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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/30/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

November 2006

Directed By:

David Bell


Caio Carvalho, Carlos Carvalho, Lucas Ramiro, Mauro Reis, Leo Passos, Rayko Filhips, Kauian Ribeiro, Kayk Limo.

The Movie:

"The boys of Rio de Janeiro are perfectly tanned, half naked and horny as hell. These beach boys spend their days fucking, laughing, and laying in the Brazilian sun. Bronze follows one group of Brazil's sun-baked studs on the beaches of Brazil through a day of scorching uninhibited group sex."

The Dudes:

The dudes are all appealing with a nice mix of tanned toned and muscular builds, short and medium-length dark hair, full and trimmed pubes, and uncut cocks.

Leo and Kayk:

Leo Passos (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body, and cool tattoos) and his buddy Kayk (very cute with dark hair and toned/smooth body) are making out under an outdoor shower with plenty of wet tongues, hard nipple pinching, and bulging Speedo grabbing. Kayak strokes Leo's hard uncut cock sucking up and down the stiff shaft and cramming his mouth full. Leo has a big dick and playfully slaps Kayk's face with it. He pulls his foreskin forward covering the large knob allowing Kayk's to lovingly suck the overhang. Leo yanks his pal's swim trunks down revealing his dark pubes and uncut tool. He kisses Leo's bum and dry humps his stiffy between Kayk's butt cheeks.

Caio, Carlos, and Rayko:

Caio Vavalho (good-looking with dark hair, long sideburns, and tanned/toned body) and his twin brother Carlos (good-looking with dark hair with a few blond highlights, sideburns, tanned/toned body, and pierced eyebrow) are relaxing by the pool lying back in lounge chairs. The dudes are wearing matching Speedos and both have some very cool tattoos. They reach over pinching each other's hard nipples while rubbing their own bulging crotches. The twins pull their Speedos down revealing dark pubes and uncut pricks. They jack their hard tools working the plentiful foreskins up 'n over knobs. Becoming bold, the twins reach for each other's boners and begin jacking them. The dudes stand up and continue beating each other's dongs pulling those long foreskins and licking each other's hard nipples.

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The stroking becomes faster and the twins begin to breathe heavily. They pull their foreskins to the limit and begin docking covering each other's moist knobs with each other's foreskin. Rayko Filhips (nice-looking with dark hair and toned/smooth body) joins the poolside party by sitting between the twins and switching back and forth working those hard pricks with his wet mouth. The dudes slide their rigid cocks in 'n out of Rayko's wet 'n willing mouth fucking his face as Rayko pulls his own unclipped pork.

Mauro, Kauian, and Lucas:

Mauro Reis (nice-looking with short black hair and toned/smooth body) and his pal Kauian Ribeiro (cute with dark hair and toned/smooth body) are completely naked while engaging in some deep soul kissing. Mauro gets down on Kauian's stiff uncut pole deep throating him all the way to dark trimmed pubes filling his gullet with hard meat. Mauro gives excellent head while stroking his own rigid unclipped pork. Mauros sucks those full nuts followed by having his mouth fucked. Lucas Ramiro (cute with short black hair and toned/smooth body) gets in on the action with Kauian wrapping his fist around the new arrival's hard unclipped dong stroking the foreskin and chowing down sliding his mouth up 'n down and concentrating on the knob. Lucas fists his shaft while Kauian sucks his nuts.


Suruba (Portuguese slang) noun. 1. Orgy, gangbang. 2. Excessive indulgence. 3. Unrestrained sexual activity.

Mauro gets down on Lucas's tool giving some descent head while Kauian goes down on Mauro. Mauro and Lucas sink to their knees sharing Kauian's hard dong taking turns cramming it down their throats. Twins Carlos and Caio wonder over leading Mauro to take Carlos's stiff pole down his throat while Caio rubs his hard cock against Kauian's bum. Leo Passos (very cute with dark buzz cut, muscular/smooth body, and plenty of cool tattoos) joins in rubbing his hard unclipped dong against Mauro's butt. Mauro chows down on Caio as Lucas beats his own meat. Leo fucks Mauro's face quickly sliding his stiffy in and out of that wet gob. Rayko and Kayak show up and get down to some oral business when the clouds open and rain pours down. The dudes high-tail it indoors to continues their love fest.

Once inside, the oral free-for-all continues as these cock hounds chow down on any available dick that happens to bounce by their face. Dongs are devoured, nuts are sucked, tongues are tasted, shafts are stroked, and knobs are nursed. Butt sex is next on the dudes menu with a nice variety of doggy style, missionary, and sink/bounce (all with condoms). Leo fucks Kauan from behind while Lucas plows Mauro in the missionary position on the sofa. Rayko gets porked doggy style by Carlos. Heavy breathing, moans, sighs, and pouts of lust fill the room. The sun is finally back out and the dudes quickly move back outside next to the pool. The butt sex continues with plenty of pounding, porking, drilling, and fucking as the dudes switch up in the same variety of positions as they did indoors. These guys are definitely horny and gladly plug any willing hole that is presented to them.

After all the fuckin' and suckin', the dudes are now ready to bust their nuts. Cum shot roll call sounding off now! Lucas shoots a thick load on the side of Mauro's face, Caio cuts loose with a large thick load of jizz on Rayko's shoulder, Carlos dumps a thick load of spunk on Kayk's shoulder, Leo shoots thick cock snot on Kauan's shoulder. Hmmm. The shoulder seems to be the popular place to dumps load. The camera misses Mauro shooting but there's plenty of thick man-juice on his trimmed pubes. Kauan's thick man-seed hits the ground, Kayk lets loose with a thick load on his pubes, and Rayko squirts a large wet load on the cement. All the dudes finally hop into the inviting clear water of the swimming pool.



"Bronze" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Dennis Bell and Beto Marques provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The indoor portion of the Suruba has some problems as the lighting isn't that great and some of the action is obscured by shadows. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear these horny dudes speak in Portuguese, and when the action starts, plenty of heavy breathing, moaning, and sighing.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, "AMG Backlot: Beachfront Property", "AMG Backlot: Show Do Gemeos", and A"MG Backlot: AMG Brazil". These cool behind-the-scenes features include extra cum shots, alternate footage/angles, and interviews with the dudes (in Portuguese). There's a nice gallery featuring plentiful high-quality publicity shots of the dudes, a theatrical trailer, and previews for: "Gemeos", "Primal Urge", "Deluge", "AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning", and "Hardcore Film Classics".

Final Thoughts:

AMG Brazil and Director Dennis Bell have created an entertaining group sex movie with "Bronze". The dudes are all appealing and look to be into each other and the non-stop action. The direction, videography, and editing is competent but I personally found each scene to be a little too long. This made the action, while hot, somewhat repetitive. There were also shadow problems in the indoor portion of the Suruba obscuring some of the action. The bonus materials are plentiful with some cool behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery, and plenty of previews. As mentioned, all the dudes are appealing but my personal favorites are twins Caio and Carlos Carvalho, Lucas Ramiro, and Leo Passos. I recommend for fans of good-looking Brazilian dudes with bronzed skin and hard uncut tools.

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