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Dreams of Rafael

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 5/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:
April 2006

Rafael Alencar

Rafael Alencar, Trent Atkins, Brian Bodine, Sergio Del Castillo, Paco Coimbra, Kyler Cox, Diego, Antton Harri, Hans Hintern, Blu Kennedy & Marcos Pirelli

Body Types:
Smooth, muscular, lean, bodybuilder, black, white, latino, uncut and cut dicks


Special Features:
Orgy, bukkake, inter-racial sex, long rim chain, underwater head

Sex runs rampant at a large mansion visited by Rafael in his dreams.

The Movie:
Rafael, Antton: Coverboy Rafael, (a hard-muscled, dark-haired Brazilian with a nipple ring and tat) in his bikini briefs, prepares for bed. In the following scene, he is smartly dressed in a suit and tie and enters the back of a stretch Hummer limousine. Rafael soon takes a nap. After the limo pulls up to the entrance of a mansion, the handsome, muscular, driver (Antton Harri) takes a look at Rafael from the rearview mirror and strokes his own cock. The driver enters the back of the limo and sits beside Rafael who is quickly startled by him. With his black gloves, Antton massages his client's package contained in his pants. He releases Rafael's massive, dark, uncut cock. Rafael's monster cock remains hard as the driver strokes and kisses Rafael. Lust progresses to dick and ball sucking, shaft licking, and foreskin nibbling and intensifies as Rafael fucks Antton's mouth. The massive cock causes the driver to briefly gag. Next, Antton bends over exposing his luscious white ass and Rafael teases his man pussy which twitches with each stroke of his tongue. For extra measure, Rafael wets his fingers and drills them into Antton's ass to the driver's pleasure. Those ass cheeks are soon separated by the dark monster cock. And if that's not enough, Antton rides Rafael's cock and gets side-fucked on the roof of the limo. They move to the side of the limousine where the driver shoots his load as he is fucked. Rafael shoots thick loads of man cream on the kneeling driver's face and glasses. And they lip lock a moment before Rafael samples the cum from his face.

Rafael leaves the limo and enters the mansion. While Rafael washes up, a man with blonde hair and crew shirt appears from nowhere and vanishes just as quickly.

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Blu, Marcos: Wandering the halls of the mansion, Rafael opens a door that reveals a young naked muscular redhead (Blu Kennedy) kissing a naked masculine toned Latino man (Marcos Pirelli) on a king-size four poster bed. The two take turns sucking each other's big cocks. You know what they say about redheads. Well, this one lives up to the reputation. Blu has a thick long dick made for sucking, a pretty pink dick head and a big pink sack. Eventually, he gets his temperature taken by Marcos' big rectal thermometer. The redhead rides him and the talented Latino thrusts his pelvis, shoving his brown dick rapid-fire into the boy's asshole. Proving how hot versatile boys can be, Blu stuffs Marcos in the ass, doggy-style. It is more froggy-style since Marcos' legs are spread further apart and his ass is lower on the bed. Marcos cums when he is fucked sideways and the red firecracker shoots his load as he strokes his enormous cock.

The Sun sets on the beach in front of the mansion. In this romantic setting, Rafael passionately kisses his driver.

Kyler, Diego: Back at the mansion, a staircase is lit with tea light candles. Two nude lovers are sitting and making out on the staircase. One is a cute brunette with a dimple (Kyler Cox) and the other is a toned Columbian (Diego). A little BJ, rimming, and kissing prompts them to head to the lavish bathroom which is also surrounded by candles. Rafael peers from behind the door to catch all the action and joins them to kiss Diego briefly before disappearing as the cute boy swallows Diego's cock. From the side of the marble tub and the circular furniture, Diego breaks into his ass cleavage. He squirts his man milk on the boy's backside and rubs his shaft between the cheeks. The cute Kyler flips over and empty his nuts on his stomach while he's caressed and tenderly kissed by his lover.

