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College Amateur Tour: In Texas

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

College Amateur Tour in Texas

Shane's World/Frat House

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jack Venice

Cast: Krystal, Jack Venice, Emily, Renae, Alexis Texas, Rucca Page
Non-sex roles: Evan (from Houston), various others not credited

Length: 171.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/30/2006 (box); 11/3/2006, 11/4/2006, 11/5/2006, 11/16/2006, 12/12/2006 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra was the 25 minute scene between director Jack Venice and an attractive brunette Latina he called "Baby" on the couch. They did all the usual sucking and fucking, the gal showing some potential given her looks and firm young body. I also really enjoyed the 27.5 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage as it had a decent mix of interviews, preparation for the scenes, and sexual conduct, with a lot of humor and the spirit of Shane's World as captured in their BTS featurettes (even though this was shot by another company to be distributed by them). There was a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover, and trailers to shows like College Invasion, Blazed & Confused 1, Blazed & Confused 2, Oral Supremacy, Pork BBQ, Guide To Anal Sex, Girls Night Out 1, Girls Night Out 2, Shane's World 37, Shane's World 36, Shane's World Swingers, and Shane's World: Nerdz.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: College Amateur Tour in Texas was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame as shot by director Jack Venice for a new company, Frat House, to be distributed by Shane's World. To be frank about it, if no one said anything, I'd have assumed the usual Shane's World cameramen worked on this one too, although the editing was a bit rougher and there were a number of rough edges in need of polishing up this time. The lighting was often lower than normal and that introduced grain and some minor video noise but thankfully only at levels that did not distract from the sex taking place. The truly important factor to focus on here was whether or not they captured the raw energy of the scenes between jack and the ladies that were admittedly a bit gun-shy at being caught on camera. To me, it looked like they did a decent job of that, the ladies occasionally looking at the camera or their facial expressions betraying their thoughts far more readily than the established gals that have made hundreds of scenes. This is the type of thing that SW looks for themselves so the ending result is that Frat House and Shane's World are a good match for one another; and if you like one, you'll like the other. The fleshtones were accurate and the camera movement was more pronounced than when Smokey picks up the device but not bad considering how new to making porn these guys were (although I got the impression that they had made a fair amount of stuff for online content so they probably weren't complete rookies). The audio was presented in a slightly cleaned up 2.0 Dolby Digital encoded stereo English track, with all the usual background noise present and some hollow vocals but actually a bit better than some of the crowded Campus Invasion titles.

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Body of Review: Jack Venice is a 24 year old ex-military hero from Houston, Texas; having served his country with honor and now enjoying the fruits of his service in porn. While not generally thought of as one of the top names in the industry, he brings a youthful zeal to his work that many of the established meat puppets (usually twice his age) simply fail to bring to their scenes. In short, he's the kind of new blood the industry thrives upon and the ladies tend to appreciate working with over the abusers and aging lotharios that are probably old enough to be their dads. Well, jack had an idea and the folks at a start up company, Frat House, gave him a shot at directing his first fuck flick to be distributed by a company he frequently works at, Shane's World, with the title being College Amateur Tour in Texas. Seeing as how Jack is from the Lone Star State, it made sense for him to take this mission and the results were decidedly better than I would have suggested. The press releases said it like this: "Shane's World Studios adds Frat House Films as New Division Chatsworth, Calif. Shane's World Studios has announced it has added a new division to it's stable, Frat House Films. Frat House Films is a group of college students that contacted the company looking for advice, the wanted to make amateur porn. The group was very familiar with the Shane's World product and figured they would be the best people to lead them in the right direction. "We invited the guys to the office and listened to their ideas. They had a very fresh outlook on the industry and we knew we had found a group that could fit with us," said Jennie Grant, Owner of Shane's World Studios. "Their ideas are innovative and will do very well in the Amateur markets. It's nice to get the opportunity to nurture an up and coming company." After several meetings took place, Shane's World offered Frat House Films the opportunity to create and control their own division. Shane's World helped the young group with several aspects of production but the unique ideas have been all their own. "We are very appreciative that Shane's World Studios has given us this chance to fulfill our idea of what porn should be like. Real girls getting down in real places ... nothing is hotter than that!" said J of Frat House Films. The first title from Frat House Films follows that exact formula. Frat House wanted to film true amateur girls so Shane's World hooked them up with male performer Jack Venice. Venice had shared a similar idea, wanting to find Co-ed's state to state and College Amateur Tour was born. "The Pro-Am and Amateur markets are really hot right now and Frat House is going to bring it to the next level. So far every title from the company is full of first time scenes from civilians. The energy in these movies is very real and very raw. I expect Frat House Films to be at the top of the amateur market in no time!" said Megan Stokes, VP of Sales. College Amateur Tour: Texas begins shipping this week and features first time scenes from real Texas Co-eds. The second title from Frat House called My College Porno coming this spring will feature College Studs casting, directing and performing in their own scenes." To me, I think Jack and his crew did a good job of finding gals with a lot less experience to work in the movie, serving the kind of market that fans of Shane's World titles will immediately recognize as made for them instead of the aging perverts porn tends to serve. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were common here but not intrusive:

