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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 10/24/06

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Gay Adult Movie
Dennis Bell
1Hr 42Min
CAST: Anderson Alves, Aqueles Machado, Oliver Machado, Falsto Chaves, Marcelo Barros, Nick Vallini, Regis Rodrigues, Rodrigo da Silva, Yago Mendoça

The Good Stuff
Deluge is a film that takes place in the Brazilian rain forest hence the name. It is a film chock full of amazing scenery and hot muscular Latin men. To start off they are playing soccer in speedo type bathing suits. Its enough to makes one wish that all soccer was played in speedos as you get to see their golden rippling muscles and bulges bouncing with each step. Regis kicks the ball out of bounds into the surrounded jungle giving the guys just the excuse they were looking for to go off in twos and threes and get to some man lovin.

Scene 1
After exiting the soccer field Marcello and Aqueles don't make it past the steps before their hands are all over each other and they are making out. Both guys are pretty similar in appearance, both muscular with dark hair and uncut cocks. Aqueles has a cool tattoo on his arm and Marcello has gorgeous lips that you just want to kiss. Marcello drops to his knees in a rush to get some cock down his throat. Aqueles has shaved nuts and trimmed pubes. Aqueles takes his turn briefly servicing Marcellos hairless crotch before banging away at Marcello in missionary position. Missionary lasts for quite a bit and starts to get boring before Marcello takes a brief reverse Cowboy ride. The guys are then standing and jacking, Marcello is putting on a good show with a good O face and bucking his hips. Aqueles shoots first and the camera doesn't even bother zooming in. When Marcello cums the camera is more interested in his faked Orgasm face than getting the shot of his actual orgasm. Both shots were sad, these guys aren't even trying.
[Actors: Marcello Barros, Aqueles Machado | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Missionary, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 2

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Regis and Rodrigo are on the hunt for the missing soccer ball but like the first pairing they don't make it far into the forest before they become so enamored with each others hard bodies that they start making out. They walk a bit farther and come upon a building of some sort and Rodrigo gets right to sucking Regis uncut chorizo which swells to a decent size under his ministrations. Rodrigo wants to taste some ass but is afraid so he basically works his way all around the hole before getting up enough courage to briefly lick Regis bung. Regis being the sharing type sucks off Rodrigo for a brief five minutes or so before plowing away at his ass doggie style. Some unenthusiastic fucking before Rodrigo rides him reverse cowboy. Rodrigo is really working it as all of a sudden his body is coated in glistening sweat. Poor Rodrigo places Regis hand on his cock trying to coax out some jacking action but Regis is not interested. Rodrigo gets it missionary next before Regis is standing over Rodrigo and flailing away at his tool. He spooges onto Rodrigo and thats it. No cumshot for poor Rod. They walk into the now darkened jungle with their speedos in their hands.
[Actors: Regis Rodrigues, Rodrigo da Silva | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, Rimming |Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 3
Nick is wandering around looking lost in the forest. What are Anderson and Falsto up to, why getting it on of course in a building they found in the forest. Falsto is sucking on Andersons thick, veiny, uncut cock. Anderson has a completely shaved groin which Falsto is enjoying immensely. Nick finally makes it to the house and sees whats going on and starts rubbing his cock through his shorts. Anderson gives Falstos thick tool a short tongue bath before straddling his neck and face fucking him. Nick is getting more and more into what he sees going on and whips out his own junk and starts stroking it. Anderson is still mouth fucking Falsto when Nick finally gets up enough gumption to come all the way into the room. Anderson and Falsto barely notice him. Nick and Anderson try a few times to get both their cocks in Falstos mouth and eventually succeed. Have I mentioned Andersons cock is amazing, it stays gloriously hard for the entire scene unlike poor Nick who keeps losing his hard on. Andy puts on a condom so he can work his cock up Falstos hole missionary while Falsto blows Nick. Nick gets a turn at Falstos ass in doggie before everyone shoots their load. Nick pulls out of Falstos hole and coats his back followed by apparently Andy but you don't see it ending with Falsto cumming a smidge.
[Actors: Nick Vallini, Anderson Alves, Falsto Chaves | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 4
Yago and Oliver are the two that finally find the soccer ball. While walking looking for it Yago can't keep his hands off his own cock which he continually rubs through his speedo. Yago has an almost military look to him with short hair and nice big muscles. Oliver is well built as well but more of an average looking guy. They see the ball by a stream and Yago can't quite get to it so they start making out instead. These two give us the most believable make out session of the film. Yago as a whole is probably the most into anything in this film. He gets right to Olivers cock and barely comes up for air once he gets it in his gullet. He takes brief breaks to kiss Oliver but then dives right back in for some tasty cock. Yago wants some rim action so he spreads his cheeks and starts rubbing his hole and grinding his hips trying to entice Oliver in which he has minimal success with. I don't see why he has a perfect muscular bubble butt. Oliver could care less he licks his cheek then we switch right to Yago being pounded over a boulder doggie style. Then its right to both guys jacking for all they are worth. Yago lets loose with a few decent spurts. Oliver is trying real hard to get there but you don't see anything happen. Yet another missed cumshot.
[Actor: Yago Mendoça, Oliver Machado | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]


The video was well done, with the exquisite backdrop of the Brazilian rain forest you would be hard pressed to take a shot. All of the action was clearly seen and well lit. The audio was a bit lackluster, I had to turn my volume up quite high to hear the music and the moaning.


Yet another porn with minimal extras. In fact two of the "Extras" can be selected from the main menu without even going into the Extras menu.

Slideshow/Model Slide Show: Over 130 stills repeated on both menus.

Theatrical Trailer: Preview trailer for Deluge.

Dvd trailers: Trailers for various Athletic Model Guild films including Resurrection and Vito and the Love Bandit

Scene Selection: Choose one of the 4 available scenes you can even select whether you want Oral or anal and it will skip to that part.

Contact: Website and Phone numbers to get films.

At the End of the Night

Deluge was a bit of a disappointment. Where as the guys were certainly extremely good looking and the scenery was gorgeous bordering on the verge of stunning there was absolutely no passion. These guys were just going through the motions. With Regis I would even say you can almost see that he is thinking of other things. I mean come on you are in a porno at least try and look interested. Here he is with a good looking guy riding his cock and he cant even bother to give a little reach around action. The cumshots while not everything in a porno are rather important and this film treats them as by products of no consequence. This film gets my rating of Rent It. The sexy guys and scenery aren't enough to make up for the lack of enthusiasm and missing cum shots.

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