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Stonewall & Riot

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 1/3/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Joe Phillips
62 Minutes
Voices of: Joe Phillips, Brandon Colt, Robert Sexton, Craig Hamilton, Drew Searing

The Good Stuff
Stonewall & Riot isn't a porno and it isn't just a cartoon. Its a hilarious and sexy combination of both.

The movie
Dr VonFockingcock has created the Ultimate Orgasmirator which he is testing out on his lab assistant. They are getting hot and heavy with each other blowing and rimming each other before VonFockingcock takes the assistant in various acrobatic sexual positions. After the assistant takes a cowboy ride both guys shoot their geysers of cum high into the sky and it start coming down like rain. While enjoying the after glow the evil as yet unknown villain breaks in through the roof and kidnaps Dr VonFockingcock and takes the Ultimate Orgasmirator. Who do you call when you live in Eros City. Why the two most popular heroes, Stonewall and Riot. They will get to the bottom of this. Or at least get to use some bottoms.

Stonewall and Riot are out saving the city from dastardly evildoers and come across Doc Cock. You can almost guess who he is based on. His tentacles come from around his cock rather than his back but then again wouldn't they with a name like Doctor Cocktopus. Stonewall makes short work of him and heads back to his base to talk to the chief.

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The chief gives Stonewall & Riot the details of the abduction and Stonewall & Riot get right to checking out the usual suspects. Starting with Pole Cat a sex crazed gogo boy who just so happens to be fresh out of jail. He is at the Kit Kat club where Stonewall & Riot finally meet up with him. He is dressed with a cat mask and tail and has a cheetah as a pet. Stonewall squares off with the Pole Cat while Riot gets to handle the Cheetah. After some brief matrix like fighting Pole Cat lands after fighting in the air and BAAAM his clothes fall off. Stonewall pops a hard on and works Pole Cat over in various positions before both guy blow their wads. While cuddling afterwards Stonewall finds out that Pole Cat doesn't have VonFockencock. Pole Cat thought they were after the jewel encrusted skin flute he stole from the museum. (Which is a just that a jewel encrusted talking flute that looks like a penis).

They decide afterwards that someone has to be masterminding this evil plot. Conveniently Eros City has its own evil syndicate know as the Masters of Doom and they just so happen to be having a meeting. The members of the Masters of doom are Snake Johnson, Doctor Probe, Bondage Faery, The Flame, Professor Prophylactic, Analconda and Str8boy. Just as they decide that their plan has to be FABULOUS to take over the city in come our pair of heroes and a giant orgy ensues. After everyone has paired or grouped off with everyone else and every position and super power has been explored and everyone has blows their wads our heroes find out yet again that they just had sex for no good reason besides the hot sex. The Masters of Doom are not responsible for the kidnapping.

There is a brief interlude on how Stonewall became Stonewall. He was out with his boyfriend who was kidnapped and he couldn't protect him. So he worked out and became Stonewall. Determined to save Dr VonFockencock Stonewall says they will find him if they have to fuck and suck every spandex freak in Eros. As a vignette we get to see the rest of the villains they check out. From Webmaster to Chickenhawk to Polar Bear to Size Queen ending with Vulva whom they don't even bother investigating. HAHAHA.

The villain ends up being The French Tickler who is the biggest queen of the film. All done up with a Moulin Rouge type flair. His henchman are all mime looking guys. The French Ticklers reason for being a villain is that his father had him testing out french ticklers and he lost his sensitivity so as revenge he wants to use the Ultimate Orgasmirator to drown Eros city in its own cum. French Tickler sings a song in true Moulin Rouge fashion and then he and Stonewall fight and fuck. The Ultimate Orgasmirator has been mounted in a tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower and Frenchy shoots both himself and Stonewall while he is riding Stonewalls thick cock. The ray hits and Stonewall blasts French Tickler off on a rocket of cum.

After everyone cleans up and Doctor VonFockencock is rescued his Orgasmirator ray is used to help people with erectile dysfunction. After all he only wanted to make something his dad would be proud of. The End.


The animation is high quality. Whereas I am no animation expert it was well done. Its hard to make computer animation look real and to a surprisingly high extent this film accomplishes it. From the character to the super detailed backgrounds it is super well done. The audio quality is good as well. The dialog is clear and easily heard.


Sadly no extras for this flick. Damn you Stonewall & Riot a few extras would have been great. I would give it zero stars but I don't have the option for that.

At the End of the Night

Stonewall & Riot was a fun and oddly sexy adult cartoon. It is an action packed sex filled romp through a gay nirvana. Every single character was ripped and well hung and the jizz was plentiful. A gay mans fantasy indeed. As an added bonus even after you got coated in spunk it just kind of dissolved away. No need to clean the sheets! Our two heroes indulged in a little more sex than crime fighting but who can blame them in a city full of studs. The animation was cool and almost lifelike and several parts of the film actually mad me laugh out loud. Every gay cliché or stereotype is represented in the film adding to its enjoyment factor at least for me. All in all I would Recommend this flick to anyone looking for a fun adult cartoon.

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