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Muscle Ranch 2

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2006

Directed By:

Kristofer Weston


Antton Harri, Alex Chandler, Brian Hansen, Danny Roddick, Jason Kingsley, Joey Jordan, Cole Ryan, Mark Hansom, Mason Wyler, Remo Ferri.

The Movie:

"Muscle Ranch II chronicles the search for the perfect ranch hands who plow both the fields and each other."

The Dudes:

The dudes are all appealing with a nice age range of early twenties to late forties, toned and muscular bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Working hard lifting bales of hay in the barn, Brian Hansen (hot dude short brown hair and muscular/smooth body) accidentally rips a hole in the inside thigh of his tight blue jeans. Sitting down to inspect the damage, Brian decides this is the perfect time and locale for some good old-fashioned self-lovin'. He rubs his nuts and strokes his cut cock to hardness while looking around to make sure no one is watching. Brian closes his eyes, spreads his legs wide, and quickly works that stiff tool with his tight fist. Brian's cock is cut but he still has enough loose skin to work some over his flared knob. He gently rubs his tight shaved asshole with the tips of his fingers teasing the pucker. Jason Kingsley (handsome with short dark hair and muscular/smooth body) sneaks in sliding up behind Brian and begins to jack that hard prick. Jason chows down on that dong sliding his wet mouth up and down and working the knob. The dudes get down to some deep soul kissing leading Jason to release his large hard uncut prick. Brian takes the member into his mouth licking the knob and jacking the stalk while Jason works his own hanging nuts.

Brian bends over a bale of hay allowing Jason to rip his blue jeans off, spread his butt cheeks, spit on that little bung, and rub it with his thumb. Jason munches down tonguing that touchhole and making Brian moan with lusty gratitude. Jason slides his condom-covered tool up Brian's tight chute from behind using slow, long 'n full strokes. Brian digs having his ass filled as Jason picks up speed and pounds him fast 'n hard. Brian rides Jason's dick bouncing up and down and jerking his rigid tool. After some fast 'n smooth fucking in the side/missionary position, Brian shoots a thick load of jizz on his toned stomach. Jason pulls his big pud shooting a healthy sized load on Brian's stomach mixing those nuts together. Hot!

Scene Two:

Ranch hands Danny Roddick (cute with short dark hair and very toned/smooth body) and Mason Wyler (cute with short blond hair and smooth/very toned body) head outside to make sure the trough is full for the cows to have plenty of water. Naturally, the dudes end up playing grab-ass which leads to some heavy tongue kissing, nipple pinching and sucking. Mason pulls his large uncut cock out stroking his hard tool and working that hot foreskin. Danny sinks to his knees taking that big dick into his mouth and deep throating all the way to Mason's full brown pubes. Danny stands up yanking his large stiff clipped tool from the tight confines of his blue jeans as Mason gets down jacking the shaft and taking it deep throat down to Danny's dark trimmed pubes. Both dudes have excellent oral skills and clearly love sucking cock. The water for the cow's tough is now overflowing but these two horn-dogs don't give a shit.

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Danny reaches forward while Mason is giving him head wetting his fingers and rubbing them along Mason's hairy butt crack. Danny spreads those cheeks exposing Mason's tight hairy touchhole and rubbing the pucker with his middle digit. This sends Mason over the edge as he hungrily munches down on Danny's tight shaved asshole tonguing the hell out of the little starfish. Danny fucks Mason from behind (with condom) using slow, smooth and steady strokes as he fills his pal's snug chute with that hard beef stick. Mason grabs onto a nearby wooden fence allowing Danny to slide that hard pork sausage smoothly in and out. Danny stands above Mason pulling his pork squirting a large load of man-love all over his pal. Mason frantically pulls off working that foreskin quickly back and forth shooting thick jizz on his stomach.

Scene Three:

Alex Chandler's (hot with a shaved head and smooth/tight body) pickup truck is stuck in the mud and his buddy Cole Ryan (handsome with short dark hair and tight/hairy body) is behind pushing on the vehicle. The truck suddenly shoots out of that mud hole making Cole fall. Alex thinks it's the most hilarious thing he's seen while Cole is none too pleased. The dudes get into a fight rolling around in the mud and ripping each other's clothing off. Before long Cole is naked and Boss Man Antton Harri (handsome with short dark hair, mustache, and smooth/husky/muscular body) yanks 'em out of the mud and leads the dudes to a field to hose them down. The dudes make nice and begin rubbing each other's bodes leading Cole's cut cock to spring a woody. Cole pulls on Alex's stiff clipped tool as the dudes make out with heavy tongues. Cole gets down on his knees taking that rigid prick down his windpipe paying close attention to the knob and deep throating down to Alex's dark trimmed pubes.

