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Fuck For Dollars

Studio: Greedy Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Fuck For Dollars

Greedy/New Sensations

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Amanda West, Jack Venice, Ava Rose, Trent Soluri, Amber Ashley, Donny Long, Tobi Pacific, Lindsay Meadows, Anthony Rosano; Miko Sinz (bonus scene only)

Length: 153 minutes

Date of Production: 3/26/2006, 4/22/2006, 5/6/2006, 5/13/2006, 5/20/2006

Extra's: The best extra was clearly the bonus masturbation scene from I Film Myself starring Miko Sinz, a gal I last saw in Cockasian. I briefly described it below for those who care but it was a nice piece of work lasting over 20 minutes. There was also a true double sided DVD cover inside one of the usual gray New Sensation DVD cases but that was it for extras.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Fuck For Dollars was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Eddie Powell for Greedy/New Sensations. This was the first release under the new label and served to spotlight Eddie's skills fairly well; with a lot of unpolished looking visuals used to add to the theme of the movie (a reality show). The lighting was fair to moderate, minimizing the grain and video noise in large part, with the compositional matters being in need of some editing and better camerawork. The fleshtones were slightly washed out but in fairness to the movie, the theme wouldn't have worked as well if it looked crisp and clear. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with no separation, minimal music and nothing to detract or add to the sex in large part. Some whispering could be heard at times but it wasn't all that bad or frequent, lending an air to the gonzo format.

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Body of Review: Eddie Powell is a new director and probably the best choice to kick off the new label of Greedy/New Sensations with his reality gonzo show of Fuck For Dollars; a movie where the set up had the guys picking up ladies off the street (in most cases), taking them home, and ending up screwing them for even more dough. The press release for the movie said it like this: "New Sensations' new Greedy label is making its official debut this month with the release of its first title, Fuck for Dollars. "This new company is dedicated to releasing only reality-style product. We see it as a pretty strong niche for us judging by the success of our Hush Hush line and our presence on the Internet," said Scott Taylor, New Sensations president, referring to the label which features the highly popular Blackzilla and its new 2 Big 2 Be True series. The new Greedy label will release two titles per month before eventually ramping up to four titles per month, Taylor said. "It's too early to tell how well it will do, but we're looking at increasing production once we become established." The recently released Fuck for Dollars features a quintet of hotties who can't resist showing their boobs or taking a hard fucking for some cold cash. "This is what the label is basically about," Taylor said, adding that Greedy will feature videos focusing purely on reality porn, done cinema-verite style. With few cuts and all the reality its producers and performers can muster, he said. This initial title features a quintet of young hotties who, while on their way to work or school, somehow get sidetracked by a couple of fast-talking studs who manage to shove their cocks inside them in exchange for a wad of cash. Starring box cover girl Tobi Pacific, the title shows that the 20-year-old blonde is game for anything if the price is right. "It starts out with these really hot girls that you wouldn't think would get naked for money," said Michael Siegel, New Sensations' marketing director. "But Lindsey Meadows does a really great scene. She's a really pretty girl, but very nasty and knows how to work it." The petite Meadows shines as she takes her cash and quickly takes her man deep inside for a hard banging. The title also features now Adam & Eve contract star Ava Rose, as well as Amber Ashley and Amanda West." In all, it was a cute flick and a nice way to kick off the studio but if you like reality television as spiced up with sex, you'll probably find enough to appreciate. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Amanda West, a natural coed type of gal sitting outside under the shade of a tree, was looking through a magazine trying to find an affordable Mustang to buy as Jack Venice and the cameraman approached her. The guys gave her a means to make some cash by interviewing her for an unnamed project, though she sounded like a car salesman for Ford as she praised their line. The 19 year old Denver gal ended up on the bed and was coaxed into flashing them initially with more on the way as they negotiated. Her stripper mentality was funny and served as a fun way to tease, coming across as a bit less realistic but still worthwhile thanks to her cute package. It was an unpolished hummer to say the least but that helped make it all the better for the theme, moving to passive vaginal ride in several positions before the facial and chest pop. If you appreciate fresh looking gals, you'll like the scene that showed her doing it for the hardcore rate of $134 (listing her as an easy ho).

