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Big Boobs: The Hard Way 2

Studio: FYA Independent » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 12/16/06

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M. Bushler
99 min
CAST: Holly Halston, Troy Halston, Emily George, Sasha, Meleesa Lauren, Alexia Milano, Lee Stone, Johnny Castle
PRODUCTION DATE: 9/27-10/17/06

The Main Event
I love boobs. I am a tit man. Give me a healthy rack and I'm a happy guy. There's something about the curves, the weight, the softness...breasts are one of God's best inventions. Of course, we see a lot of them in porn, but not all of them are big and bouncy, since so many porn stars are rail thin. Too often, we get inflated balloons with the fluidity of a brick. But here, we have four young ladies with impressive chests that you'd want to nestle your face into for a few hours.

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Holly, a big-titted blonde with lovely implant scars, is getting hot reading a romance novel and dreams her cock in shining armor into reality, following a short vibe ride. If the breasts were natural, they'd be perfect, thanks to some big-ass areolas and a nice bounce. Holly works his down-low with great detail, slowly tonguing every inch, including his pee hole, before playing his asshole like a slide trombone. Troy returns the favor, working her big clit and pussy with his fingers and mouth. Holly's an over-the-top moaner, getting much louder than the action requires, and it would be good if she didn't stare into the camera. Nice movement on the rack though, except when she's LACTATING! A thick cum shot between the tits ends this slow-paced scene.

[Holly Halston, Troy Halston | Masturbation, Oral (M/F), Rimming (M/F), Tit-Fucking, Fingering (Vaginal/Anal), Vaginal | Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoons, Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: No | ]

Lord how I love porno plots. This one, involving separating lovers, starts with some tit-fun, as Sasha sucks and licks the tiny nips on Meleesa's big busoms. After a lot of time focused on her juggs, his pink steel gets a great deal of attention in her wet mouth. Meleesa's breasts are great to see bounce, and she's a lively fucker, joining Sasha in position after position, though oddly, no anal, before she takes a cum shot on her belly.

[Meleesa Lauren, Sasha | Oral (M/F), Tit-Fuck, Vaginal | Side-Entry, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Standing | Condoms: No | ]

After falling asleep reading the same book as Holly, Emily is visited by a masked bandit, who proceeds to molest her and spew bad dialogue. Laughably bad dialogue. Emily, a slightly chubby, overly-tattooed redhead with big swaying melons, is cute, but suffers from the same moaning issues as Holy. Though her chest is beautiful, the large tat on her belly is distracting, especially during a lengthy session of foreplay. Her oral technique is good, when she's not gagging, and her big boobs allow for some surprisingly energetic tit-fucking. Those bouncy fun bags are great to watch during the straight-up sex, especially a grunting and seemingly painful reverse cowgirl ride. In fact, Emily sports an awful grimace through the whole thing, making the focus on her breasts all the more welcome.

[Emily George, Lee Stone | Oral (M/F), Tit-Fuck, Rimming (F), Vaginal | Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Side-Entry | Condoms: No | ]

Not a lot of set-up here, as Alexia and Johnny get right down to it, unleashing her dirty pillows quickly. It's odd they would save this girl for last, as she's probably the least endowed of the bunch (though she still boasts a healthy set.) After a way-too-long bit of tit-worship, including some annoying breast aerobics, we get to watch her take her time exploring his average-sized cock and balls. You could go get a drink and watch Titanic before she finishes. When he gets his chance to go south, she turns on the porno acting, making it almost embarrassing to watch. Then, once they finally start fucking, 18 minutes in, she provides none of the undulations the other girls brought to this party. The most impressive part of the whole thing was the inserted switch from reverse cowgirl to cowgirl. The sex here is very limited and none too impressive, ending with a weak pop on her face and chest, after too much jacking. What a let down to end the disc on.

[Alexia Milano, Johnny Castle | Oral (M/F), Vaginal | Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]


Most of the footage looks good, and the color is right, but oddly, the focus goes in and out throughout the movie. This is low-low-low-budget DVD, as you can see the studio around the set, and the editing/titles are consumer-grade. More/better looks at the penetration wouldn't hurt. The audio is OK, since nothing is distorted, but at times it goes out of sync with what you see, and the music is godawfully bad.


The only extras are an animated photo gallery, and a bunch of extras. There are actually a lot of hot scenes in the trailers, providing some additional fun.

Concluding Words

For fans of big tits, this is a really good DVD, but don't expect to see the hottest sex you've seen. This is all about the tits, and nothing but the tits. You've got to be a hardcore breast fan to really get a kick out of this.

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