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Fuck Slaves 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/24/07

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Fuck Slaves 2

Evil Angel/Jake Malone Inc.

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jake Malone

Cast: Annette Schwarz, Jake Malone, Brandon Iron, Bobbi Starr, Velicity Von, Manuel Ferrara, Lorelei Lee, Sara Jane Ceylon

Length: 167:24 minutes

Date of Production: 1/31/2007

Extra's: The best extra was the 3.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jake Malone. There wasn't much on it this time but the milk enema that Jake tried swallowing straight from the ass, the anal tail action, and some minor clips involving the rest of the cast were cute. There was also a photogallery, a cast list, a biography for Jake, some limited filmographies, a cumshot recap, trailers to shows like Bitchcraft, Fuck Slaves, Gang Bang My Face, Nice Fucking View, Own My Ass, and a few links.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Fuck Slaves 2 was presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as most porn is shot these days, by director Jake Malone for Evil Angel. The picture was decent and showed some improvement over older releases at Red Light District by Jake with often nice lighting, solid composition of most shots (making the women look more appealing than usual), and good fleshtones; looking as technically solid as any of his peers in the Evil Angel stable in the portions where the lighting was decent. The bitrate it was offered in was hovering largely around the mid 4 Mbps range so it wasn't the best looking title of the day but still pretty decently made overall. Jake kept his rough edge and raw energy at full levels while addressing my concerns nicely, marking it as a turning point in his favor if he can keep the momentum going. Having watched Fuck Slaves 1 not long ago, I enjoyed the action as it showed the gals willingly complying, and apparently getting off to, the hardcore action dominated by Brandon; looking better than that one did by a significant amount. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English in 192 Kbps and was generally well done although it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for a gonzo production. I could hear the gals moan, groan, and talk dirty so I was pleased with it but there wasn't any separation between the channels and the dynamic range wasn't all that great either.

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Body of Review: Jake Malone is generally considered the most twisted director distributed by Evil Angel these days; stretching the limits of the ladies more than a little in order to try and push past what his peers there provide. Some of the time this works better than others, particularly when the ladies are not all into the action. His latest flick really pushed my sensibilities with Fuck Slaves 2, the thematic sequel to Fuck Slaves 1 where the ladies are treated like shit, even though they had veto power over the action per the comments on the BTS. Still rape themes and putting women's heads in hangman's nooses is about as big a turnoff you can provide to me these days and that alone merited a cautious approach in terms of the movie since for all its merits, the down side really was disconcerting. If you're still interested, here's a quick glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Sadist/Masochist: Annette Schwarz, the cute blonde German gal dressed up in a Russian hat on the right side of the front cover, was up first as she provided a stern look at the camera during the tease. Her ass was superior and the cloudy day added to the gloom of the scene as she stood by the pool, the scene itself ending up in the house with Jake Malone and Brandon Iron. Jake was the subordinate that wanted to tongue her asshole in POV fashion as he followed her crawling throughout the house with her labia spread by her black undies and ass cheeks rippling. She continued to tease him before giving him any physical comfort, a little hummer was provided when Jake was finally seen with a silly red fetish mask covering his head; making her face sitting expedition even better for him in the process. He savored her ass and she relished working him over completely, the gal moving into an active anal ride before he went back for seconds on her perfect pucker. He then began boning her ass in doggy style, slowly penetrating it before she jerked him off to her mouth, the scene seeming to restart with Brandon after the load of population pudding flew her way. This time, she was the masochist and he slapped her hard until she serviced him properly; making me less enthusiastic about the action since she did not appear to like it. He pulled her hair and nearly made her puke during the deepthroat action, kissing her before tearing into her pussy from behind. There was minor foot fetish and the scene was poorly lit compared to the first part, her limits pushed mentally as well as the physical abuse he was laying upon her. That changed when they went back to the living room where she tossed his salad and he drilled her backside; a coating of sweat covering both of them. He sucked her feet too, a favorite pastime of his, stretching her so she would do likewise to her own toe (intermittent to blowing and rimming him). That was when the dynamic changed for the better as she played with a toy but ended up riding him aggressively in her cookie, moving back to the lamely lit room where they seemed to get friendly with one another with more oral and the mouth pop going to her awaiting mouth. The rollercoaster ride of a scene was disturbing and I'm not sure I liked all of it given the abusive portions coming off as so realistic.

