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Meet Heather

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/2/07

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Meet Heather

Ninn Worx

Genre: Lesbian Erotica

Director: Michael Ninn

Cast: Heather Vandeven, Selina Draagen, Carli Banks, Justine Joli, Karlie Montana, Nevaeh, AJ Bailey, Zoe Bitton, Kelly Kline

Length: 128:43 minutes

Dates of Production: 5/29/2006 to 11/5/2006 (box); 3/29/2006 to 12/5/2006 (credits)

Extra's: The extras were actually pretty solid this time with an 18:11 minute Behind the Scenes feature by Benoit kicking things off. The playful time the performers had, the birthday cake celebration, and the glimpses into the making of the movie all made watching it worthwhile for me but there was extra sex and nudity too so the perverts won't feel left out either. It was shot in the same anamorphic widescreen of the movie too, a rarity in porn these days. There was also a 9:16 minute long solo scene that showed the artistic manner in which the movie itself was shot too although it was offered in letterbox form. There was also a photogallery and a 21:43 minute long interview with Heather in anamorphic widescreen, hanging out with an older guy as they talked about her career to date and the movie in specific details.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Meet Heather was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Michael Ninn for Ninn Worx. The bitrate of the scenes hovered around the mid to upper 5 Mbps range, keeping the picture clean most of the time; even at night. The opening tease portion of each of the five scenes was a montage with rapid editing and attempts at style but the majority of the scenes were pretty straightforward overall. The lighting helped keep the grain and video noise to a minimum, the camera angles enhanced the look of most of the cast, and a fair amount of care was excised in the editing bay from the looks of it. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital with a 224 Kbps bitrate though the vocals were often erased in favor of varying musical interludes that ranged from experimental crud to pretty interesting tidbits worthy of a higher than average rating. The music was not consistent though so your mileage will vary considerably as to the value it did or did not add.

Body of Review: Michael Ninn is the kind of director that usually elicits a response from those who see his work; be it favorable or not. He typically employs a sense of style that is reminiscent of Andrew Blake and others of that ilk, leaving most raincoaters behind as his material is rarely strokable for them. Still, as couples fare, some of his work has graced top ten lists and offers up a different type of porn for those of you familiar with Ninn Worx so I can't dismiss all of his work as light erotica unworthy of your money and seed. His latest release is a lesbian title focusing on Penthouse Pet of the Year Heather Vandeven called Meet Heather. To be upfront, I don't find her all that attractive and have figured that her status is proof positive that the magazine deserved to go bankrupt but your mileage may vary since airbrushing and superior camerawork can make most women look their very best (think "Glamour Shots" amplified about a dozen times). The movie offers five lesbian scenes for the viewer, rarely getting out of hand in terms of heat though a few of the scenes did surprise me a bit. Here's a look at them by cast and action, noting that no men were used so no condoms were needed:

Scene One: Heather Vandeven, the heavily airbrushed gal on the front cover and Penthouse Pet of the year, was up first on the stairs with lean brunette Selina Draagen as the stylish montage effects were dropped in favor of the ladies enjoying themselves in lesbian fashion with tongues, fingers, and toys. I like gals that are into doing each other so the erotic effect present was pretty solid, especially as the music stopped and the vocals took the main stage. The way they explored each other was sometimes a bit forced and performed but it wasn't bad for stroking value a time or two.

Scene Two: Carli Banks and Heather Vandeven, playing a model and photographer outside, were up next as they seemed to play a cat & mouse game with one another. The sexual tease was again high at first and both gals were appealing, though Carli interested me more due to her past work elsewhere. They left some of their clothing on as they went down on each other, used toys to masturbate each other, and otherwise tried to come across as having all natural fun but the "gay for pay" aspect could not be denied. The glass toys weren't bad but the mechanical manner in which they shoved them into each other did little for me, the waterfall behind them increasing my need to take a break to relieve my bladder rather than my Nutsack of life giving population pudding (the ultimate goal of porn from a consumer point of view).

Scene Three: Justine Joli, one of the hottest redheads in porn, and sexy Karlie Montana, were both up next by a large outdoor pool at night as Heather Vandeven watched over them. The younger gals seemed to really appreciate the sex and Heather did not take away from that dynamic too much as she practically stalked them from behind. The gals playfully ate and felt each other up, never seeming rushed though they did manage to look up at Heather a few times as though wanting her to go away. Still, as far as lesbian partners were concerned, these two had the most chemistry out of all the other pairings in the movie.

Scene Four: Nevaeh, AJ Bailey, and Heather Vandeven, were all up next on the staircase; this time looking like they just came from a funeral given the black veils they wore along with their matching outfits. They provided a sense of urgency that some of the other scenes did not provide but this caused them to seem rushed and that weakened it for me. The music was too loud as well, effectively drowning out the vocals in large part, so your mileage may vary but there also appeared to be looping going on with the audio too.

Scene Five: Zoe Bitton, Kelly Kline, and Heather Vandeven, were up last as the young gals approached the spotlight performer by the pool at night; each working her over a bit as she moaned in pleasure. The fetish attire and heavy make up were a mixed bag for me but Kelly and Zoe each looked fantastic here. It was a slow scene that tried to build up some heat but all too often, the results were not forthcoming as the younger gals were left hanging by the older woman, seemingly hanging on and holding the cuties back. It wasn't a bad scene but it exemplified the problems of several other scenes that were built around Heather; apparently trying to convince the viewer that she had something special going for her that I just did not see.

Summary: Meet Heather by director Michael Ninn for Ninn Worx was essentially a showcase for Heather Vandeven. If you find her appealing, you can skip the rest of this review and enjoy it until your balls drain dry but the wonderfully glamorous picture on the front cover was far better looking than the video of her at work, the mechanical action she provided typically hindering the heat rather than elevating it. Still, there was enough stroke material in Meet Heather to scrap by with a rating of Rent It but only just by the skin on Heather's implant scars so don't go out of your way unless you care to see often mediocre lesbian fare surrounded by short interview clips by the gal.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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