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Pacific Root

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/12/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

Mike Esser


Rick Chester, Mitch Milano, Andy Stone, Jake Harvey, Ted Kelly, Ivo Costa, Ty Easton.

The Movie:

This is the story of seven hot young Australian spunks on a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway to a little place called Anna Bay. Raging hormones, hot sex, and an incredible attraction to each other leads to a fun-filled weekend.

The Dudes:

These good-looking guys look to be in their early twenties to mid thirties with body types that are slender/toned to slender/muscular. All the dudes have short hair, there is a variety of full, trimmed, and shaved pubes, and all the cocks are uncut.

Scene One:

Andy Stone (cute in his early twenties with a tanned 'n toned body, buzzed hair, and pierced nipple) and Mitch Milano (handsome in his early twenties with short brown hair and tanned toned body) are laughing as they race inside from the rainy outdoors. The dudes are dressed only in their swim trunks allowing us a nice look at their smooth chests. The dudes playfully towel each other off which of course leads to some serious making out with plenty of deep tongue kissing and body rubbing. Once dry, the dudes continue their make out session on a large day bed as they slowly explore those beautiful bodies.

Mitch pulls Andy's shorts down and out pops a big uncut cock. Mitch licks and sucks Andy's nipples as he strokes that big dick. Andy is on top as he makes his way down to Mitch's hard uncut cock as he stokes and sucks gorging himself on the long shaft. Andy swirls his tongue around the knob and takes the entire shaft down his throat. Mitch sucks Andy's pierced nipple and licks his way down to Andy's large cock licking the shaft, balls, and big purple knob. Mitch wraps his fist around Andy's hard veiny shaft and takes it all the way down his throat. Andy eats Mitch's tight little butt hole in the missionary position and then twists Mitch around to munch his hole from behind. Mitch digs this anal action as he sighs and moans with pleasure.

The dudes get into a side sixty-nine as they suck and stroke those hard cocks and then move into the traditional sixty-nine position. Mitch tongue fucks Andy's tight hole as Andy straddles Mitch's face and jacks him off. Andy fucks Mitch from behind (with condom) sliding his hard cock in and out of Mitch's tight bum. Andy uses a nice steady rhythm that becomes faster but stays nice and smooth. The dudes switch to the missionary position as Andy continues to fuck Mitch with those fast 'n smooth strokes. Mitch jacks off while being fucked and cums on his stomach. Andy pulls out and squirts a big wet load on Mitch's neck, chest, and stomach.

Scene Two:

Rick Chester (a very handsome dude in his early twenties with a smooth toned tanned body) is taking a nice hot shower. Rick slowly rubs his body and begins to stroke his large uncut cock making the foreskin cover and uncover his purple cock head. The scene is shot in slow motion as Rick washes and caresses his tight body. The shower is turned off and Rick heads out to the balcony to towel off in front of Jake Harvey (cute dude in his early twenties with a tall/slender/toned build and shaggy brown hair). Jake has been watching Rick through a large window while rubbing the front of his bulging shorts.

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The dudes kiss deeply as Rick's hard cock presses up against Jake's shorts. Jake sucks Rick's hard nipples and strokes that rigid cock as he gets down on his knees to take the tool into his mouth. Jake deep throats Rick's hard dick stroking the shaft and licking his balls. The dudes engage in more deep soul kissing and there now is a large tent in the front of Jake's shorts that Rick needs to explore. Rick pulls Jake's shorts down to reveal his large uncut cock with trimmed brown pubes. Rick takes Jake's hard dong into his mouth for some deep throat action sliding his wet mouth up and down the shaft while jacking his own cock.

Rick slides his hard cock (with condom) up Jake's tight hole from behind as Jake is bent over a lounge chair. Rick uses very smooth but forceful strokes as he fucks Jake. The dudes decide to move their lovin' indoors to Ty Easton's room. Ty is a hot muscular dude who looks to be in his thirties with short black hair. Ty is sleeping in the nude with his large uncut cock out in the open. Ty wakes up and joins the party by kissing the dudes and feeling their bodies. Jake sucks Rick's cock as Rick and Ty make out. Jake switches over to Ty's big cock taking it deep into his mouth and then switching back and forth sucking Ty and Rick. Rick deep throats Ty's dick that leads to a daisy chain with Ty sucking Rick, Rick sucking Jake, and Jake sucking Ty. Ty gets a bit greedy and sucks both of the dude's knobs.

Jake fucks Ty from behind (with condom) using long smooth strokes to fill his hole as Ty sucks Rick's cock. Jake learns forward and begins to suck Rick's cock sharing it with Ty and he continues to fuck. There is a nice camera shot from behind of Jake's tight shaved hole as he pounds Ty. Jake squirts a large load on Ty's back. Rick strokes off and lets go with a thick load on Ty's shoulder. Jake strokes Ty's cock to climax as Ty shoots a thick load on his muscular stomach.

Scene Three:

Andy Stone (from Scene One) and Jake Harvey (from Scene Two) are engaged in some heavy making out in the living room. The dudes quickly strip down revealing their sexy toned and tanned bodies. The dudes head over to the large sofa to continue their love making with Andy's hard cock sticking straight up. Andy takes Jake's stiff cock into his mouth for some deep throat while Jake's hand rubs Andy's head and buzzed hair. Jake thrusts his hips upward to fuck Andy's willing mouth. Jake sucks Andy's hard tool nursing the purple knob and sucking the hard shaft as Andy's hand guides Jake's head up and down.

