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Public Invasion 2

Studio: Bang Bros » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/26/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Public Invasion 2

Bang Bros

Genre: Gonzo, Reality

Director: Robert Rosenberg

Cast: Petra, Robert Rosenberg, Jennifer, Dana, Rachel, Veronika

Length: 133 minutes

Dates of Production: 3/25/2005, 9/7/2005, 8/17/2006, 8/21/2006, 6/27/2006

Extra's: The only extras were nine trailers and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Public Invasion 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Robert Rosenberg for Bang Bros. This is the third title of his that I've seen from the company and my comments about his directing skills and performance abilities are similar but he has also shown some improvement behind the camera. All of the scenes were shot by Robert in POV fashion, the camera never getting to see him as in other movies by the director. The lighting was on the low side as often as not but Robert appeared to have a firm grasp on the concept of energy before technical superiority, impressing me that he was more than a mindless meat puppet in the process. The ladies all looked fetching as he shot them and the camera angles may not have always been optimal when they were screwing but the movie did seem to handle the technical matters as well as the company usually does, if not better much of the time. The fleshtones were accurate, the grain minimal, and the overall picture quality for this reality porn title was good. The audio was encoded in stereo English but I did not get the impression there was any separation between the tracks when I listened to it. The music wasn't a factor outside of the menus, a good move by all involved.

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Body of Review: Robert Rosenberg is one of the nicest guys in porn and his work as a performer has often been some of the best coming out of Europe. Now that he has been directing scenes for the infamous Bang Bros, he has added a whole new dimension to his career, one that has proven his ability with a camera as well. His latest release for them is Public Invasion 2, the sequel to the well liked Public Invasion 1; a series of five sex scenes in the Czech Republic where he gets gals to flash in public before having sex where they could easily be caught. Public sex adds an element of danger to porn, much like the industry used to provide regularly before it went corporate on us, so the added thrills make the scenes even better to a guy like me raised on the classics. Here's a quick look at the POV scenes, noting that no condoms were used and all of the scenes offered some fun times worth checking out (no pun intended):

Scene One: Petra, the blonde seen on the middle of the bottom of the front cover, was up first as she walked along the zoo as Robert Rosenberg stalked her from behind. He used the ploy of loving animals, the cheetah in particular, to get her 19 year old mind interested. The 34 minute scene followed the usual format of the series as he used cash to keep her talking, soon finding their way to a secluded area where she blew him (after some sex talk) and then took his cock in her little pussy moderately actively. She pushed back on his rod as he penetrated her, with some intermittent PTM enhancing the moment, before he unleashed a load onto her face as she glared up at him. She wasn't a beauty but she was willing and for a lot of guys, that would certainly be good enough to check out.

Scene Two: Jennifer, the very attractive gal seen on the upper left hand side with the colorful top and model like body, hooked up with Robert Rosenberg in this 26 minute scene where he asked her for directions to start things off. She claimed to be 25 years old, looking younger to me as they walked along the heavily traveled roadway, his monetary move coming up well after they became acquainted. The public flashing wasn't as frequent as some of the other scenes in the series but included his fingering her as she stoked up on the attention he bestowed upon her. She had pretty eyes too and they went to a nearby wooded area to complete the scene, her slobbing his knob with a lot of skill before they banged actively (with her doing some PTM). There was some wind noise as the scene progressed but she did a fine job of elevating the dynamic heat, the scene eventually ending with her jerking off a load into her mouth.

Scene Three: Dana, another hotty as seen on the upper middle of the front cover's top, was up next as she gave Robert Rosenberg directions to find the botanical garden in this 31.5 minute scene. The directions were complex so the 23 year old gal ended up walking with him, discussing her college classes before he changed the subject with money. They talked about sex as they sat on a bench that was beside a roadway (she claimed it was for a train), getting more familiar with each other as he slowly dragged her into the series dynamic using his cash. That led to her flashing him, with some people in the area and cars going by, before he upped the ante and started playing with her. The fingering led to a sweet little hummer, the couple deciding to stay out of trouble by moving to a more secluded area for the full scene. He concentrated his efforts on her mouth and pussy, though she went along with the anal even after saying she didn't usually like it since he took his time and went slowly. She took the ending facial after the doggy action, resulting in his usually decent load of population pudding going largely in her mouth. She looked like a young Aurora Snow with some of the freshness factor the popular performer used to display years ago so fans take note.

Scene Four: Rachel, a red haired lass waiting at the train station in her green top and black shorts, was a helpful gal too as she willingly told Robert Rosenberg that she would help him find the famed botanical garden since he was lost. She claimed to be a 30 year old office worker that makes about $1000 a month at her job (unless she had some overtime). She looked good for her age, seen on the lower left hand corner on the cover, and the short scene (only 21 minutes long) went fast as they came to terms with some public flashing. There were not a lot of people or trains going by but they were not alone by any means until they went to the nearby woods where she showed that she was no stranger to a cock. It wasn't the best hummer of the movie but she handled him delicately before he tapped away at her pussy. She seemed to like it, even as he fingered her ass, with the ending facial worked out by her. The technical matters of the scene weren't as good since the shade of the trees added grain from lack of ambient light but it was still fun.

Scene Five: Veronika, the sleepy looking blonde seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was overdressed for the scene with Robert Rosenberg but she did look to be her stated 21 years old as they walked along the Danube River in the Czech Republic. She was friendly with him and the scene took on the same style of action after he found out she made about $800 a month at work. His offer of $100 to talk about sex was attractive to her so they moved to a bench, she flashed, and you know what happened after that. Cars drove by, people were walking along the boardwalk, and ships were slowly cruising the river so the public aspect of the sex was handily covered here. The scene cut away to them in the woods by a set of concrete discharge pipes for a construction project (looking to be 20" each), her getting more money to slob his knob. She gave an okay blowjob but the active riding was pretty solid in her pussy with the open mouth pop shot closing things out sexually. She even took an eye shot for the team here, giving the perverts something extra to enjoy.

Summary: Public Invasion 2 by director Robert Rosenberg for Bang Bros was another title I liked enough to rate as Recommended thanks to the way the public sex angle, the newcomer angle, and the reality aspects were so well handled. There might not have been as much fuck for the buck as some of the other titles gracing the market but part of the appeal here was how Robert again provided something markedly different than what everyone else seems willing to provide these days, a change of pace that works for me to supplement other titles that are more straightforward in nature. In short, Public Invasion 2 was an invasion I hope to see more of in coming months if the quality levels remain high, the movie showing Robert's ways with the ladies is something many of us will appreciate.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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