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Straight Meat

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/15/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2006


Double R, Kidd Kaj, Viper, Redd Foxx, Indio, Johnny Blaze, X-Factor, Dillon, Ray, Chaos, and Phyre .

The Movie:

Good-looking 'n horny Black and Latino dudes encounter the joys of man-on-man lovin' in a variety of ways.

The Dudes:

These Black and Latino dudes are sexy with a nice mix of muscular and slender/toned bodies, full and trimmed pubes, plenty of tattoos, streetwise attitudes, and uncut/cut cocks.

Scene One: "Home Gym"

Double R (hot Black dude with short dark hair, muscular build, and tattoos), dressed on a tight white "wife beater" tee and baggy sweat pants, is bench pressing while Kidd Kaj (cool Black dude with bandana and beautiful body) spots him. Double R lifts the weights with ease as the dudes shoot the breeze about Orlando Florida. The guys switch up so Kidd Kaj gets some lifting in but Kidd definitely has other things in mind. As Double R spots him, Kidd begins the rub the bulge in Double R's sweat pants, pulling that big cut cock out and jacking it. Double R feeds his hard dong to Kidd's willing mouth and slaps it against his hands. Kidd announces it's "tea bag" time as he sucks Double R's hot hangy 'n hairy nuts and begins to get his face fucked. Kidd jacks his own hard cut cock as he nurses Double R's big knob.

The dudes strip down showing off their beautiful bodies which leads to Double R fucking Kidd from behind (with condom) using short fast strokes as Kidd continues to stroke his own schlong. Switching to the missionary position, Double R slides his fat cock in 'n out of Kidd's tight hole allowing the viewer a cool look at Double R's hairy crack and hot bubble butt. Kidd moans and squirts a thick load of love juice on his chest and stomach while Double R jacks off and shoots a thick load on Kidd's back.

Scene Two: "Late Pizza"

Viper (fucking hot Latino dude with long dark hair, goatee, and tattoos) is anxious for his pizza to arrive. Once he gets a good look at the cute pizza delivery dude Redd Foxx (good-looking Black dude with a lil' chin hair and gold front teeth), baked dough is the last thang on his mind. The dudes kind of flirt around the issue of getting it on as Viper tells Redd he recognizes him from dancing at a club. Viper invites Redd in for some fun as the dudes remove their shirts revealing smooth chests and dropping their baggy jeans showing off their boxer shorts. Viper takes control by pulling his boxers down to show off his full dark pubes and uncut cock. Redd sinks to his knees and takes that hot unclipped meat into his mouth making it grow to a nice large size. Redd gets down on that dong jacking the shaft making the foreskin cover and uncover the slick pink knob and nursing that cock head. Redd works his hot mouth up and down Viper's rigid shaft, sucks those hairy hangy balls as he stokes his own hard uncut cock.

Viper fucks Redd's face and then slides his condom-covered cock up Pizza Dude's tight hole from behind for a little fuckin' with fast strokes. After a bit of screwing, Redd gets back down on that big dong while pinching Viper's hard nipples. Viper returns the tit-play by pinching Redd's hard nips. The dudes beat off with Viper shooting a thick load all over Redd's face and Redd cumming on his own pubes and stomach. Viper slaps his still hard cock against the kitchen table creating a loud thumping noise.

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Scene Three: "Homecoming"

Indio (very handsome Black/Latino dude with short dark hair and goatee), X-Factor (cool Black dude with a tall/slender build), and Redd Foxx (From Scene Two) are planning a homecoming get-together for their buddy Johnny Blaze (cool Latino dude) who is returning home from the military. As soon as Johnny walks in the door, X-Factor is down on his knees sucking cock. There are no good shots of Johnny's cock so I am unable to tell if he's cut or uncut. He has some nice full pubes. Indio and Redd watch this action from the sofa and decide to have some fun of their own. Redd takes Indio's hard uncut cock deep into his mouth jacking the unclipped shaft, nursing the pale pink knob, and really getting into it. Indio chews gum the entire time he's having his cock sucked.

Dillon (handsome Latino dude with short hair, tight body, and tattoos) walks in completely naked and takes over. Dillon fucks the hell out of Redd in the missionary position (with condom) on the sofa. Dillon uses fast 'n hard strokes as Redd has a somewhat dazed look on his face. Dillon fucks Redd from behind with hard 'n smooth strokes while moaning and sighing. Dillon switches partners and fucks X-Factor hard from behind (with condom). Indio and Johnny have disappeared and do not return. Redd comes out of hiding, jacks off, and shoots a nice thick load all over X-Factor's chest. None of the other dudes cum. This scene starts with potential but becomes a big letdown by the end.