Jake fucks Andy from behind (with condom) again using nice smooth strokes as Andy moans and sighs. Jake has a big ol' smile on his face as he is obviously enjoying the action as he fucks Andy on the coffee table. Andy fucks Jake in the missionary position (with condom) on the sofa with fast urgent strokes as Jake begins to breath heavily. Andy switches to the side/missionary position for some hot kissing and fucking and then plows him from behind. Jake jacks off while being fucked and shoots a thick load on his fist and the sofa. Andy beats off and sprays a wet load all over Jake's face, chest, and stomach.

Scene Four:

Ivo Costa (a hunky dude with a sexy tanned muscular body and short black hair) and Ted Kelly (nice looking with short brown hair and toned body) are tonguing each other's mouths while standing on the balcony. Ivo unties Ted's bathing suit and takes Ted's big uncut cock down his throat stroking that veiny shaft and nursing the big purple knob. Ivo gives excellent head as Ted leans back on the railing to enjoy the mysteries of oral pleasure. Ivo spits on Ted's tight shaved hole and begins to lick and eat the pucker. Ted sucks Ivo's hard uncut cock swallowing the tool, nursing the knob, and slobbering up and down the shaft.

Ted fucks Ivo from behind (with condom) next to the luxurious swimming pool. Ted fucks hard slapping Ivo's butt as he plows. Ivo looks to enjoy this hard fucking has he grunts, groans, and hunches back for more cock. Ted pulls out and shoots some thick jizz on Ivo's back. Ivo jacks off and lets loose with a thick load of his own on the green mat he was getting fucked on.

Scene Five:

This is the hottest scene in the movie. Ivo (from Scene Four) and Ty (from Scene Two) are in the large bedroom kissing and feeling each other's bodies. Those hands are everywhere roaming the beautiful tight/tanned bodies. Ty playfully throws Ivo backwards onto the bed as the dudes continue soul kissing and sucking hard nipples. Ty makes his way down Ivo's chest to his dark pubes and hard cock taking the tool into his gob, sucking the purple head and gorging on the fat shaft. Ty gives excellent head grabbing the shaft at the base and sucking hard. Ivo takes Ty's lead by kissing his way down Ty's body and sucking his hard cock for plenty of deep throat. The dudes switch to a sixty-nine where Ivo eats and finger fucks Ty's tight hairy butt hole.

Ivo fucks Ty's face from above while Ty strokes his meat. Ivo slides his hard condom-covered cock deep into Ty's tight butt in the missionary position with long deep strokes. Ivo pounds that butt and teases the pucker by rubbing his hard cock against it and then slowly pushing the knob and shaft back in. Hot! Ivo switches to the side/missionary position to continue his deep penetration as Ty jacks off working his foreskin up and over that knob. Ty shoots a large thick load all over his stomach and pubes. Ivo strokes and dumps a thick load of juice on his own hand and Ty's stomach. Hot!

Scene Six:

Back in the bedroom, the entire cast is nude and engaging in group sex. The dudes are going wild sucking those hard uncut cocks, licking hot nuts, stroking the stiff shafts, and making out with plenty of wet tongue action...all to perky little ditty on the soundtrack. The dudes look like one large quivering lump of sex flesh as they writhe on the bed. Every mouth is filled with stiff dick as all cocks are sucked. The dudes engage in some ass eating licking and tonguing tight holes while jacking the hard tools. Finger fucking and sixty-nine follow, as the dudes are really letting their hair down and having a good ol' time. The dudes turn it up a notch with some missionary fucking: Jake fucks Ty, Rick plows Mitch, and Andy cornholes Ivo. Through the magic of editing, the dudes are all now in the shower beating their meat and shooting their loads as the end credits roll.



"Pacific Root" is filmed on high quality video and presented in wide screen. The videography by Mark Clooney and Richard (no last name) is professional providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of hot close-ups. The direction by Mike Esser and editing by Rex Buckly is excellent providing scenes that move along at a nice pace and never become dull. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear providing an interesting mix of a very cool soundtrack and some of the basic sexual noises as the dudes get into the action. The music plays a prominent role in the film much more than the sex noises. The tunes switch from trippy and soothing (light up your bong!) to techno, trans, 1970s style disco, 1970s style funk to that hilarious perky ditty already mentioned for Scene Six.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and an extensive XXX gallery with professional photographs by Cameron Miur.

Final Thoughts:

"Pacific Root" is a very erotic movie that has a strong dream-like quality. The lack of dialogue with the prominence of the music along with slow motion and various editing techniques give the film a spacey/trippy feel. The dudes are all good looking and really into the action. This is most apparent in Scene Five, which I personally consider the hottest in the movie. There does not appear to be any acting here as the dudes gladly suck cocks, eat ass, and fuck. The direction and editing keep each scene moving along at a nice pace and the videography provides full coverage of all the action with lots of close-ups as the guys do their thang. The non-sexual aspects of the movie are cool as well with stunning videogaphy of the beach and ocean in Anna Bay as well as the groovy music. I highly recommend the movie to fans of sexy Aussie dudes and top-of-the-line man on man action.

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