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Shane's World 32: Campus Invasion

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/14/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Shane's World 32: Campus Invasion

Shane's World

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: Uncredited Cameraman

Cast: Belladonna, Evelyn Janaei (Boo D. Licious), Calli Cox, Alex, Mr. Marcus, McMann, Malorie Marx, Belladonna, Tex, Party Bob
Non-sex roles: Drunky The Bear, scores of students

Length: 152 minutes

Date of Production: 11/1//2002

Extra's: One of the coolest things about titles from Shane's World is the plentiful extras that add a lot of entertainment value. The 12+ minutes of previously "Lost" footage was appealing as it had more nudity and some cute commentary but I also really liked the 35.5 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage (some of it really interesting in how it showed the cast at work). There was also a series of interviews lasting 17 minutes, allowing the cast a chance to talk about their experiences with the company and movie (again providing a better look into the lives of the cast than any else that they've done to date). There was then a photogallery, older trailers to movies instead of the new package that includes College Invasion, Blazed & Confused 1, Blazed & Confused 2, Oral Supremacy, Pork BBQ, Guide To Anal Sex, Girls Night Out 1, Girls Night Out 2, Shane's World 37, Shane's World 36, Shane's World Swingers, and Shane's World: Nerdz as well as a toy commercial. There were also minimal cast biographies for the performers and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Shane's World 32 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame as shot by an uncredited director for Shane's World. If you've ever watched any of their uncredited titles, you'll know that the quality of their work can vary considerably but it's also one of my pet peeves considering that knowledge of who directs something allows a consumer to have some basic information to guide their purchase. That's one of the reasons why I appreciate knowing when they use Penny Flame, Tim Von Swine, or Devinn Lane, as each has their own style and capability in providing a unique look. This time, the lighting and editing were again pretty good, eliminating the grain, video noise, and other issues related to lighting. There were a lot of silly parts that I'm glad weren't edited out as they made it more fun to watch. The composition of the shots weren't always designed to enhance the looks of the ladies and make them appear as hot as possible but these were some of the choicest picks that could have been made; no enhancement really needed. The DVD showed no compression artifacts or mastering issues and looked like a great release overall for the company (shame I again can't credit anyone as director for it). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English and like many other releases by the company, the vocals were almost always hard to hear with no real separation noticed or major dynamic range to speak of as with the noisy party titles the company puts out these days.

Body of Review: Shane's World has been associated with releasing a relatively small number of titles over the years, selling well and promoting them better than most of the big companies in the industry. If you've seen any of their College Invasion series, you'll know that in the last 4 or 5 years, they have been especially popular with the college crowd as they go from college to college with a touring troupe of performers to spread joy and cheer to higher education; even if stuffy administrators act like the sexually active student body has no right to do as they please. The main series for the company is only up to Shane's World 39 but the original college sex tricks that began the Invasion series was Shane's World 32: Campus Invasion; a hugely popular title released years ago as the company went to Indiana University and ushered in scores of imitators all over the world. The movie is still a cult classic due to the way it made waves in the mainstream media thanks to the precursor of the O'Reilly Factor debating (more like bullying IIRC) Calli Cox about the dangers of porn when it came out but it was a very fun title that served as the template for the later series that so many of us enjoy and that alone makes it a must have for your Shane's World collection. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action but the fun factor was extremely high here even if the rough edges were more in evidence than usual, but at least no condoms were used:

Scene One: Belladonna, Evelyn Janaei (who later went under the porn name of Boo D. Licious), and Calli Cox were up first in the student radio station where the DJ tripped out as the gals went down on and fingered each other live on the air. It wasn't really a complete sex scene and consisted solely of the oral but still seemed worthy of inclusion as a scene given the shock value alone.

Scene Two: Evelyn/Boo then started macking on a guy named Alex in the park during an interview with the other cast members around them (including Drunky). They went back to his dorm room (the subject of a lot of scrutiny later on in the public media) as she jerked him off and blew him like a champion in the taxpayer supported dorm. For the record, he's the guy standing beside her on the middle of the right hand side of the cover with the dopey grin on his face, though his package looked "built for anal" even though he only got head to completion.

