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Love of the Dick: Classified Vol. 4

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/31/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2006

Directed By:

Jalin Fuentes


Supreme, Double R, Ray, Joshua, Kidd Kaj, Tre Xavier, Tyriek.

The Movie:

Butch muscle dude Supreme "works the phone and pounds the pavement (and all willing Bottoms) looking for a legit job to pay off all his bills in the forth installment of the 'Love of the Dick' series."

The Dudes:

These hot Black dudes have a nice mix of muscular and toned bodies, tattoos, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and big cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Supreme (handsome with short braided hair, goatee, and muscular/smooth/tattooed body) has set up a mini bar on his glass coffee table. There's plenty of booze, ice, mixers, 'n snax to please even the pickiest guest. Supreme mixes up a batch of cocktails called "Blow Jobs" for his pal Joshua (very cute with dark hair, facial stubble and smooth/slender body). After he downs his shot, Joshua is in the mood to demonstrate a real blowjob. He chows down on Supreme's huge cut cock wrapping his fist around the fat shaft and working his mouth up 'n down the large thang. Supreme digs the head removing his shirt revealing his beautiful smooth muscular chest and dark nipples. Joshua definitely knows how to give good head as he twists that root nursing the flared knob and allowing Supreme to pinch his hard nipples. Supreme fingers Joshua's tight little butt hole and soon replaces his digit with his condom-covered dong. Supreme fucks his pal from behind using fast smooth strokes and slapping his bum. I'm not sure how Joshua can take such a monster up his bunghole. There's a nice camera shot from behind of Supreme's muscular ass and hanging nuts slapping against Joshua's low-hangers as he plows him. Supreme squirts a large thick nut all over Joshua's back. Joshua beats off shooting a thick load of jizz on his own stomach.

Scene Two:

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Double R (hot with short hair and smooth/muscular/tattooed body) and Tre Xavier (good-looking with short hair and toned/hairy/tattooed body) are sitting on the sofa chowing down on some spicy chicken wings. Double R begins to brag about how big his cock is and soon the dudes have their tools out comparing. Double R wags his large cut dong and hangy nuts as Tre reveals his big 'n hard uncut prick working the foreskin up over the knob. Tre grabs Double R's big thang slobbering up and down the fat shaft and cramming it down his throat. Tre gives excellent head and repeatedly claims that he "isn't used to this type of thing." He could have fooled me. Double R fucks his pal from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes and really pounding that tight manhole. Tre moans and gasps for breath as Double R drills him on the red leather sofa. Tre gets into sort of a missionary position on the couch while Double R stands over him stabbing his fat man-slab in 'n out of his snug chute. Tre reaches climax with a very small load on his full dark pubes while Double R squirts a huge load of spooge all over Tre's face and chest. Hot!

Scene Three:

Supreme gets a gig as an artist's model posing nude for Tyriek (nice looking with dark curly hair and toned body). Tyriek clutches his sketchpad as Supreme strips down revealing his hot muscular body, shaved pubes, and big fat clipped schlong. Fuck art! Let's suck cock! Tyriek grasps that chubby fucker with his fist jacking up and down, cupping those huge nuts, and sucking hungrily with his wet mouth. He can only get the large knob in his mouth but gives it his all. Supreme pounds the hell out of Tyriek's tight butt hole from behind (with condom) making Tyriek cry out and continuously lick his lips while having his bunghole stretched to the absolute limit. Supreme switches to fucking his employer's mouth with Tyriek frantically working that big ol' knob. Supreme shoots a wet load on Tyriek's face and tongue giving him a good taste of man-nut. Tyriek does not cum.

Scene Four:

Supreme is sitting on his sofa pissed off because there's noting but shit on television. He throws the remote control down and heads over to the other sofa to wake up Ray (good-looking with long hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body) who's sleeping and dreaming of his pal's huge cock. Ray is awakened by Supreme's playful but hard slap on the bum and immediately wraps his fist around that fat piece of clipped tube steak. Ray jacks that monster cramming it into his mouth and nursing the large cockhead. "Lick my balls baby." Ray chows down on those large hanging nuts slobbering all over 'em. He gives good head and doesn't mind at all when Supreme grabs his long hair and fucks his mouth. Supreme pounds Ray from behind (with condom) starting with long slow strokes allowing his pal to get accustomed to having such a large piece of beef up his bunghole. Supreme kicks it up slamming his rigid pole in and out of Ray's asshole, slapping those butt cheeks, and making his pal moan. Ray fucking digs it! "Oh! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!" Supreme squirts a thick load all over Ray's back and bum. Ray strokes his large uncut took squirting a thick load of thug-juice on his stomach and full pubes.

Scene Five:

Supreme's in his kitchen sucking on a Popsicle and trying to cook some type of meal. Kidd Kaj (good-looking with short hair and toned/tight/smooth body) stops by and ends up allowing Supreme to feel his hot muscular butt. Kidd skinks to his knees taking Supreme's fat cut schlong into his mouth taking as much as he can while his hand flies up 'n down the stiff root. Supreme slowly fucks his pal's face using his hand to guide Kidd's mouth to meet his lustful needs. The dudes move to the bedroom where Supreme pounds the living hell out of Kidd's tight shaved asshole from behind(with condom). Supreme's muscular butt humps wildly as his large nuts loudly slap against Kidd. Kidd fills the room with loud moans, cries, gulps, and yelps as Supreme drills him in the missionary position. These noises are wild and are filled with raw lust during this no-holds barred manfuck. Kidd jacks his large cut cock shooting a thick nut all over his stomach. Surpeme works his big knob shooting a large thick load on Kidd's bum.



"Love of the Dick Volume Four: Classified" is shot on high quality video and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography is a bit clumsy at times but provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of cool close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean with just a few pixel problems from time to time (not enough to distract from the movie).


The sound is clear and natural allowing the viewer to hear the dudes hot thick New York City accents, sounds of the city, and plenty of lusty moaning and heavy breathing.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and trailers for: "Love of the Dick Volume Two", "Love of the Dick Volume Three", "Straight Meat", "Dillon-The Return", "Bottoms Up", and "The Show Part 1".

Final Thoughts:

Pitbull Productions along with Director Jalin Fuentes have created a hot little no-frills movie with "Love of the Dick Volume Four: Classified". The direction, hand-held videography, and editing allow for fast-paced scenes full of lusty cock sucking and butt pounding. The dudes are all appealing and are definitely into the action. My personal favorites are Supreme, Double R, Joshua, and Kidd Kaj. My only complaint is that the Top and Bottom roles are strictly followed. As mentioned in another review, it would be very hot to see these dudes mix it up a little. I recommend for fans of hot Black street-wise dudes with plenty of tattoos and huge cocks.

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