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Fem L'Amour

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/30/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Michael Ninn's latest all girl extravaganza features a few Ninn Worx regulars all getting it on against some fancy backdrops and with the aid of some strong art direction and a killer wardrobe. There's no plot here to discuss or really any kind of ongoing theme aside from the fact that each of the five scenes features a pair of pretty women loving one another up in grand style.

Chapter 1 Angie Savage And Heather Vuur: After the two lovely ladies strut and tease one another as a warm up, Angie fingers herself while the camera and Heather look on. They move into a pool and play in the water together and they suck on each other's breasts. Heather gets her pussy eaten and then she bends over for Angie to use her new toy on her from behind and they bring the scene to a close. Not a bad scene, the girls look really good together though the water does obscure some of the action. If you like really arty porn you'll dig this but the wank factor is slightly diminished by the setting.

Chapter 2 Marlie Moore And Samantha Ryan: The scene begins with Marlie showing off the goods while soaking in a nice, hot bath. After she's shown us what she can do by herself and fingered herself for a few minutes, Samantha can't hold back any longer and she decides to get a piece of what Marlie has to offer for her own bad self. They embrace and kiss each other before letting their fingers explore one another. There's oral for both girls and then the toys come into play and each of the ladies gets a chance to take one in her snatch before it all ends. This one was hotter than the first one just because things are more visual here and more obvious here than in the opening scene. It's pretty standard girl on girl stuff shot a little more carefully than you'd probably expect.

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Chapter 3 Karlie Montana, Justine Jolu And Heather Vuur: Karlie sits by the side of the pool using the light to masturbate by. While she's rubbing herself off, Justine moves into the frame and shows us what she can do while Heather (who doesn't get into the action here yet) stands to the side and watches her while she has a smoke. As Justine and Karlie start getting into it and into one another by way of some oral and some finger fun, Heather decides she wants in on this and joins the party. The girls mutually suck and finger each other until each one comes. The best scene on the disc, this one starts off strong and holds up throughout. The nice mix of blonde, brunette and red head works well and the sex is quite passionate and intense even if it starts slower than a lot of modern porno usually does.

Chapter 4 Kelle Marie And Kimberly Kane: Kimberly is all dressed up in some fancy lingerie while Kelle lies back and rubs her gloved hand over her pussy to get things moving. Kelle gets herself off and then Kimberly moves towards her and they let Kimberly masturbate for a bit. Kimberly then turns to Kelle and uses her fingers on her and laps at her pussy for a bit until both of them finish each other off. This was almost as hot as the last scene, with both girls looking their best and really getting into the action making it feel more realistic and genuinely hot.

Chapter 5 Daisy Layne And Faith Leon: The girls strut for the camera and Daisy shows us how she can pleasure herself with only her hand. Faith follows suit and once they've gotten warmed up they start to kiss. After they've kissed they rub each other and lick one another until Faith uses a dildo on Daisy and makes her come. This scene was also strong with the girls looking fantastic and seeming to really enjoy the sex. It's well shot and the wardrobe here really makes the two ladies look even better than they normally do.

In the end, this is average quality for Ninn which means it is above average when compared to the industry standard. Girl-girl fans will obviously enjoy this one a lot more than the rest, but even those only casually interested in watching lipstick lesbian action should give this one a look as it feature a great cast and three exceptional scenes.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots but otherwise and a little bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks. The image is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen at approximately 1.85.1 (except for the last two scenes which for some reason are fullframe)and overall the image is strong, stable and colorful. Skin tones look nice and natural, and there is no print damage.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. There isn't any dialogue really, just moans and groans. The women don't really talk to each other much aside from the occasional heat of the moment type comments. The background music has some nice punch to it and it comes through the speakers loud and clear.


The main extra feature is a thirty-one minute long behind the scenes documentary that shows the girls getting ready for their scenes, putting on their make up and trying out their costumes. We see the camera man working on some shot setups and the girls posting for some pictures and we get interviews with Kimberly and Angie who talk about what they like doing and why. There's some nice hardcore footage in here as well as the usual behind the scenes stuff, though Ninn Worx really should come up with a new format for this stuff as the repetition of transitions and music that they've been using on their discs is starting to get old.

Rounding out the extra features is a decent sized gallery of hardcore and softcore photos. Animated menus and scene selection are also provided.

Final Thoughts:

Fans of lipstick lesbians will really enjoy this one and even those who have only a passing interest should find something to enjoy here. The girls all look good and the sex works more often than not. It might be too highbrow for some and it's not the best place to start for those who are new to Ninn's style but those who appreciate what he does will dig Fem L'Amour. Recommended.

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