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Where The Boys Aren't #18

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/11/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Where The Boys Aren't 18: Special Edition

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Tera Patrick, Tawny Roberts, Savanna Samson, Lacey Love, Lyndsey Love, Briana Banks, Monique Alexander, Lexie Marie, Mercedez, Lanny Barby, Stefani Morgan

Length: 140.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/29/2005

Extra's: Most of you will like the 17 bonus scenes from past volumes in the series as I've listed immediately below. That's a lot of scenes and while some of them were not all that great, the 86 minutes of extra action is bound to have multiple scenes you'll enjoy watching. I detailed five of them below but they were a pretty solid extra overall. The 16 minute long Behind the Scenes was a bit on the light side by comparison though it did add value and offered up more sex and nudity of the ladies (as well as some over the top yelling by director Chi Chi LaRue). A few of them really benefited greatly from the make up applied, giving some of them the "stripper next door" look. Chi Chi's director was hilarious at times as was the way some of the ladies looked really out of place until into the lesbian action, making it fun to watch. There was also a photogallery, four trailers, some spam, and a fold out poster featuring the contract gals from the movie. The booklet style DVD case was appealing too and I liked the extras even though little here was unique to the movie itself.
Note: The following Dates of Production were listed for the previous volumes in the series with me adding in the scene added to this set:
Where The Boys Aren't 1 (12/30/1988) Barbara Dare & Tory Wells
Where The Boys Aren't 2 (2/1/1990) Jamie Summers & Deidre Holland
Where The Boys Aren't 3 (5/20/1990) Heather Hunter & Cheri Taylor
Where The Boys Aren't 4 (1/10/1993) Savannah & Jamie Summers
Where The Boys Aren't 5 (4/21/1993) Christy Canyon, Raquel Darrian, & Francesca
Where The Boys Aren't 6 (2/22/1995) Janine, Amber Lynn, Julia Ann, & Christy Canyon
Where The Boys Aren't 7 (2/22/1995) Jenna Jameson & Janine
Where The Boys Aren't 8 (6/8/1996) Jenteal & Dyanna Lauren
Where The Boys Aren't 9 (6/9/1996) Chasey Lain, Janine, & Dyanna Lauren
Where The Boys Aren't 10 (4/9/1998) Janine, Heather Hunter, Jenteal, Tia Bella, Lexa, Kobe Tai, Leslie Glass, Dyanna Lauren
Where The Boys Aren't 11 (4/7/1998) Janine, Heather Hunter, Jenteal, Tia Bella, Kobe Tai, Leslie Glass, Dyanna Lauren
Where The Boys Aren't 12 (7/15/1999) Raylene, Alex Taylor, Julia Ann, & Taylor Hayes
Where The Boys Aren't 13 (7/15/1999) Dasha, Dayon, & Kira Kener
Where The Boys Aren't 14 (6/11/2001) Dasha, Dayon, & Kira Kener
Where The Boys Aren't 15 (6/13/2001) Dasha, Raylene, & Kira Kener
Where The Boys Aren't 16 (3/5/2003) Savanna Samson, Briana Banks, & Taya
Where The Boys Aren't 17 (3/5/2003) Dasha, Savanna Samson, Mercedez, Kira Kener, Briana Banks, Chloe Jones, Sunrise Adams, & Taya

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Where The Boys Aren't 18 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot on way back in 2005 by director Chi Chi LaRue for Vivid Entertainment. The older nature of the shoot meant it was not like the growing number of anamorphic widescreen, high end titles the company has been releasing lately and the first thing I noticed was the amount of grain in many of the scenes. The bitrate registered in the upper 5's most of the time, hitting 6 Mbps routinely and beyond but the soft focus and grain limited the appeal of some scenes for me more than it should have. Still, the fleshtones were accurate and the action typically caught in such a way as to enhance the look of most of the cast so the balancing act was fairly well handled. The ending orgy scene was particularly well handled in that regard and elevated the movie as a whole for me, despite a few areas where the editing slipped up from time to time. I wasn't keen on the slow motion effects either but this was definitely a larger scale project than any of the previous volumes in the series, bar none, so while it wasn't great looking; it did cater to the erotic imagery I expected it too. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a bitrate of 192 Kbps (as expected). The music took the lead here in most scenes, with some apparent minor looping and a light jazzy score as the ladies did one another. While not the direction I would have taken it, it served the series well by comparison.

