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Scouts on Patrol Again

Studio: French Connection » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: September 9, 2002

Director: Travis Herdez and Teofilo Ortega

Cast: Cris, Josef, Junior, Bruno, Rafael, Leo

Body Types: Muscular, European guys, twinks, uncut cocks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: outdoor sex, guys in uniform

Plot: A troop of scouts ventures out into the wilderness, looking for excitement. However, they find excitement amongst each other.

The Movie:

Porn fulfills our sexual fantasies. Some men might dream about a Canadian Mountie or perhaps a domineering army commander. However, if we look back to our youth, its easy to forget how hot some of our friends used to look in their Boy Scout uniforms. This movie helps us to reminisce about what it was like to be young, horny, and close to our friends.

Scene one:

Leo is a brunette with a nice chiseled body, while Josef is also muscular with a darker skin tone. The two guys play volleyball together. After playing in the hot sun, the boys disrobe, wearing only their scout shorts. Eventually, the shirtless hunks sit down to relax and drink some cool water. One of the guys starts to massage the other's chest, which leads to some erotic kissing.

First, Josef starts to suck on Leo's erect penis, as well as licking all over his body. Leo then reciprocates, by playfully exploring his friend's cock. There are some nice shots of Joseph shoving it in and out of Leo's mouth. The two scouts then lay down to have some 69 fun. After moistening each other's cocks, Josef allows his friend to plow his ass. Josef props himself up into the air, so that Leo can screw him from above. This provides for some great angles of the action. After that, Josef gets on all fours so that he can get screwed even more. Finally, Josef jacks off, shooting his load onto his chest. Leo then gives Josef a nice facial on his chin and lips.

Overall, this was a nice scene. It was nice to watch the guys play before the screwing. The scene was also well lit with natural sunlight.

Scene two:

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Cris and Bruno decide to take a swim. Both guys are brunettes with nice, muscular bodies. After some playing in the pool, the boys decide to take off all of their clothes. The boys start making out in the pool, which leads to some poolside oral action. Bruno sits on the edge of the pool while Cris orally services his mate. The sight of Cris sucking on Bruno's gigantic penis is wonderful! Bruno's penis is so large that Cris can't go too far down on the shaft. Cris also licks and sucks all over Bruno's body, including sucking on his toes. The boys then towel off and lay out in the sun. However, they have a "hard" time keeping their hands off of each other. Cris starts to screw Bruno. Seeing a big dicked guy getting screwed is always nice in porn. Bruno is incredibly hard while he is getting fucked, so his friend provides an eager hand for Bruno's cock. His friend continues to screw him on his side, until they switch positions to allow Cris to screw Bruno on all fours. The two don't make much sound, but the action speaks for itself.

The boys then change positions so that Cris is the one getting fucked. Cris straddles Bruno's gigantic cock, while Bruno lies down. Cris can only go so far down before he winces with pain. After some pumping, Cris then cums on Bruno's leg while he is getting screwed. Bruno gently kisses him afterwards and then he works on his own cock, giving a nice, creamy facial all over Cris' face. The two lads kiss at the end.

This was a great scene. It was so sexy to see Bruno in action with his gigantic cock. I loved seeing him getting screwed and then finally screwing Cris with his big penis. The facial that he gives Cris at the end is also fantastic.

Scene three:

Junior and Josef sit together on the grass. Junior is a brunette twink with a tattoo on his chest. Josef returns for this scene. Josef reaches over and starts to rub Junior's leg. Junior allows him to continue, resulting in the removal of their clothes. Josef (who wears a hat throughout) works on his friend with his oral skills. Junior has a nice long penis and Josef spends a considerable amount of time servicing it.

Junior then places his large member into Josef's hairy hole. He pumps away gently at first but then he starts to fuck faster. Josef winces with pain, but he still takes it like a man. After fucking Josef on all fours, they change positions so that Junior can hold his friend's legs up while he screws him. Josef mostly lies there quietly, looking away. Junior eventually strokes his cock in unison with his pal. Junior is the first to cum, shooting all over Josef's chest. Josef then releases a sticky load onto his own chest.

This scene was OK. Josef didn't look like he was having a fun time, plus we never see Junior sucking on Josef's cock. The two guys also didn't seem like they were very excited to be making out with each other.

Scene four:

Cris and Leo return for this scene. They start doing jumping jacks and pushups in unison. Cris develops a cramp in his arm, so Leo starts to massage it for him. This leads to playful touching of each other's muscles. Eventually, the two lads start to rub their "other" muscles. They both pull down each other's pants revealing nice erections. First, Leo thoroughly sucks on Cris' cock. Cris then turns Leo around and starts to shove his hard member in and out of Leo's hole. There are some close-ups of the action, but the hottest angles occur when we get a good side profile of the studs in action. The two lads eventually move to a different location where Cris can fuck Leo on all fours. Cris starts to really screw Leo hard, resulting in some serious grunts and moans. After Cris pulls out, he starts to orally work on Leo's cock.

The guys then move over to some lounge chairs. Leo now gets to screw Cris. Leo lies down and Cris straddles on top of Leo's cock. Next, Leo screws his friend on a table and while standing up. Cris then switches positions so that he can lie on his back while getting screwed. While Cris has a cock up his ass, he jacks off his own cock producing a nice load. Leo then shoots out a small load close to Cris' spent dick.

This was a good pairing of actors. Both actors are cute, and versatile.

Scene five:

Two scouts escape from the pack to go make out in the sun. Bruno returns to this scene to show off his gigantic rod. Rafael, a brunette with wavy hair, accompanies him. Rafael starts to suck on Bruno's gigantic penis. The director wisely chose to spend a long time showing Bruno getting serviced (it's quite hot!). Bruno then briefly starts to rim Rafael's ass, only to then shove his mighty whale of a cock up Rafael's ass. There are some underneath shots to see how far Bruno shoves in his meat. Rafael seems to enjoy the pounding since he moans most of the time. The two scouts change positions throughout the scene, although they do all of their fucking on an outdoor log. Eventually, Bruno squeezes out a thick load onto his Rafael's ass. The sight of that gigantic cock spurting out the load was fantastic! Then Rafael cums, while the two masturbate closely. The guys kiss at the end.

This was a good scene. It was fantastic to see Bruno's cock in action again. The screwing was pretty good too. This scene was a nice way to end the movie.

The DVD:


I noticed digital artifacts in some of the scenes. However, the scenes still look good. The movie was shot outdoors, so all of the scenes are well lit, thanks to the sun.


The sound wasn't that great. Wind blowing into the microphone made it difficult to hear some of the action. However, it was nice to hear the sounds of nearby nature as these sexy lads screwed. All of the guys speak in their native language, without subtitles.


There is a photo gallery with pictures from the movie. There are also several trailers from other French Connection titles.

Final thoughts:

Scouts on Patrol again is a good film. The guys are cute and the sex is pretty good. This movie may be appealing to those looking for some cute European twinks, dressed up as scouts. The standouts of the movie are the two scenes involving Bruno and his mammoth whopper of manhood. Here's to hoping that Bruno returns to future scout titles. I know I would like to join up with his troop!

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