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Pipe Dreams

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/27/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

March 2007

Directed By:

Danny Ray


Casper Wats, Tom Hawai, Lucky Taylor, Mike Gate, Aaron Garpett, Fernando Kruz, Thomas Le, Nico Sideropolus.

The Movie:

Nope. The movie is not about a bunch of plumbers dreaming of sewer lines. These horny devils slumber and dream of hard uncut cocks and plowing tight bungholes.

The Dudes:

These European dudes are appealing in their own way with most having short dark or brown hair, toned/smooth bodies, closely trimmed pubes, and large unclipped cocks.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


Scene One:

Casper Wats (cute with short brown hair and toned/smooth body) lazes on a sofa sleeping in his white boxer briefs and open shirt. While dreaming, Casper's hands slowly roam around his chest and play with the growing tent is his underwear. Pulling his large unclipped prick from the confines of his briefs, Casper begins to jack off. Watching from the loft above, Tom Hawai (good-looking with short dark hair and toned/smooth body) watches Casper beat his meat and begins to stroke his own uncut dick. Tom is hot to trot and in a short time shoots a large thick load of love milk over the loft's side making Casper wake up and smile. Tom practically breaks his neck making his way down to Casper where the dudes kiss with lots of wet tongue. Casper takes Tom's dong into his mouth jacking the shaft and lovin' on that big thang giving excellent head.

Tom desires a taste of unclipped meat chowing down on Casper stroking and sucking like a true cock fiend. Both dudes are very into cramming hard man-tools down their throats and give exemplary blowjobs. Casper blows a big thick wad on Tom's shoulder and chest. Tom shoots his second round of jizz on Casper's leg. Still horny, Tom hikes one leg up on the sofa allowing Casper full access to his tight shaved bunghole, which receives a full tongue bath. He moans in pleasure as his most private place is lapped. This leads Casper to fuck Tom from behind sliding quickly in 'n out using long full smooth strokes. Tom plows Casper in the side/missionary position humping fast 'n hard making his pal shoot a second generous thick load on the floor. In turn, Tom dumps his third load of clear wet cum on Casper's trimmed pubes. Waking up from his dream, Casper cuts loose with his third load on his stomach.

Scene Two:

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Lucky Taylor (cute with black hair and slender/toned/smooth body) sleeps on a couch wearing only tight white briefs. Naturally, his hands begin to wonder all over his hot li'l bod leading to jacking his fat uncut tool while his left hand lovingly cups 'n cradles his nuts. Mike Gate (good-looking with short brown hair and tall/toned/smooth body) spies on his sleeping buddy while stroking his rigid clipped dick and rubbing his smooth chest. Lucky really works his heavy foreskin up 'n over the knob. Very hot! The dudes make out kissing and sucking each other's tongues. Lucky grabs Mike's big dick cramming it down his gullet as Mike reaches over to shake hands with Lucky's member. After gorging himself on Mike's plump nuts, Mike chows down on Lucky's cock working his mouth up ' down.

It's sixty-nine time on the sofa and both dudes take full advantage of this wonderful position filling their gobs with rigid man-pole. Mike shoots a thick load on his stomach as Lucky squirts a large wet load on Mike's chest. Lucky munches down on Mike's tight shaved asshole while limber Mike licks the tip of his own tool. This is some very cool butt eating and Mike eventually pops his nut on his own tongue. Hot! Not to be outdone, Lucky squirts another load this time on the floor. Lucky fucks Mike in the missionary position using fast 'n full strokes while jacking Mike's big dick. Lucky switches to fucking Mike from behind with fast 'n smooth strokes. Mike dumps his third load on the sofa leading Lucky to squirt yet another nut on Mike's back. Hot!

Scene Three:

Carey Lexes (cute with brown/blond hair and toned/smooth build) and his pal Aaron Garpett (nice-looking with short dark hair and slender/smooth body) stand completely naked while engaging in some wet tongue kissing. Carey sucks Aaron's long uncut member working his wet mouth all over giving very good head. Aaron sinks to his knees taking Carey's fat unclipped pork down his throat and slobbering like a starving man looking at a blue plate special. Carey dumps thick jizz on the ground as Aaron has his fist wrapped around the tool milking every last drop out of the piss slit and shoots his own load on the floor. Aaron lays spread eagle on the sofa with his legs up in the air allowing Carey to tongue his tight shaved touchhole.