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Body of Review: Chi Chi LaRue was once one of the best transvestite directors in the world of straight porn given his work at Vivid Entertainment. He was a bit wacky and over the top but he always seemed to care about what he was doing when he got handed one of the big projects the company would occasionally assign him, one of the best being the long awaited Where The Boys Aren't 18: Special Edition. Like Where The Boys Aren't 17 and the later volumes in the series, the franchise is considered one of the flagship releases from the company each year; combining a huge number of contract gals (old and new) as they sought to please each other in all sorts of ways. Originally shot in 2005, the movie was a lengthy tribute to lipstick lesbians in porn everywhere, the heated antics serving to fuel the fires many of us have to see such scenes. The cover said it like this: "The French Riviera is where the world's most beautiful women go to tan and relax. And never has it looked so beautiful as when the Vivid Girls landed on it's sunny shores: Tera! Briana! Monique! Lexie! Tawny! Mercedez! The Love Twins! Savanna! And hot little Stefani turn the town inside out and upside down as they make love in the water, on the beach, and everywhere in between in the latest installment of the biggest all-girl series in porn. "Where the Boys Aren't 18" ... it's where the pussy hits the Pyrenees." If that sounds as good to you as it did to me, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were needed:

Scene One: Tera Patrick, the biggest name gal of the movie and featured lady on the right hand side of the front cover, was up first with former contract gal Tawny Roberts (top row on the upper left hand side), as they slowly felt themselves up on a tropically planted deck in wicker chairs while a pleasant little ditty played for music. Tawny wore chain mail and Tera was glammed out with her large implants, eyeing each other as they masturbated; getting things off on a good foot as far as I was concerned. The camera was not invasive and the slow pans looked well handled with the gals tasting themselves in an almost believable fashion. Tawny broke the dynamic first by jumping out of her chair to eat Tera, Tera giving in after awhile to do a fairly convincing bit of cunnilingus herself as she spanked the gal's ass. Tera's reputation for hating clam and rimming was shot down in a heartbeat thanks to the scene; the star proving capable of doing both with lots of energy. Tawny did more of it after that and the heated scene finished up nicely.

Scene Two: Savanna Samson, the beautiful blonde seen second from the upper left, and the Love Twins; Lacey Love & Lyndsey Love (both on the seated row; one on the far right and the other being to the other side of kneeling Briana), were up next as they drank by the hot tub in minimal outfits. Savanna was the lead of the scene and the meringue beat showed her walking over to do some foot fetish work, sucking toes and pussy with equal vigor. The twins kicked back in the chair as Savanna serviced them, indicative of their usual passive performance skills, but eventually one of the gals gave Savanna a licking too. I thought this was a waste of Savanna's talent for the most part but I'm clearly biased in her favor by virtue of her looks, skills, and overall appeal that doesn't rely on a gimmick.

Scene Three: Briana Banks, the hotty kneeling on the second row in the middle, and lovely Monique Alexander, lying back on the lower left hand corner, were up next in a setting involving large plush pillows on a huge couch. Monique took the early lead as she worked Briana over; rubbing the clitoris and sucking pussy after kissing the gal. This was a decidedly high energy scene with both gals getting into the spirit of the action, elevating the passion and chemistry shared between them more than a little as it continued. Briana did fine when orally working Monique over too, leading to her getting plundered by a large glass dildo ever so slowly. The plastic bracelets and bobbles they wore got in the way but if you like that they kept some clothing on, it was quite an inspirational experience.

Scene Four: Lexie Marie, the cutie squatting on the far left hand side and busty brunette Mercedez (dead center on top), were up next as they had a massage scene together on a well planted deck. The setting was as likely someone's terrace in Southern California as the French Riviera but the lotioning up of the boobs sure didn't hurt and while Lexie was clearly the more into it of the two gals, even her gal pal tried to look like she was doing more than paying the rent. Neither seemed to have the kind of skill or experience level I was hoping for this time but there was foot play, face sitting, and a lot of rug munching for lipstick lesbian fans to appreciate; giving it some stroke value if not a whole lot. I did appreciate the split screen show that they finished up with as well as the under water camera action that gave the scene something special though, even if I wished they saved that for last.

Scene Five: Lanny Barby, the beautiful brunette seen as the second gal from the right on the back row, and cute blonde Stefani Morgan (the first gal from the right; immediately beside her), were the last pairing before the all inclusive pool orgy scene. Lanny is a favorite of mine that left gonzo to show the world that Vivid's name doesn't automatically equate to boring sex; leading something of a revolution at the company in the process. Stefani's cute girl next door appeal was exactly the opposite and the pairing of the two was inspired on several levels as far as I was concerned; each proving to enjoy working with ladies given how well they did so here. The technical values were also more polished in this scene, making me wonder if this was shot far more recently as a result; the grain and other distracting issues not in evidence as they did each other on the deck. Whew!