Scene Two: The Weirdest Thing Happened To Me The Other Day...: Bobbi Starr, a hot brunette wearing a conservative outfit that hugged her fine body, was up next as she described running into a "really creepy guy" that turned out to be Brandon Iron. She's the gal on the upper middle of the front DVD cover with a large cock against her eye and panties on her head for those interested in knowing; her tease showing she had a lot going for her as she sat on the couch in front of the tulips to play with her own "two lips". Those of you that prefer all natural women such as myself and her masturbation routine with the glass toys in her pussy and ass seemed as real as possible in terms of getting her off; the taste testing coming to her naturally as a result. The crystal clarity of the close ups helped make it look great and while I like medium shots better, the solid lighting allowed me to see every nook and cranny as she nearly fisted herself. The technical DP led to stalker Brandon coming into the house to "party" with her with the scenario pushing a rape theme. I'm not keen on that angle even though I know they were consenting since it doesn't help me get off; Brandon placing her panties on her head after fingering her. That led to the usual oral and penetrative sex; including a bunch of anal after a vaginal warming up. Her anal gape was huge and her screams combined with the passive ride to make this one a loser for me. He continued his assault throughout the house (from the bar to the game room on the pool table by the pachislo slot machine to outside on the patio). She took the load to her mouth and then closed it out on the phone complaining about the rape (she even used the term) but also said it "was so fucking hot" in a clearly mixed signal.

Scene Three: Pony Doll: Velicity Von, the hotty on the center of the front cover, was up next as she masturbated in her fetish panties outside, warming up with her anal plug "tail" before going inside to seductively crawl along the floor and put on the rest of her outfit. The reigns and mouth piece looked a bit much to me but as a pony girl, she was strangely attractive, with studly Manuel Ferrara watching her from the second floor above before joining her. He took her and used her with some of the abusive tactics driving the theme of the show, slapping her ass and titties but never getting quite so rough as the last two perverts (Jake and Brandon). She was enjoying the treatment, saving the scene for me, and gave her some oral love as he ate her ass, resulting in her practically devouring her cock as she aggressively reciprocated in a willing manner. The vaginal and even anal ride on the stairs & balcony showed that she was having a great time; Manuel pushing her limits in a manner she enjoyed in stark contrast to some of the other scenes of the movie. He choked her until her face turned colors, moving on to doing more anal and sitting on his lucky face. Ultimately, that meant he rubbed out a load to her face and she tried to get every last drop from him, making it a fine scene with high levels of chemistry. Whew!

Scene Four: Blondage: Lorelei Lee, an extreme queen if ever one existed in porn, and Sara Jane Ceylon (the gal on the left hand side of the cover), were up last as they began using nipple clamps on one another with Jake acting as a director and assistant this time. He promised they'd be having a contest to see who could do the most with him only getting the least amount of head from them before Brandon Iron took over. The gals did some tease and minor lesbian action before the glass toys stretched their holes; the taste testing and fetish ware elevating the dynamic more than a little bit. Both men got more head and the sloppy nature of the streamers floating everywhere. The penetrative sex included all three holes on both gals, the roughness of the scene nothing like the first two scenes Brandon partook in previously; making it a lot more worthy of consideration for your stroking dollars. Lorelei was the most active rider of the show but then the darker side took over and a hangman's noose came into play on Sara. That caused me to lose my erection as it looked too real and even though it was short, the rest of the antics (anal, oral, rimming, etc.) didn't make up for it. The outdoor milk enemas have never struck me as erotic, sexy, or even interesting so the gals coming off like they were getting a check ended the scene on a down note for me. The mouth pop was cumswapped to end the movie, the credits including Lee Bang, Tone Capone, and Lefty Larue; all three black men not having a role in the sexual portions of the movie here.

Summary: Fuck Slaves 2 by director Jake Malone for Evil Angel could have been a guilty pleasure for me that I enjoyed except for some of the circus act sex that took place which lowered the rating to a Rent It. I'm not one of the more squeamish reviewers online that rants about how hardcore most gonzo has become but unless the ladies look to be having fun, the extreme sex simply doesn't work for me nearly as well. In all then, while there were some redeeming qualities about Fuck Slaves 2, it wasn't as good for me as Fuck Slaves 1 or most of the other Jake Malone Deviations I've seen of late. The flip side is that if you like this kind of stuff, between Jake and Max Hardcore, you'll have to decide which is harder since they are very close by most accounts.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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