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Lambda Lambda Lamdba

Studio: Caballero Video » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:

February 2007

The Movie:

Poor Roger is the least popular "brother" in this college frat house. Finally having enough of watching hot sex but never being invited to participate, Roger hatches a plan to force his hunky but asshole roommate into some wild man-to-man action.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

The dudes here are appealing in their early twenties with mostly short dark hair. The bodies are toned 'n smooth, the pubes are full 'n trimmed, and the cocks are clipped (except one).

Scene One:

Good-looking frat brothers Rico (short black hair, toned body) and Brody (short brown hair, toned/lightly hairy body) are busy studying when Rico starts complaining like a little bitch whining, "I hate this! It's Friday night! I should be out being "fabulous" somewhere!" What a dipshit. Brody gets pissed at Rico's cheesy outburst as he's trying to finish a paper on "comparing the Catholicism of Tolkin's Ring trilogy to Lewis's Protestant Chronicles". The acting is stilted and so bad it's hilarious. Studies are quickly placed on the back burner and the dudes kiss with loads of wet tongue and lick hard nipples. Rico pulls Brody's black Calvin Klein briefs down revealing shortly trimmed pubes, nice nuts, and a hard cut cock. Rico chows down on that rigid tool sliding his mouth up 'n down and making very loud sucking noises. I wonder if he thinks his sloppy noises are "fabulous"?

Brody is soon down on his knees swallowing Rico's large cut cock down his gullet. Rico has some mouth-watering plump nuts and hot brown pubes. Brody goes to town on that cock and those wonderful nuts. He munches down on Rico's asshole with no good close-ups followed by Rico getting a taste of his pal's pucker. Again, there are no descent close-ups of tongue to bunghole but at least there are a few quick shots of Brody's tight shaved hole. Rico fucks Brody from behind on the desk using fast/hard pounding with some descent penetration close-ups thrown in from time to time. The dudes spank their monkeys with Brody shooting a thick load of man-love on his fist and stomach. Rico shoots thick jizz on Brody's trimmed bush.

Scene Two:

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The only credited model in the movie Anthony Scott (fucking hot with short black hair and toned/smooth body) and Kirk (cute with short brown hair, tall/slender/smooth body) soap up in the communal frat house showers cleaning those hot bodies. Anthony is a real looker with full black pubes and a plump uncut cock. Perhaps the soap contains an aphrodisiac as the dudes begin some serious tongue kissing and body rubbing. Kirk gets down on those knees taking that big dong down his throat and jacking the shaft. Kirk practically gets lost in those beautiful balls. There are some very nice close-ups of the cock sucking. Anthony sinks to his haunches and sucks Kirk's stiff clipped dick into his hot mouth licking and sucking for all he's worth. Anthony is in charge here and enters Kirk's tight hairy asshole from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes. Again, there are some very nice close-ups of the penetration. After some missionary pounding, Kirk sprays a thick load on his stomach and fist while being plowed. Anthony busts a thick nut on Kirk's stomach and chest.

Scene Three:

Brody (scene one) turns out to be a real snotty asshole. He bores his boyfriend Biff (cute with brown/blond hair, toned/smooth body) constantly talking about himself. Despite his anger at Brody, lust takes over and Biff is all for some heavy soul kissing, nipple licking/pinching, and hairy armpit worship. Who can blame him? Brody sticks his nose in Biff's big business pulling out a large stiff cut prick wrapping his fist around the stalk and giving an excellent blowjob. Biff gets in on the oral pleasuring by sucking Brody's rigid clipped tool and slobbering all over it. Biff eats Brody's tight shaved bunghole rubbing the hot little pucker with no good close-ups of the actual eating. At least there are a few good camera shots of that spread bung. Biff fucks Brody in the traditional missionary position using long/fast/smooth strokes to make his Aunt Gladys proud. Switching to doggy style, Biff works his frustrations out about stuck-up Brody by drilling his hole into the next town. Biff cuts loose with thick love-juice on Brody's back. Brody dumps a thick load on the bed.

Scene Four:

Anthony Scott (hottie from scene two) and Franklin (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) are already in full swing when the scene opens. Franklin is down on his knees servicing that fat unclipped hog and hairy nuts having the time of his life. He really digs that dong and gives good head while Anthony pinches his own hard nipples. Bending over a chair, Franklin is in the perfect position for a little ass play. Anthony rubs that tight shaved touchhole with his thumb making Franklin actually bite the chair in lust! Anthony sinks his fat cock in from behind with fast/smooth fucking which leads to a rousing missionary slam-fuck with fast 'n hard pounding. Anthony lets loose with a very thick wad on Franklin's stomach. Franklin doesn't cum.

Scene Five:

Nice guy Roger (good-looking with longish brown hair, average build) has a real turd for a roommate: Brody. After putting up with months of Brody's bitchy treatment, Roger is finally ready to get even. He informs Brody that he will not hand over the paper he wrote for roomie until Brody "puts out"! The roommates start off as most frat house trysts do with some heavy kissing followed by the usual body rubbing and heavy breathing. Roger chows down on Brody's hard clipped dick first licking and stroking and then taking it down his gullet. Roger then eats Brody's tight shaved butt hole where we finally get a quick but descent camera shot of actual tongue on pucker. Roger rides Brody's rigid prick bouncing up and down and jacking his own hard cut dong. Brody finishes up by fucking Roger's tight hairy asshole from behind fast 'n hard. He shoots a thick load of sex-pudding on Roger's stomach. Roger dumps a large thick load on his stomach. If I were Roger, I wouldn't give that snob the paper!



"Lambda Lambda Lambda" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides coverage of the basic sex acts but does not get in for any good close-ups of the ass munching. There are a few peeks at bungholes and some nice close-ups of the anal penetration. The picture quality is okay in that it's not grainy but not crisp and sharp like most movies.


The sound is clear so that the viewer can completely enjoy some of the worst acting I've ever witnessed. Stilted with cheesy dialogue, the performances are unintentionally hilarious.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a gallery of screen grabs, and phone sex advertisements.

Final Thoughts:

"Lambda Lambda Lambda" reminds me of late 1980s/early 1990s smut with the frat house theme. The production is uneven in that the scenes move along at a nice pace but the videography lacks close-ups of the butt munching. The fucking includes a number of descent penetration shots and the cock sucking is fully covered. The picture quality is okay but isn't crisp/sharp like most current productions. On the plus side, the guys are appealing and give energetic performances. They look to really be into each other and the action. Finally, the acting is a complete riot. I've never heard such stilted performances. I love it! I'm going with a Recommended for fans of frat house settings.

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