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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

December 2006

The Movie:

"FAZENDA (Portuguese) n. 1. Farm, ranch, plantation. 2. Workplace where young ranch hands offer their hot hard merchandise for trade."

Directed By:

Dennis Bell


Caio Carvalho, Carlos Carvalho, Yago Mendoca, Renzo Castelli, Adriel Pedrosa, Dillon Ramalho, Kayo Brandao, Leandro Caruso, Roger Carneiro.

The Dudes:

These good-looking Brazilian dudes all look to be in their early to mid twenties with short dark hair (some have blond highlights), toned and/or muscular builds, full/trimmed pubes, and uncut/cut cocks.

Scene One:

Leandro (handsome with black hair and smooth/toned body) is feeding his colorful pet parrot. Polly obviously wants a fucking cracker. Roger (cute with dark hair and toned/smooth build) happens by and is drawn to the sexy dude and his bird. Before long, the dudes forget all about Polly as they begin to rub the bulges in each other's swimming suits. Roger pulls Leandro's fat uncut cock out and gives him a blowjob jacking the veiny shaft, sucking the foreskin covered knob, and bobbing up and down. Leandro is totally into the knob job slapping his hard prick against Roger's tongue, holding his head in place and fucking his mouth. Leandro reaches forward pulling Roger's swim suit down slapping his hot butt, spreading the cheeks apart, and exposing that tight shaved hole.

Leandro gets down on his knees and takes Roger's uncut tool down his throat grasping the root, stroking the shaft, and sucking hard. Leandro bends over a little fence and allows Roger to eat his tight slightly hairy asshole. Roger goes to town on that pucker with plenty of good close-ups. Once that hole is wet from a nice long licking, Roger finger fucks Leandro making him moan with pleasure. Leandro slides a condom down his stiff shaft and enters Roger's butt from behind using quick smooth strokes to fuck his friend. Roger cries out as Leandro picks up the pace and screws him fast 'n hard. After filling his pal's hole in the missionary position, Leandro gets his tight butt hole pounded by Roger doggy style (with condom). Roger jacks his big dong and cums on Leandro's back. Leandro strokes off squirting a thick load on the lush green grass.

Scene Two:

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Dillon (cute with toned/smooth body, dark hair, and tattoos) paddles a small boat to meet his pal Kayo (good-looking with dark hair/blond highlights and smooth/toned build) who is standing on the shore. The soundtrack is off as the viewer can hear sex moans when all the dudes are doing is carrying the boat ashore. The guys begin to make out with wet tongues feeling each other up while a wild turkey loudly gobbles in the distance. Kayo sits down in the boat and sucks Dillon's hard cut cock stroking the rigid stalk and having his face fucked. Dillon eats Kayo's tight shaved asshole licking the winking bung with his anxious tongue. Dillon munches down on that tangy hole finger fucking his friend's tight rosebud. Dillon then switches to sucking Kayo's hard uncut tool. He gives Kayo's plump hairy nuts a full bath sucking each one and pulling on them with his mouth. Dillon fucks Kayo from behind (with condom) using fast/hard strokes to fill that snug manhole. Kayo gets a face full of thick jizz when Dillon beats off and shoots. Kayo takes that spent knob in his mouth to get a good taste of cum and then sprays thick love juice all over Dillon's face, neck, and chest.

Scene Three:

Hunky Yago (very handsome with black hair and smooth/muscular body) is busy placing tiles on a roof when he spots twins Caio and Carlos (cute with dark hair and husky builds) tying their horse to a nearby tree. The twins mosey on over and begin to flirt with Yago helping him off the roof and into their arms. The dudes immediately begin to feel each other's bodies getting hot and frisky. Yago sucks Carlos's hard uncut cock into his mouth deep throating all the way to black bushy pubes as Caio watches and strokes his unclipped dick. Yago chows down on the twins' cocks switching back and forth gorging on that hard meat. At one point, Yago has both pink cock knobs in his gob at once. The brothers bunch their dark foreskins at the tips getting Yago to slide his tongue under the overhangs, suck the skins, and worship the prepuce.

Caio gets down and gives Yago head sucking his hard cut cock fisting the shaft and nursing the head. Carlos gets a taste of Yago's prick as well sucking the knob like a novice. The twins lay on the ground with their hard condom-covered cocks sticking straight up as Yago plays a wild game of sink/bounce switching back and forth between the poles. The brothers then take turns fucking Yago in the missionary position sinking their hard tools deep into his snug chute. Yago jacks off and shoots a wet load on his full pubes, stomach, and chest. Caio lets loose with a large thick load of man gravy on Yago's chest while his brother dumps thick jizz on Yago's stomach.

Scene Four:

Adriel (very cute with short dark hair, smooth/muscular body, and tattoos) and Renzo (good-looking with smooth/toned body and short dark hair) are sitting around shooting the breeze. Renzo begins to rub the bulge in his pants, unzips, and pulls his large uncut tool out for some air. Horny Adriel follows his pal's lead and gets his uncut business out as well. The dudes watch each other beat the meat with Adriel reaching over to jack his friend's tool. Adriel takes that fat fucker into his mouth working the veiny shaft with his fist making Renzo's foreskin cap and uncap the knob. Adriel pulls that foreskin over Renzo's cock head and slides his tongue underneath. Hot! Renzo wants some cock as well so he gives Adriel head sliding his wet mouth up and down the rigid pole spitting on that cock and chowing down.

Adriel sinks his tight shaved asshole down Renzo's condom-clad dong working his love tunnel up and down and rocking back and forth. Renzo switches up and fucks Adriel from behind using fast 'n hard strokes and then plays a game of sink/bounce on Adriel's stiffy (with condom). Adriel thrusts his hips upward to fuck that tight hole using quick circular motions. After a little side/missionary, the dudes finish up with a nice wank. Renzo cuts loose squirting/spraying a large load all over Adriel's chest. Adriel shoots/sprays thick spooge near Renzo's dark pubes.



"Fazenda" is shot on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Director Dennis Bell is professional allowing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


For the most part, the sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes speak Portuguese and grunt 'n moan with lust as they suck 'n fuck. At times the microphone needs a cover/filter as loud muffled wind noises are heard. On a humorous note, that wild turkey in Scene Two gobbles up a storm.


The disc contains an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, website information, an extensive photo gallery of each model along with hardcore shots form the movie, the "Fazenda" theatrical trailer, and trailers for "Suruba: Bronze", "Gemeos", "Primal Urge", "Deluge", and "AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning".

Final Thoughts:

The Athletic Model Guild has produced an entertaining turn-on of a movie with "Fazenda". Dennis Bell's directing, videography, and editing provide full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups, scenes that move along at a leisurely pace but never become dull, and a sharp/clean picture quality. These Brazilian dudes are very easy on the eyes with their handsome faces, toned and/or muscular bodies, and big cocks. They give energetic performances and are definitely into the action as they chow down on dongs, assholes, and engage in butt sex. My personal favorites are Yago Mendoca, Renzo Castelli (featured on the cover art), and Adriel Pedrosa. I recommend to fans of Brazilian dudes, uncut cocks, and tropical outdoor man-on-man action.

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