Scene Four: "Caught in the Act"

Hot hunk Double R is back sitting at his computer looking at porn and rubbing the bulge in his boxers. At the same time, his roommate Ray (handsome Latino dude with long dark hair and goatee) is taking a shower soaping up his smooth chest, full pubes, and large uncut cock. Double R pulls his hard cut cock free from the confines of his boxers and begins to beat off when Ray catches him. I guess Ray thinks "when in Rome" and confesses that he's been curious about messing around with another dude. Ray drops his towel, gets down on his knees, and takes Double R's big dong deep throat all the way to his pubes. Ray jacks that hard shaft sucking the knob and sliding his wet mouth up and down while stroking his own big 'n hard cock.

The dudes move to a bed to continue their man-man lovin' as Ray continues to feast on that dong. Double R slides a condom on and fucks Ray doggy style starting with slow strokes as ray moans. The fucking becomes more intense as the dudes heat up and Double R really plows Ray's tight hole. We get another good look at Double R's hot bubble butt as he fucks Ray. Ray's hungry for another taste of that ebony meat so he chows down while jacking off. Double R fucks Ray's mouth and shoots a load all over that gob. Ray beats his meat and cuts loose with a thick load on his own stomach.

Scene Five: "Full House Strip Poker"

This is easily one of the hottest scenes I've watched since reviewing discs. Double R is back this time playing poker with a sexy Black dude named Chaos (slender/toned body, short hair) while drinking some beers. Double R playfully accuses Chaos of cheating and requests that he take his clothes off. The dudes strip down to their boxers, hang out on the bed and talk. Chaos pulls Double R's big cut cock from the briefs takes that tool deep throat to his trimmed pubes. Chaos goes wild on that dong sucking and slurping jacking the shaft and nursing the knob. Double R digs the action and exclaims, "You suck like a champ!" Chaos lies on the bed jacking his own stiff cut dick while Double R straddles him and fucks his face. "Let me fuck that mouth!" "Oh yeah!" This is some very hot face fucking!

Double R fucks Chaos from behind (with condom) using hard strokes slapping those butt cheeks. Double R is quite vocal during the scene constantly taking to Chaos in a sexy low voice. This adds to the overall excitement of the scene. Double R switches to fucking Chaos in the missionary position and pounding his tight hole. The room fills with wet slapping and fucking noises as the dudes get down. Chaos shoots a thick load of jizz on his own stomach while Double R jacks, fucks face, and shoots one of the largest and sexiest loads I've ever seen. I counted at least seven squirts of thick juice and plenty of wet cum all on the side of Chaos' face. Fucking Hot!

Scene Six: Bonus

Double R is preparing to take a shower when Phyre (cool Black dude with short hair and mustache) stops by to look at his apartment. Double R gives him the tour, which includes some sexin'. The dudes get naked and hop into bed where Phyre takes Double R's big ol' hard cock into his mouth bobbing up and down and jackin' that shaft. Double R fucks Phyre from behind (with condom) using hard strokes and slapping those butt cheeks. "You like when I shove it up your ass?" "Oh Yeah!" Switching to the missionary position, Double R continues to fuck Phyre with no mercy. Double R shoots a smaller but thick load all over his hand as Phyre shoots a thick load on his own pubes.



"Straight Meat" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. The direction and editing allows each scene to move along at a nice pace never becoming dull. For the most part, the picture quality is clear and sharp. There are a few moments here and there that are out of focus.


The sound is clear providing all the usual sex noises we expect from hot sucking and fucking. Sounds of NYC can be heard in the background allowing the movie to have a raw feel.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, a bonus scene, and previews for:"Love of the Dick III: Unleaded", and "The Show".

Final Thoughts:

"Straight Meat" is a mix of one highly recommended scene (Scene Five), one rent it (Scene Three), and four recommended scenes. Scene Five is fucking hot with action that is a huge turn-on due to Double R's no-holds performance that includes non-stop sexy talk and one of the best cum shots I've ever seen. On the flip side is Scene Three, which had great potential with five hot dudes. The scene starts off hot enough but ends with a thud as only one of the dudes gets his nut and others simply disappear completely. The remaining scenes are sexy containing some very hot dudes like Viper who is my favorite in the movie along with the amazing Double R. Most of the dudes seem to be into the action but a few look to be a bit perplexed as they are getting fucked (Redd Foxx).

Overall, I'm going with a Recommended since the movie balances out well with plenty of sexy dudes with full pubes, big dicks, streetwise attitudes, cool NYC accents, and tattoos. I dig these dudes!

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