Scene Three: Calli Cox, the blonde on the lower right hand side of the cover, was up next in another dorm with the studly Mr. Marcus. For a long time, she became associated with the company due to her defense of it and the porn industry on a popular cable show with a conservative jerk (Bill O'Reilly) that was superior to a recent media attack on the owner of Vivid regarding a celebrity sex tape about to come out. She was playful as she slobbed his knob and aggressively worked him over; powerfully riding the cock as he pulled her hair (as she demanded) and thumbed her ass. I never found her the most physically attractive gal working for the company but she was a skilled gal with such a positive attitude that I grew quite fond of her once upon a time.

Scene Four: Belladonna, back when she was on the rise to her dizzying heights of popularity, then took a contest winner, McMann, to a dorm room after a salad tossing contest. Personally, I thought Alan won but the idea was that each guy ate ass and the ladies decided who did the best job of rimming them so maybe the edit didn't show all the relevant footage. He was drunk and she was on the prowl, getting his cock sucked by one of the queens of porn when his cock-blocking buddy started fucking with him. His level of intoxication impacted his performance but he had a great time as it helped him last a long time.

Scene Five: Malorie Marx, Belladonna, Calli Cox, Evelyn/Boo, and three college guys were up next in bed with the gals blowing them as everyone pawed everybody else (sorry Art, the guys technically only pawed the ladies). I liked that the ladies made them last a long time, changing up the dynamic but still inhaling cock nicely.

Scene Six: Evelyn/Boo, was up next in another room with a guy, long before she got her implants. The two seemed to be a very cute couple and he relished the idea of going down on her, snacking on her cookie to warm her up before she reciprocated with a solid hummer. This lasted awhile until he started pounding her, eventually rubbing out a load of population pudding. She wasn't at her most active during the penetrative portions of the scene but she gave a good vocal moaning performance nonetheless.

Scene Seven: Belladonna and Evelyn/Boo, were up next in bed with a contest winner after he showed the world that he was the best pussy eater in a funny little contest. The ladies rewarded him as usual with some fine head, working him over every which way but loose in their attempt to show others that participating is a good idea.

Scene Eight: Calli Cox was up next with "Party Bob" to reward him for winning an arm wrestling contest and playing the fool with Boo in a contest of wills where she spanked him endlessly as he goaded her on. Calli blew him but he was so wasted on beer that he continued to be obnoxious in the privacy of the sanctuary room on the bed. Her hummer was superior though and I give her credit for not choking him as she choked his chicken.

Scene Nine: Malorie Marx, also drunk and on the prowl, was up after that with Tex, in the motel room. There had been the possibility of more action with some coeds but as drunk as they were, they weren't too drunk to realize the ramifications of doing a scene so Malorie was the lucky one to work him over. Her oral was very nice and he went down on her in return. That led to a decent vaginal screw where she was a bit passive but seemed to enthusiastically enjoy the ride before he let loose his juice on her abdomen.

Scene Ten: Belladonna, easily the biggest star of the show (compared to all the others put together for that matter), was up last as she took Mr. Marcus into the trashy frat room to have a scene with. She clearly enjoyed his massive meat and had no qualms about race or size; showing the world a better place as she aggressively worked him over like the others only wished they could do. The sex included the most active anal of the movie by far, her riding him with abandon; the largest load launched to close out all but a few minor tricks (like Boo having a titty tasting contest and handing out, ick...VHS tapes as prizes.

Summary: Shane's World 32 by Shane's World was a double disc DVD package full of strokable and laughable footage with some of the biggest names the series ever had and thanks to the media onslaught that followed it, huge numbers of college fraternities submitted applications for the company to visit their campuses. While not as good as later efforts on technical and even sexual levels, I thought it was well worth a rating of Highly Recommended for all it had to offer. Thinking back, I marvel at how much material was included as extras given the general state of affairs of DVD when this was shot back in 2002 (eons ago in porn generations) but if you've enjoyed anything by the company since it was founded, Shane's World 32: Campus Invasion will provide you with many hours of pleasure and laughs. To my way of thinking, it was the start of a revolution, one still being waged on campuses with every new release by the company. Great job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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