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Sensory Overload

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/16/06

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The Movie:

There's a very minimalist plot to this Moire Candy feature distributed by Ninn Worx – Vinnie gets kidnapped and is stuck in room where he sees hot women getting fucked. Will he get out of the room and get a piece for himself? Who knows. What matters here is that the sex is decent though you've got to sit through almost twenty-minutes of Vinnie running around before we get to it.

Chapter 1 – Katy Anderson: In a dark room lit by only one small light we see Katy in a latex outfit fingering herself. A man walks in and starts to eat her pussy and to finger her. She drops to her knees and gives him a decent blowjob before bending over and letting him fuck her pussy from behind. She blows him again and then rides him cowgirl style for a bit before he shifts gears on her and slips it into her asshole. He gets her down on all fours in front of him and pounds her back door some more while she fingers her snatch and then she blows him again. They spoon and he continues to rail her ass, and after a few minutes of that he pulls out and comes into her mouth. Not a bad scene even if the mood lighting is a little odd. Katy looks good sucking dick and does well with the anal, getting really into it towards the end.

Chapter 2 – Sarah Twain: We spy on this very pretty brunette for a bit as she slowly starts to take care of business by herself. Two men enter the room, one eats her pussy and the other puts his prick into her mouth. The man who was eating her slips his prick into her snatch and fucks her then he lies on his back and she rides him cowgirl, still sucking on the other guy. Soon the guys lift her up and she gets DP'd in the ass and the snatch while being held in the air by her two partners. After that they all lay down and she rides one guy reverse cowgirl with her ass and takes the other dude in her box. After a bit of that they pull out and pull off on her. Again, a decent scene if unremarkable. Sarah is definitely a hot girl and she looks great and seems into what she's doing.

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Chapter 3 – Claudia Rosso: This foxy dark haired Eurovixen starts her scene off by bending over and letting her boy toy finger fuck her from behind. From there she gives him a nice blowjob using her hands and her mouth on him. He fingers her snatch from behind a bit more and then he fucks her for a good long while as she's bent over in front of him. From here he gets on the floor and she rides him reverse cowgirl, first vaginally and then anally. They spoon and he fucks her in the ass from that angle for a while, then she gets on all fours for more anal fun. He pulls out and squirts into her gaping ass and ends another decent scene. There's nothing here that really makes it stand out but Claudia sure does look good.

Chapter 4 – Stacy Silver and Sarah Twain: Sarah lies on her back as Stacy puts pieces of fruit all over her naked body and licks her nipples and her chest for her. Stacy goes down on her and uses her fingers inside her pussy at the same time, and then she slips a strawberry inside her box. Sarah gets down on all fours in front of her and Stacy covers her pussy in whipped crθme which she then rubs all over her backside while massaging her pussy and her asshole. After she's finger fucked her she spreads her legs so that Sarah can eat her out and use her fingers on her. She has Stacy bend over then pours some milk down her ass crack, which she proceeds to lap up to close the scene. This was the best scene on the disc as the girls not only look good but they get a little kinky with one another here too. It's well shot, it's a good length, and it's completely hot.

Chapter 5 – Claudia Rossi, Katy Anderson And Vinnie: He's bound and tied up with a blindfold on and she comes into the room, soon joined by Katy, and they start to rub his naked chest. Claudia leans her back on him while Katy sucks her nipples and gets her hot. The girls eat each other out in front of him and then a second guy comes into the frame. Katy gives him head while Claudia helps. Katy rides him reverse cowgirl style with Claudia licking away at the contact zone. Claudia then gives him head while Katy rubs her ass up against Vinnie who fingers her. Katy rides the mystery guy for a bit and then he bends Claudia over to fuck her from behind, before coming on her ass crack and having Katy lick it up. At this point we cut to Vinnie asleep in his bed with the two girls in different outfits fucking and sucking at one another. They finger each other until Vinnie wakes up then he gets a blowjob before a third girl, a blond, shows up. He fucks her missionary style then cowgirl style while the two lovely lesbians go at it and finally pulls out and comes in her mouth and all over her tits.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean in terms of print damage but is unfortunately riddled with compression artifacts and macroblocking. The image is presented in anamorphic widescreen at approximately 1.85.1 and overall the image definitely disappointing. The artifacts ruin a lot of the detail and it gets pretty severe in spots.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. There is a fair bit of dialogue in certain scenes and it comes out fine. The women don't really talk to each other much aside from the occasional 'Oh God!' or 'Fuck me' type comments, in fact of few of them don't even do that, they just keep quiet. The background music has some nice punch to it and it comes through the speakers loud and clear.


Aside from menus and chapter selection for the feature, the only supplement that is contained on this DVD is a still gallery that plus out as a slideshow set to music over roughly seven minutes. There are some nice pictures in here and each of the ladies in the film shows up in both hardcore action and by way of some less intense pictures, but really we expect more than just a still gallery in terms of extra features so to see that this was it was a little disappointing.

Final Thoughts:

The ladies in Sensory Overload are hot and once the action starts up the movie isn't bad. Unfortunately the twenty-minute introduction feels self-indulgent and provides neither any heat nor any actual build up. It's all well and good to try something different and to try and stand out from the pack, but here it wasn't all that successful. Regardless, the ladies make this one worth a look if you're at all curious. Rent it. It'd come recommended if the transfer were better, but it's not.

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