Scene One: Krystal, the blonde on the upper right hand side of the front cover in the polaroid shot, was up first as Houston's hometown hero, Jack Venice, hooked up with her in her apartment in San Marcos. She had the coed look to her and listening to her talk, I got the impression that she was no stranger to having sex for money but her nervous energy broadcast loudly that she wasn't entirely comfortable in front of the camera. Her blue jeans looked painted onto her fine little booty and the two kissed as they built up some sexual tension, Jack getting slightly frustrated at his inability to take off her top to access her perky little nipples. She was allover him in a heartbeat though as she ground her hips into him while still wearing the jeans, providing a simulation of a lap dance for him until he continued to peel away her clothing. He fingered her and ate her cookie a bit, leading into porking her on the couch as she tried to keep up with his thrusting action. She didn't come off like a debutante or a professional this time, but as she grew increasingly comfortable with the action, she did become more actively involved. Her oral was limited to some PTM on the tip but I found that endearing too as she took off after that; pounding herself on top of him really well from that point on. It ended with a pop to her lower abdomen and seemed like a great start to the movie.

Scene Two: Emily, a lean little redhead in torn jeans and a small black top, was up next with studly Jack Venice after Krystal introduced them on the couch. Emily had larger breasts and seemed to be as comfortable taking off her clothing as her pal, moving to the bedroom where her other curves appealed to me too. Sexually speaking, she started off slightly more passively than Krystal and warmed up slower as she enjoyed his oral attentions to her cookie, purring as he fingered her while she felt her breasts up. He banged away at her after that, and once she was on top of his lap, she seemed to finally hit her stride. Looking at how raw her pussy got here was markedly different than porn sex, and he gave her a titty pop christening as she tried to catch her breathe, the "deer in the headlights" look on her face making me wonder how frequent her sexual encounters off camera have been too. Still, it worked with the theme of new gals to porn and the show then upped the ante by moving to the party capital of Texas; Austin's 6th street.

Scene Three: Renae, a cute 18 year old gal that looked a lot like Ginger Lynn did back in the early 1980's, was another hometown gal from Houston, showing her shy side as she sat beside Jack Venice while he calmly interviewed her. She claimed to have had sex with only three guys previously, Jack wanting to be #4, the couple kissing as he slowly seduced her in front of the camera. She seemed to be the perfect choice for the show, a bit less polished in terms of taking off her clothing but also frisky enough that she could have been a professional stripper with a great act. Her all natural curves were fetching to gaze upon, and her curvy ass well worth spending more time on as he kissed and felt it up. She did appear to know how to jerk a guy off pretty well, leading to him hammering away at her in doggy style, missionary, and then a satisfying cowgirl where she began to ride him actively. The spooning led to his chest pop, the gal having little chance to blow him and seeming to be a bit exhausted by the end of the scene. I'd like to see more of her too.

Scene Four: Alexis Texas, the hotty featured on the lower right hand side of the front cover, was up next and I have to admit that she was really cute. Jack Venice had lost a few gals with his limited macking skills and got lucky with her as the two had a scene out in the countryside on a blanket; the gal making fun of his lack of dental hygiene. Her breasts and ass were top notch but it was her outgoing personality that I liked the most, making me thankful that she recently signed with LA Direct to begin her career in porn for real. She wasn't the heavy or waifish type, proving that gals with naturally occurring body styles can be more appealing as truly representing the gal next door dynamic. Jack pointed out how much she liked him by virtue of her damp spot he was rubbing, the continual kissing and tease serving to make this the best scene of all. She even sucked his cock, a feat too difficult for most of her peers in the flick, though far too little; showing some talent for the act. He banged her pussy until she started joining in, the sound of their pounding echoing nicely as her titties bounced so nicely in the process. She could learn to be more active but her looks alone put her in a special place that will serve her well if she really tries to make it in the industry. It ended with him busting a nut on her right ass cheek, the couple kissing back in the car before the last scene in Houston.

Scene Five: Rucca Page, a gal not from Houston as advertised, was up last with Jack Venice, when he came back to porn valley. She struck me as the most professional of the female cast members, sporting some huge titties by comparison to the others but also looking really familiar too. Still, amateur or professional, letting those breasts go to waste would be a crying shame and the lighting and camera work did seem more polished this time for some reason too. She knew how to aggressively suck a cock and worked him over like a seasoned champ, moving the scene to his sloppy bedroom that many of us straight men can identify with. She then bent over with her ass high in the air for jack to orally play with, providing the world with a nice shot of her moneymaker in the process. The couple were both active at fucking, and the way her ass cheeks rippled in the process was a sight to behold. I'm sure I've seen her a few times in the past and that she did anal so well made me certain that she had been in some flicks before this one. Still, it was a nice scene to cap off the less skilled gals of Texas and ended with a mouth pop as one would expect of a gal in the industry.

Summary: College Amateur Tour in Texas by director Jack Venice for Frat House, to be distributed by Shane's World was easily worth a rating of Recommended or better depending on your appreciation of newcomers in porn. I prefer gals with a few miles under their belts since they perform better but none of these gals offered filler scenes and some were exceptionally heated thanks to the way they interacted with Jack. I can't prove that all of the gals were "100% real college girl amateurs" but 80% of them struck me as just that. The levels of replay and strokability were better than average with some chemistry between Jack and the ladies elevating the levels of fuck for the buck. Jack was a bit wooden in his delivery of the dialogue but I found College Amateur Tour in Texas to be a solid opening title for the company and if you'd like to get a quick look at the movie, here's a link to a Trailer for you to enjoy. Good Work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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