Scene Two: Ava Rose, a brunette waiting for the bus, was then approached by slick haired Trent Soluri and the cameraman on the main street. The focus of the comments she made were in regards to cameraman wearing shorts on the cold day but they ended up giving her a ride that ended up on her couch. The initial negotiation was for $60 to flash them in the SUV and even more to strip to her undies. That led to a lot more, including oral and vaginal sex; allowing her to suffer for her art by working with mope squad member Trent. Okay, she had pretty eyes and a lean body, appearing more at ease with the sex then Amanda had been but I've seen the gal really shine so that's to be expected. It was a playful blowjob and she eventually rode him actively though it took her awhile to warm up. She did some PTM and was a decent ride, perhaps not at her best but good enough that I wouldn't have lasted that long with her. It ended with a facial of major proportions and was a good scene. She was labeled as $160, dollar store whore.

Scene Three: Amber Ashley, a lean dark redhead with pretty eyes, was up next as Donny Long brought her to the couch of doom with the promise of money; largely skipping the tease footage and pick up procedure that I was actually growing fond of. They stopped midstream to argue and went back to her jerking him off and blowing him, annoying the heck out of me since once a scene starts, I like it to continue (cocktease?!?). In any case, her oral skills were on the weak side but she seemed moderately active at riding his cock in a few positions but she was too lean for my tastes, ending the scene with a modest load to her abdomen that lacked chemistry, with her having her unspecified bills paid as a result of the scene.

Scene Four: Tobi Pacific, the cute gal on the front cover with pretty eyes, was up next as she had problems getting cash from her bank's ATM when the guys, including performer Trent Soluri pulled up to assist her. She said it best when she said they looked harmless, jumping in to get a ride and make a few bucks with an interview. This led to her taking a tour of the house, taking off her top and then stripping naked before the sex. She provided a nice combination of skill, passion, and chemistry as she blew and boned Trent; the enthusiasm levels a marked improvement from some of the shy gals of the flick. I haven't seen a lot of her but this was definitely a performance worthy of the boxcover as she worked him over on the bed. The camerawork was a bit spotty but it captured the raw energy pretty well and served to illustrate the need for the theme better than average. In all, the ending pop wasn't much to speak of but I want to see more of her so the scene worked as it was supposed to. She got paid her lunch and rent, ending up with the label of greedy.

Scene Five: Lindsay Meadows, a cute stripper with long brown hair and a lean body graced with some minimal curves, was up last as she negotiated for a GPS system to suffer through a scene with Anthony Rosano on the bed. They each did some oral and she seemed to enjoy it a lot before they boned vaginally in several positions. Her blowjob was probably the most polished of the women in the movie, telling me she is no stranger to sucking a cock. She proved to be an active rider in some of the positions, resulting in the facial I expected, much of the spew going into her mouth as she closed her eyes. I would have preferred she carry another twenty pounds or so but I think fans will love her.

Bonus Scene: Miko Sinz, one of the cuties from Cockasian, was up in the bonus scene masturbating with a large clear dildo after offering up some very appealing tease footage. She treated the camera as though it were a POV shoot combined with some elements of one of the popular virtual sex series, Miko coyly acting like a vixen before diddling herself silly.

Summary: Fuck For Dollars by director Eddie Powell for Greedy/New Sensations merited a rating of Recommended from me in large part due to the level of quality of the ladies, the amount of fuck for the buck, and the admittedly spotty technical values. The set ups were sometimes more believable then others but it was still a nice way to start off the fledgling company. In short, Fuck For Dollars at least had a modicum of honesty to the pay for play format and I hope that with more experience and larger budgets, Eddie will show how talented he really is but this was a bright beginning nonetheless.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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