp appealed to me as a triumph of style, if not substance. The gals played along actively and assisted one another throughout the action, eventually ending in a moderate sized facial.

Scene Two: Kali: Ice La Fox, playing the Indian goddess Kali (the gal on the front DVD cover with the three sets of arms; the other two pair provided by delicious Jenaveve Jolie and contract hotty Carmen Hart), was up next as this perfectly gifted being used her hands delightfully to jerk off Marcus London, Mario Rossi, Tommy Gunn, and Eric Masterson. If that weren't enough, she also took turns blowing them but it combined the editing and special effects to provide a visual treat. The men were all masked and while a few were easy to figure out by their tattoos, the ending credits sure helped me out this time. The smoke filled room was properly decked out in the identifiable trappings of the character and while it was an oral only scene, the fun factor was high (though the vocals really took a back seat this time, added in as loops by the sound of it). It ended with multiple pop shots decking the lady and some swallowing for those who care.

Scene Three: Dolls: Jessica Drake, Katsumi, Felecia, and Clara G., were up next in fancy Victorian garb as the quartet played a group of dolls whose sole function was to pleasure one another. The wigs, heavy outfits, and elaborate make up were just some of the details used to flesh out this lesbian tryst with Katsumi getting into the role the most with her robotic styled movements in the early stages of the scene. Once they started going at one another, there was no clear winner as to who was the best partner but they shared a goodly amount of chemistry together as they licked, fingered, and felt each other up. I think I would have preferred the vocals to be elevated here and the toys left to the wayside but I never doubted that all four of them were getting off on one another.

Scene Four: Dinner: Carmen Hart, Kirsten Price, Mia Smiles, and Katsumi, were up next as the main courses of a fancy dinner with uncredited servants carrying them down a luxurious set of stairs to place on the table for Randy Spears, Chris Cannon, Eric Masterson, and Tommy Gunn, to play with. The pairings didn't really matter as the initial hummers gave way to various forms of screwing. Katsumi did an excellent (though short) anal ride and Mia tied with Carmen for title of the most active rider of the scene, with the semen patrol licking up the pop shots and cumswapping with the other ladies, fading out on Katsumi and Kirsten.

Scene Five: Dogs: Trina Michaels, a curvy gal decked out in lots of bling and make up, showed a contemporary setting of a large round bed as she taught Mr. Marcus and Sean Michaels, who was boss. The limited morphing used to convert Sean from a Doberman to a man was not as well done as I had hoped but at least it was better than Marcus disappearing behind the screen to change. She stroked them off as they felt her up, the thumping audio covering the vocals as she sucked with a sense of abandon the dark meat before her. She's never had any trouble with interracial scenes although they aren't common in a Wicked Pictures release these days so I watched with amusement how she took control of her partners orally and then offered herself up for them to plunder. She took them vaginally (as expected) and then anally but never did a DP (thankfully) before they launched their population pudding onto her waiting face. The lighting added texture here and aside from them acting like they were going in slow motion, it was a decent scene.

Scene Six: Android: Jessica Drake, the hotty contract starlet, was up last as she emerged from a gestation chamber covered in cellophane wrap and interesting make up to complement her wig as scientist Eric Masterson tried out his newest model. Whether you think of her in the mode of fembot, Terminator cyborg, or even the pleasure droid from Cherry 2000, the net result was the same; I wanted one for myself! The laboratory setting was no less interesting then the previous scenes and the droning music and rapid fire editing seemed far more appropriate to the setting. The scene had her delivering a splendid blowjob before actively riding him vaginally with a dildo stretching her ass. There was more anal probing to go but only with a metallic device as he jerked off to the Lucite shielding over her face. She did taste the spew though it wasn't necessary for me given the appeal of the scene but this was another one that I would have liked to see fleshed out more (perhaps with Brad as the scientist so she could have done real anal).

Bonus Scene 1: Curse Eternal: Jessica Drake, playing Randy's daughter all grown up twenty years later, was up next wearing glasses as a brilliant archeologist herself on the couch with Eric Masterson. They pawed at one another to get in the mood and she was looking as fine as ever, even if the front cover of the DVD case put her in the back right hand side. She looked fitter and lovelier than ever as the two bumped uglies (those hers looked appealing as could be) after some heated oral by both of them. She even did some PTM and fingered her own ass (three fingers) before the facial that she appeared to greedily appreciate. I wish it lasted longer than it did but I'll take any Jessica footage I can get.

Bonus Scene 2: Made In The USA: Carmen Hart, a fine brunette with tremendous potential given recent performances at Wicked Pictures, and the ever lovely Kirsten Price, played nurses in a doctor's office that took the temperature of patient Tommy Gunn the old fashioned way; by sucking his thermometer (cock). I'd be misleading you to suggest either was better at it since both had their own styles and they were equally pleasing to the eye but Carmen was slightly more active in terms of riding the cock vaginally (neither were all that active though). I prefer full participation and the limitations of the positions translated into giving the two ladies less of a chance to prove their skills, a factor on many of Raven's erotica vignettes. The pop shot went to Carmen's abdomen with the ladies kissing seductively to close it out.

Summary: Fuck: A Lesson In Lust by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures might not have provided the lengthiest fuck fest directed at the couples market this year but in terms of style alone, it had a lot to offer even the casual fan of what I refer to as pretty porn. There was anal sex, interracial, gangbangs and lots of attractive ladies getting off though the length of the individual scenes will probably be too short for most fans compared to the gonzo genre titles that have been coming out in recent years. Still, as a compromise between the tame feature porn many of us are familiar with and the harsh realities of gonzo, Fuck: A Lesson In Lust will certainly find an audience. Due to my own preferences in vocal tracks and length of movies, I rated this one as Recommended but the quality of the extras, while not the best the company has offered in recent years, was definitely a boost to the fuck for the buck value. Brad did a great job of catering to his market, providing another worthwhile release for the company to brag about giving his fans an alternative to his high end features (I'm expecting Manhunters any day now; the premiere title for the company this year per press releases and this probably compliments it nicely).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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