Carey enters Aaron in the side/missionary position with long/smooth/fast fucking as Aaron pounds his pud. Having a lusty itch of his own, Carey rides Aaron's prick bouncing up 'n down while his hard cock flops from side to side. He shoots a thick load of love balm while riding Aaron's cock hitting his and Aaron's inside thighs. Hot large load! Aaron cuts loose with a small amount of spooge on Carey's closely trimmed pubes. I must say that Carey is one hot fucking dude!

Scene Four:

Nico Sideropolus (very hot with longish brown hair and toned/smooth body) is in a gentle slumber and naturally rubbing his chest and fisting his big uncut weenie sliding the naturally wet foreskin back and forth over his moist purple knob. Waking up, Nico spies on Fernando Kruz (very handsome with dark hair and toned/smooth body) and Thomas Lee (cute with short light brown hair and toned/smooth body), as they stand completely nude swallowing tongues. Thomas drops to his need devouring Fernando's rigid uncut dong taking it all the way down his throat. Nico watches and jacks that hot foreskin. Heavy breathing and loud moans fill the room as Fernando dumps a large thick load of cock juice while Thomas is rubbing his mouth up 'n down Fernando's tool accordion style. Hot load! Fernando gets down on Thomas's stiff unclipped hog wildly sucking and slobbering taking as much as he possibly can. Thomas shoots a small thick 'n sticky load and has a cool cum-filled foreskin nipple. Fernando jacks another thick load on the floor as Nico rubs his tool against a window frame (!) and squirts a large amount of thick man-gravy. Hot load!

Nico finally joins the party leading the three dudes to make out and taste tongues. Thomas munches down on Fernando's tight shaved bunghole as Nico sucks Fernando's cock with plenty of loud grunts and moans. Thomas knows how to eat a meat pucker. Fernando shoots a third big load of jizz-juice. He sinks down on Nico's rigid dong bouncing, riding, and working his hips to fill his snug chute. Thomas rides Fernando's cock while Nico thrusts upwards frantically fucking Fernando. It's a three-way fuck par-tay! The dudes continue their threesome fuck in the side/missionary position looking like a mass of quivering sex-flesh. The guys hump back greedy in their need to fill their tight assholes with tube steak and meet their every sexual need. It's a fuck machine that is totally out of control. Thomas shoots another thick load as Fernando squirts a large amount of spunk and Nico dumps thick on Fernando's plump nuts.



"Pipe Dreams" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ray Smith is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of very cool close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and crisp.


The sound is clear and allows the viewer to hear these horny dudes as they take each other on for some sweaty man lovin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, PopShot-on-Demand, the cool safe sex PSA "Wrap it Up" starring Chi Chi LaRue, and previews for: "Construction Island", "Passion of War", and "Winner Takes All"

Final Thoughts:

Channel One Releasing and Director Danny Ray bring us a hot li'l movie with "Pipe Dreams". The direction, videography, and editing (Ray Smith) are top-of-the-line creating a slick fast-paced fuck 'n suck party filled with appealing European men. My personal favorites are Lucky Taylor, Carey Lexes, Fernando Kruz, and Nico Sideropolus. Although giving high-energy performances, I could honestly not tell if the dudes were really into the action or simply going through the motions. I must say that the cock sucking and butt sex is energetic so I'll assume the guys were into each other. My one complaint is the movie has a cold/impersonal feel. The sex is efficient and no holds-barred but there seems to be something lacking. I had the same feeling while watching David Cronenberg's sex opus "Crash" but the sex in that movie was supposed to have a cold metallic feel. Because the movie is of the highest quality and the dudes are sexy and give energetic performances, I'm going with a highly recommended to fans of European men with large uncut cocks and plenty of no hands cum shots. On an interesting note, "Pipe Dreams" is also the title of a non-adult 1970s drama starring Gladys Knight! I wonder if she was secretly dreaming of the same types of "pipes"? Ha!

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