Scene Six: The final scene was a huge pool orgy with Lanny Barby, Briana Banks, Tera Patrick, Savanna Samson, Lexie Marie, Tawny Roberts, and Mercedez initially. The vocals were definitely looped as they music played but the visual appeal of the scene was stunning on the poolside deck as they worked each other over in a variety of ways. Monique Alexander and the Love Twins (Lyndsey and Lacey) joined in with Lexie and Stefani Morgan in the shaded cabana but the Tera and Lanny portion was the best part at first. The scene lasted about an hour and there really was no easy way to break up the scene into discrete parts more than say that the two groups stuck to themselves. In terms of variety, this scene was a champion that should cover all the permutations fans want as the face sitting, foot licking, and toy use were all over the place; the chemistry between the groups often really solid too. There was a lot of porn moaning and such but that aside; the scene had some superior stroke value compared to many other scenes in the series over the years so fans will be nominating this for a lot of awards. Yum!

Bonus Scene 1: Where The Boys Aren't 1: Barbara Dare and Tory/Tori Wells, two of the best known performers from the 1980's, were up together having some lesbian action after rehearsing their script for a more conventional porno that the story has Joey Silvera directing. The gals were in fine form as they licked and sucked one another off. It wasn't up to modern standards in terms of length, variety of action and toys, or production values but I can appreciate the heat these two legends generated for the camera as they launched a series still being made today by Vivid.

Bonus Scene 2: Where The Boys Aren't 2: Jamie Summers and Deidre Holland, looking similar to the other gals, had the following scene on a big rock where they seemed to do the same basic sex acts as the previous scene. I'm not going to say it was lame to watch but it sure didn't show a lot of creativity on the part of the cast or director. The vast majority of the action was muff diving for those who care.

Bonus Scene 15: Where The Boys Aren't 15: Dasha, a Russian blonde who has supposedly left porn recently, Kira Kener, the hot little Asian, and former contract player Raylene, all had a scene inside a garage. Raylene joined late and only masturbated but it was fun to watch.

Bonus Scene 16: Where The Boys Aren't 16: Briana and Savanna were up next, each a different aspect of the Vivid hierarchy. Savanna's curves versus Briana's lean youth, made for a nice scene as the two explored one another with tongues and talons. After a short time, Taya joined them, adding some more contrast to the dynamic here, with her darker skin and exotic look. The gals rimmed each other, did more oral, and fingered away as if in a contest to get each other off first. There was a bit of anal play too but nothing as advanced as I've seen elsewhere.

Bonus Scene 17: Where The Boys Aren't 17: Savanna Samson, Chloe Jones, Sunrise Adams, Kira Kener, Taya, Briana Banks, Dasha, and Mercedez, were all up in the final scene, the obligatory orgy scene in the plane. I liked how the gals all paired off into smaller, more manageable groups and I thought there was some minor chemistry between Chloe and Savanna to start off the action. This diminished when Sunrise and Kira interrupted them though (it looked pretty good but the action then came across as an exercise of seeing who could do more than the other as if competing). Sunrise then went with Chloe for some vibrator action that worked for her more than a little bit, while the others all grabbed someone to suck or finger fuck like crazy. I was disappointed that Jenna wasn't involved in the scene since she was clearly the leading act but that did set up the ending for an amusing little comment by the hotty in her fur coat at the "stick" of the plane.

Summary: Where The Boys Aren't 18 by director Chi Chi LaRue for Vivid Entertainment was one of the event pornos where you get to see what amounts to a time capsule of hot poon tang from the Vivid vaults. The pairings were not always the best the company had to offer but the sheer multitude of liaisons engaged in and the ending orgy were enough to trip my trigger a time or two, with some solid extras on the second disc. Granted, of the 17 bonus scenes, many of them were best left in the vaults since porn has come a long way over the years but I think most of you will like Where The Boys Aren't 18: Special Edition as much as I did Where The Boys Aren't 17; thinking my rating of Recommended might be a tad bit on the low side. I may elevate the rating in the near future if the replay value increases for me but several of the scenes fell a little flat and a few of the others should have been even better given who was in them so while your mileage may vary, this was still one of the top picks for lipstick lesbian porn of the year.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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