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Studio: Athletic Model Guild » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 5/21/07

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Date of Production:December 2006

Director:Dennis Bell

Cast:Renzo Castelli, Ricardo Onca, Junior Ronaldo, Bob Padilla, Fael Fernandez, Will Castelo, Carlos Rossi

Body Types:Body builder types, Brazilian men, natural and shaved body hair, uncut penises, large penises, hairy asses

Condoms: yes

Things to see:outdoor sex

Plot: These hunky Brazilian men beckon you to pluck them from the tree of forbidden fruit.

The Movie:

Most porn is shot indoors. Doing an indoor shoot enables the director to control things such as light, the audio and the risk of everyday people walking onto the porno set. As a result, the typical porno set seems to vary from the fake motel room, to a cheap office setting, and even the occasional director's bedroom, on loan for the film. However, some directors choose to shoot outdoors because the beauty of nature contrasts with the beauty of the couple having sex. These outdoor productions might cost more and be risky in terms of local outdoor indecency codes, but the result is often breathtaking and beautiful.

Pecado was shot outdoors and on location in Brazil. The jungle is lush and vibrant, just like I imagined it would be. The men are all dark, tanned, well muscled and have penises that would make a full size banana feel envy. Also, the guys seem to enjoy each other and passionately worship each other's cocks. However, something happened along the way during this shoot; the director forgot to complete scenes. There were several scenes in this movie where the actors don't finish what they started, resulting in an entire cast undoubtedly suffering from blue balls. Only until the end does the cast get to release their loads, or at least most of them do. Thus, while this DVD may be full of beauty, it also suffers from some annoyances.

Scene one:

Junior lies naked on a tree branch, erotically eating and sucking on some fruit. Will walks by (also naked) and develops a hunger for the same forbidden fruit. Both Junior and Will have dark hair, well chiseled bodies and big uncut dicks. Junior jumps down and shares his fruit, which leads into sharing his "Brazilian banana." Junior starts to suck on his Will's penis, releasing some drool. Next, Junior leans against a tree so that Will can suck on his thick penis. Will spends a long time orally pleasing Junior, while the camera moves around the action. Finally, Will stops sucking and the two walk away without cumming.

This scene felt like an introduction and left me wanting more.

Scene two:

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Buff and built Carlos jacks off looking off into the jungle. Carlos is very well built with a dark, thick cock and trimmed pubes. He licks his lips as he fantasizes about a three way involving Ricardo, Renzo, and Fael. In the three way, the men kiss each other and rub all over their bodies. Eventually, Renzo and Fael start to orally please Ricardo, who stands up with his penis curving to the left. Renzo and Fael take turns sharing the cock, and then lick on his cock in unison. Next Renzo alternates between sucking on two cocks, while Ricardo and Fael kiss each other. Fael then returns to sucking on Ricardo's juicy member. Renzo and Fael spend considerable time sucking on Ricardo's cock, giving him intense pleasure. Next Ricardo alternates between sucking on Renzo and Faels' cocks. Ricardo gives the guys a nice, slow blowjob as he delicately explores their penis heads. All three men then stroke on their cocks, while they kiss each other. The men don't cum at the end.

This threesome had so much going for it, but it failed to be anything more than a tease. For what was shown, it was incredibly hot because the close-ups make the guy's penises look gigantic. There was also natural sweat present here, which made the scene look like a sweaty good time. Alas, this scene felt incomplete.

Scene three:

Carlos continues to stroke on his cock until he is joined by his friend Bob. Bob looks younger than Carlos and has a long penis. The two romantically kiss and stroke each other until Bob starts to suck on Carlos' thick cock. Bob sucks on Carlos' hairy balls and takes most of the meat into his mouth. Just when you think Carlos might be close to climaxing, the scene ends.

This was another scene where the action started out great, only to end prematurely. There was no climax, just some more dick teasing. Also Bob didn't receive any attention to his cock.

Scene four:

The grand finale takes place at a pool. The entire cast enters the scene and divides into two groups. In one group, Fael orally services two men, and in the other group, Renzo and the boys passionately kiss each other. Some guys move from group to group, depending on what meets their fancy. At one point, Fael sucks on three cocks at once, each guy shoving their cock close to Fael so that it will be sucked on. The close-ups here were great, helping the audience to see all of the juiciness of the cock sucking. Eventually, Renzo starts to suck on the two guys in his group.

Next, two guys bend over to have their holes rimmed. These guys don't shave so their holes look like a wildlife sanctuary. The guys alternate between the rimming, but quickly return back to sucking on some more cock. Will then starts fucking Fael and Carlos screws Renzo doggie-style. Carlos screws the hole quickly while Renzo's hard cock and balls get tossed around. Carlos eventually fucks the hell out of Renzo, making him seriously moan.

Fael is then screwed by Will as he straddles the cock and sucks on Carlos's cock. Meanwhile, Renzo is fucked poolside by Bob. He moves himself up and down on Bob's cock, while sucking on Will's cock from above. The other guys stand around jacking off and kissing each other. Next, Fael is bent over and briefly fucked by Junior, while simultaneously sucking on Carlos's cock.

Eventually, Carlos cums on the ground followed by Junior shooting his load onto Carlos' cock. While Renzo rapidly sucks on Will's cock, Ricardo cums on Renzo's right butt cheek followed by Bob cumming a thick load on the left butt cheek. Will then shoots a wet load all over Renzo's chest. All of the guys kiss at the end, followed by some masculine penis slapping all over Renzo's shoulders and cheeks. All of the guys jump into the pool to wash off.

This was the only complete sex scene is the film. Fortunately, it was a good scene. The oral sex was nice, with close-ups that showed off the large Brazillian cocks. The fucking was good, as well as the cumshots at the end. The only problem was that some of the actors looked like they could have used more direction as opposed to standing away from the group, gently stroking their penis.

The DVD:


The transfer for this film was sometimes inconsistent. The majority of the scenes feature crystal clear images that capture the detail and colors of the jungle scenes. However, some scenes have a grainy look to them, with muted colors. The few moments where this occurred won't necessarily detract from the movie, but it was unfortunate that the film wasn't consistent.


This DVD features 2.0 stereo sound. There are some nice ambient jungle effects to be heard, as well as appropriate jungle/new age music. All of the dialogue is spoken in the boy's native language. The dialogue can primarily be heard, although there were a few moments where the jungle ambience washed out the actor's voice.


This DVD features attractive animated menus, trailers (including the trailer for this film), and an animated photo gallery. The photo gallery has a considerable amount of posing photos of some of the models, and the pictures look like the high quality images that could be found in magazines such as Playgirl.

Final thoughts:

This DVD was difficult to rate! On one hand the movie had a lot of great things going for it, including sexy guys and beautifully shot scenes. The scenery is simply amazing and the camera captures its exotic splendor, as well as the beauty of these hunky men. However, the film features only one complete sex scene, while the other scenes serve only to tease you, or in most cases, force you to fast-forward to the good stuff. Therefore, I can wholeheartedly say that Pecado is an excellent rental choice. The guys are incredibly hot and you will probably get all that you need out if them in one sitting.

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