Brian, Sergio: Day breaks. Rafael awakes and walks out to the mansion's balcony. He spots a buff, bald black man (Brian Bodine) in jeans cleaning the pool. A rock hard muscular gardener (Sergio Del Castillo) is a short distance away. When they spot Rafael cruising them from above, they massage their own crotches. Rafael continues to play with himself as the two men remove each other's clothing. The Spanish muscleman enthusiastically chews on the large chocolate covered banana. Looking like Greek statues, Brian is on his knees eating the muscular ass of Sergio. Seconds later, muscular Sergio rocks his ass on Brian's stiff cock and gets doggy fucked. His oral skills are tested as he moves onto the black cock again when they slip into the pool. Sergio slowly works his mouth down the dick and doesn't stop after the black guy slides a few steps more into the pool. With talents even Mark Spitz would envy, the muscleman is able to suck and bob on that tool while being completely under water. Sergio comes out of the water to catch his breath and he's ready to fuck the first hot man around. The black guy gets it good in the ass and for a few seconds, Rafael takes Sergio's place and gives the black man a good pounding. The climax results in Sergio and Brian sitting in the pool jerking off until their milky jizz shoots leaving strands of white ribbon in the clear pool water. The camera takes shots above and below the surface of the water. Beautiful!

Orgy: At the conclusion of the poolside fuck, Rafael reenters the mansion. He turns around and a hot orgy forms on the covered furniture located in the living room. The hot hung men are fucking on the sofa, chairs, coffee table, piano, and floor. And like the previous scene, Rafael makes a brief appearance to fuck one of the men. The men spread out on the three sofas to form a 9 man rimming chain as a highlight of this scene. The cute young stud (Trent Atkins) and hot blonde German muscle boy (Hans Hintern) Rafael spotted when he first walk into the mansion lie back on a marble table and receive the showers of cum in the bukkake scene.

Rafael, Hans: Back at the beach, Rafael is enjoying the day with his new friend, Hans. They enter the mansion together hand-in-hand. A flame flickers in the fireplace as the naked men stand with their dicks touching each other at full mast. Rafael slowly kisses his new lover and brushes his hand against his hard pecs and nipples down to his rippling abs and to the German's big uncut veiny meat. With his finger, Raphael touches the tip of his dick and pulls away to stretch out his precum. He takes the precummed dick and touches or kisses his partner's cock lips with it. Hintern fondles Raphael's cock and balls with his mouth and opens his own ass crack for Rafael exploratory tongue. The heat rises with a sausage and rimming 69. The muscleboy gets a workout by doing some squats on Rafael's throbbing meat and slamming his ass against that cock. Unable to restrain it any more, Raphael slips the rubber off his sausage and cums on the boy's tight abs. Hintern does not cum, however.

Thoroughly satiated by his experiences, Raphael leaves the mansion with a suitcase and a big smile on his face.


The movie looks like it is shot on film except in a few scenes. The picture is clear and gorgeous. Colors are vibrant. Also, there is no jerkiness caused by camera movement. The camera person, mr. Pam (a woman) can be credited for the exceptional work in this area.

Sound is more than adequate. If anything, it's too good and at times, the background music overtakes the sound of the performers fucking. The sound of the water enhances the pool fuck between the muscle boys.

This DVD movie has a bonus disc. This disc includes a Behind the Scenes showing the cast members and the people behind the camera cutting up and acting silly. In a funny scene, the viewers get to see the makeup artist apply powder to an actor's ass. There are Interviews on this disc. The porn actors candidly discuss in their native tongue what they find hot about men and their first time having sex. As an added bonus, there is a deleted scene which is included here. Part of the mansion is fashioned into a movie theater where a young Trent Atkins and chisel-bodied older Paco Coimbra have hot man sex. Very good scene as well.

Final Thoughts:
Although "Dreams" has an orgy scene and hot sex, this movie is unique in that the slow steady shots of the sex, the sunset kisses, playing on the beach, fireplace, and the candles make it a romantic porn. While this may not be special in straight porn, I've yet to see anything like it in gay porn. It may be as close to men making love as you're going to see in a porn movie. This may be due to the fact a woman who calls herself mr. Pam holds the camera. She did a great job.

Dreams of Rafaels is directed, produced, and written by Rafael Alencar who is also the star of this movie. This is the first production from his studio, Black Scorpion Entertainment and as such, he's done a fantastic job. The quality speaks for itself starting from the design of the boxcover, the floating DVD logo and menu, the attractive models, the beautiful locale (mansion in Naples, Florida), to the excellent camera work and lighting. The cast is a mix of gorgeous men from the US and around the world. Those elements put it on another class of high quality gay porn reminiscent of Kristen Bjorn which is high praise in my book. I'm looking forward to his future releases.

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