Antton gets in on the action allowing both dudes to chow down on his long cut cock with huge purple knob. The guys froth at the mouth to get that thang down their throats and must share for a taste. Both guys get down on Antton's big balls as a cow wonders around in the background. Moo. Cole bends over allowing Alex to eat his tight hairy bunghole making Cole moan and take a leak! Golden piss flies through the air as Alex continues to munch that butt. Alex fucks Cole from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes to satisfy his own selfish sexual needs. Alex switches between long 'n slow and fast pounding as Antton fucks Cole's mouth with that big dong. Cole can now get his revenge pounding Alex's tight chute (with condom) with Anton sliding his tool in 'n out of Alex's hungry mouth. Antton fucks Cole doggy style (with condom) while Cole fucks Alex. Outdoor man sandwich. Alex shoots a large thick load of jizz on the ground while Cole cuts loose with a huge thick load on Alex's bubble butt. Antton dumps a very thick load of love juice on the grass.

Scene Four:

Joey Jordan (handsome with dark hair and muscular/hairy body) is down on the ground repairing his tractor when Mark Hansom (good-looking with short dark hair, beard stubble, and tight/hairy body) struts into the barn wearing tight blue jeans, cowboy boots, and plenty of macho attitude. Joey turns around and starts rubbing Mark's levis-covered package leading to some hot cock sucking as he chows down on his new pal's hard clipped tool. Joey takes that thang deep throat all the way to full dark pubes grasping the shaft and cramming it down his gullet. Marks sinks to his knees taking Joey's stiff cut prick deep throat to trimmed dark pubes jacking the shaft with his fist working the big purple knob. Joey pinches his own hard nipples while Mark licks his hairy pits.

Joey bends over a large tire allowing Mark to spread his butt cheeks, expose his tight shaved hole, and munch down tonguing the pucker. Mark fucks Joey from behind (with condom) using fast 'n smooth strokes while Joey groans and moans. There's a cool camera shot from behind of Joey's very hairy gooch as Mark fucks him. Horny as hell, Joey begins to hunch back on Mark's prick demanding that more rigid man-beef is crammed up his snug chute as Mark tugs on those hard nipples. Joey shoots a large thick load of man-lava on the ground while Mark cranks out wet jizz on Joey's butt.

Scene Five:

Remo Ferri (very hot with short hair and muscular/hairy body) slowly walks up the dirt path leading to the farmhouse. He has his duffle bag slung over his strong shoulders as me makes his way up to the house. Tired from traveling, Remo falls asleep on the front steps. Antton (from Scene Three) happens upon the sleeping hunk bending down to lick his black boots and gets a good feel of that bulge. Remo wakes up and the dudes get down to some heavy tongue kissing and body exploration. Antton takes Remo's fat uncut cock into his mouth sliding up and down the hard shaft and giving it a good yank. Antton nurses that large purple cock knob deep throating down to Remo's bush. Antton bends over an oil drum and lets Remo spread his butt cheeks, expose his tight shaved pink pucker, and chow down eating some ass.

Remo finger fucks Antton with his middle digit leading him to enter from behind sliding his hard condom-covered prick deep into that tight manhole. Remo pounds the hell out of Antton using cool circular motions with his hips and cramming that dong in and out with fast 'n hard strokes. Remo shoots a large thick load of spooge on the dirt while Antton cuts loose with some thick ropey cum on the ground. Antton's large flared purple knob is fucking hot!



M"uscle Ranch II" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Max Phillips is excellent providing full coverage of all the sex acts and loads of cool close-ups. The picture quality his sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear all the usual lusty noises as well as a nice country/blues musical score by Sergio Montanna.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, Climax Reel, an extensive gallery of high quality publicity photographs of each model by Big Hud and Rocket, and previews for: "Manly Heat: Quenched", "Manly Heat: Scorched", "Boot Black Blues", and "Big Rig: Extended Cab Remix".

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios, Buckshot Productions, and Director Kristofer Weston once again come through with a smokin' hot high-quality production. The direction, vieography, and editing create scenes that move along at a nice pace that never become dull. The man-on-man action is a huge turn-on as the dudes give energetic performances and are clearly into each other. All the dudes are hot with a nice age-range of early twenties to late forties. My personal favorites are Brian Hansen, Antton Harri (cover dude), Mason Wyler, Danny Roddick, and hot Remo Ferri. I highly recommend for those looking for a high quality production, hot muscle dudes, and loads of sweaty man-sex.

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