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Cover Boy

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/15/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

October 2006

The Movie:

Young (all age 18+), horny 'n cute Asian dudes discover the exotic secrets of male-male sex.

Direced By:

Rush Chambers

The Dudes:

These six dudes are all appealing in their own way. The age range is eighteen to early twenties with a nice mix of petite, slender, and toned bodies, lush full black pubes, shaved and trimmed pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Oil (cute with short black hair and slender/smooth build) and Boy (god-looking with black hair and slender/smooth body) take a shower together making out with busy deep tongues and rubbing each other's bodies. Boy gets down on his knees sucking Oil's stiff uncut prick (with nice full dark pubes) concentrating on the large purple knob working his hot mouth up and down the shaft. Boy gives a good blowjob having no problem cramming that hard cock down his throat. Oil gets down on Boy's hard unclipped tool sliding his wet mouth over the rigid stalk, sucking plump balls, and nuzzling his pal's full dark bush. Dried off and on the bed, the dudes get into more cock sucking and fuck each other's faces. Oil spreads boy's tight hairy asshole tonguing the pink pucker and really munches down.

Oil fucks Boy from behind (with condom) sliding his rod in and out of that tight hole using smooth strokes. There's a nice camera shot of Oil's hairy butt hole as he pound his pal. Boy gets in on the anal action by fucking Oil in the missionary position (with condom) plowing hard 'n fast while jacking his pal's foreskin up and over his knob. Oil sinks down on Boy's dong rocking back and forth with some quick bouncing up 'n down. After a bit of the side/missionary position, Oil shoots a thick load on his thigh. Boy pulls out, yanks his rubber off, and shoots very thick jizz on Oil's inside thigh. Hot!

Scene Two:

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Joe (cute Twink with black hair and petite smooth body) is sharing a bed with a large number of multi-colored balloons. Joe has an irresistible smile as he pulls his skimpy briefs down revealing his shaved pubic area, cut cock, and balls. He pulls his pork to full hardness and then begins to rub the balloons against his tool! Joe bends over showing the viewer his tight shaved starfish and gives it a good massage. Joe's soon joined by Aek (cute with black hair and nice body)and the dudes pop the balloons with huge grins on their faces. Joe rubs Aek's bulging blue briefs, pulls 'em down revealing full black pubes and and uncut prick. He deep throats that hard cock all the way down to Aek's bush slobbering up and down that hard pole and licking those big balls. The guys slide into a traditional sixty-nine filling their mouths full of hard tube steak.

Joe plays a bit of the ol' sink/bounce on Aek's stiff condom-covered dong giving it a good old-fashioned ride grinding his hips to scratch an itch that only another cock can satisfy. He rides that hard motherfucker, baby! Aek fucks Joe doggy style pounding the hell out of that hole switching to the missionary position using the same fast 'n hard drilling. Aek works himself to the point of no return shooting a thick load of spunk all over Joe's shaved pubic area. Sadly, Joe does not cum.

Scene Three:

Bebe (very cute with longish black hair and slender/smooth body) and Aun (nice-looking with black hair, slender/smooth body, and tattoos) make out using their hot wet tongues in an erotic duel. Bebe licks Aun's chest and pinches his hard dark nipples making him cry out with lust. He pulls Aun's pants down revealing full black pubes, uncut cock, and plump balls. Aun has great hard pointy nipples. Bebe chows down on that hard dong stroking the shaft with his fingers, licking the length of the shaft up 'n down, works the large knob, and finally takes it down his gullet. Aun removes Bebe's pants exposing his hard unclipped member and dark bush. Aun sucks that hard pole up and down while Bebe spread his legs to show his bushy pubes and full hairy nuts. Auk works that dark foreskin capping and uncapping the slick cock knob and fluttering his tongue around that tip tonguing the deep piss slit.

Bebe lifts his legs in the missionary position allowing Aun to slide his hard condom-covered tool up his tight hairy chute sliding quickly in and out using smooth stokes. Aun kicks it up a notch fucking his friend fast 'n hard making him whimper and pout jacking his cock. Bebe sinks down on that hard cock giving it a good ride while bouncing up 'n down filling is snug boy-tunnel. There's a nice camera shot of Aun's full hairy balls and Bebe's unclipped dong flopping around. The dudes get into some doggy style with Aun entering Bebe from behind and pounding his little butt. The dudes finish up by sitting next to each other and beating their meat. Bebe shoots a thick load of spooge on his stomach and pubes. Aun does not climax.

Scene Four:

Chun (nice-looking with short black hair and smooth/slender build) gives his pal Ball (handsome with black hair, cool sideburns, tattoos, and toned/smooth body) a deep massage working his smooth body over in hopes of releasing some tension. Ball rolls over allowing Chun to pull his blue jeans down releasing his hard uncut prick and full dark pubes. Chun knows how to give some good head as he jacks that shaft sucking up and down the hard shaft, and suckling the large purple knob. Ball lays back enjoying the knob job while Chun's tight fist is wrapped around his rigid stalk lovin' on that big cock head jacking his own hard uncut prick while pleasuring his pal. Ball guides Chun's mouth up and down with his hands thrusting his hips upward to fuck that face. The dudes lay on the bed in a position allowing their crotches to be close together and their balls touching. They grab that hard dongs jacking them against each other and individually.

Ball gorges himself on Chun's hard unclipped member stroking the shaft, slobbering up and down the shaft, and working the knob. He slides a condom on and fucks Chun's tight asshole in the missionary position sliding in and out slowly making Chun loudly moan and make all sorts of sexual noises. The dude is obviously in heat. Ball plows his pal with long forceful strokes as Chun wildly beats off. There's a cool camera shot of Ball's hairy nuts slapping against Chun's bunghole. Chung goes for a bouncy ride on Ball's dick and then allows him to screw from behind drilling nice 'n swift. Ball jacks off shooting a thick load on Chun's trimmed pubes, cock, and balls. Chun cuts loose with a thick load that flies everywhere hitting Ball's stomach and inside thigh.



"Cover Boy" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and smooth allowing full coverage of all the action and plenty of excellent close-ups. The picture quality is clean and sharp.


The sound in clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes during their love sessions and heavy breathing as they get their nuts.


The disc is barebones with an interactive menu and scene selection.

Final Thoughts:

"Cover Boy" is a big ol' turn-on of a movie. The direction, videogrpahy, and editing create fast-paced scenes that never become dull and hold the viewer's undivided attention. The dudes are all appealing, give energetic sexual performances, and are clearly into the action. I liked each dude equally so there are no personal favorites this time. My only complaint is that two of the guys do not shoot loads. I'm still going with a Highly Recommended because the sex is damn hot, the dudes are cute, and the other six loads definitely make up for it. If you dig Asian guys, this is the movie to watch!

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