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Legendary Bodies

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/13/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production:

1970s and 1980s

The Movie:

Vintage COLT Studios muscle studs oil up posing and flexing for the camera in this soft-core ode to the wonders of bulging biceps, hard pecs, and ultra tight swimming suits.

Cal Sinclair:

Cal's a very handsome guy with brown hair, mustache, and muscular/smooth body. He's outdoors wearing a small purple bathing suit as he poses, flexes, and struts that hot stuff. While enjoying a relaxing swim, Cal removes his trunks and climbs up on an inflatable float showing off his sexy bum and exposed nut sack. The camera lovingly caresses his body and slowly pans down to his full brown pubes and cut cock. Rubbing his chest, hard nipples, and huge muscular thighs, Cal is having a good ol' time. Out of the pool and doing numerous pull-ups, he ends the show by oiling up that bod.

Reggie Graham:

Good-looking Reggie has brown hair and flexes those muscles while wearing a tight white COLT tee shirt and blue jeans. He slowly pulls the shirt off revealing his sexy muscular/smooth chest and pink nipples. Reggie's in the mood to show us everything so he yanks down his jeans and briefs exposing his full dark pubes and beautiful uncut dick. His cock has a yummy foreskin nipple at the tip. Slurp! The picture switches back and forth between color and black& white as he lifts weights and oils that body. Posing and flexing up a storm, Reggie is a very enjoyable study of the male.

Owen Moore:

Mr. Moore is a handsome guy with longish brown hair and smooth muscle-bound build. He's outside under a poolside shower wearing only a small red bathing suit. Awesome body! Owen moves to a new location: a stone wall where he flexes those huge muscles showing off his bubble butt, and big muscular thighs. Drool. Daydreaming of flexing in the desert, Own shows off his hot bubble butt as he runs though a series of poses allowing us to see his full dark bush and fat clipped tool. To finish up, he's back under the outdoor shower loving every moment of the cold water cascading down his body in slow motion.

Kyle Jessup:

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Palm trees, blue sky, and a hunky muscle-bound dude with black hair and mustache. What else could any self-respecting gay man want? Kyle exercises stretching that gorgeous body wearing a little tan swim suit. Spreading his legs and bending over, he gives us a groovy look at those hot buns, muscular thighs, and legs. Since the movie is shot silently with music added later, it's kind of funny to see him keep changing the radio channel. I wonder what he's really listening to? Under the soothing waters of an outdoor shower, Kyle caresses his hard nipples, dark bush, and semi hard cut dick. He strokes his prick making it grow. Toweling off nice 'n slow, he ends the scene by relaxing on a hammock as a sailboat can be seen floating in the distance.

Carl Hardwick:

Surrounded by the lush green forests of Northern California, this handsome muscular guy with a hot hairy chest wearing short shorts grabs an axe and rope and heads out to chop some wood. Down home harmonica music fills the soundtrack as Carl wields that axe becoming hot 'n sweaty. Looking around to make sure he's alone, Carl strips down showing off his glorious hairy body, dark bush, and cut member. He ties the rope around the log he chopped and hauls it stark naked. He's definitely my favorite dude featured so far. Once home, he lathers up under the outdoor shower (these are quite popular with the COLT dudes) washing those hairy pecs and stomach.

Carl is featured in another segment immediately following where he shaves all that beautiful body hair off! No! Shame on you! At least he leaves his bush alone.

Erik King:

Erik is a good-looking dude with brown hair and smooth/tanned/muscular body. Wearing tight white swim trunks, he oils up his bod paying close attention to his pecs and hard nipples. Rubbing the oil into his shoulders, chest, and arms, Erik pulls the trunks down revealing a small blue net bikini-type posing strap. Loosing all modesty, he cleans the swimming pool showing off that hot bum, dark bush, and clipped cock. There's a large boom box in the background. Again, I wonder what music he's really listening to. Lying back on a multi-colored towel, Erik rubs his body, semi hard dick, and plump balls.

Scott Sloan:

This good-looking dude has brown hair with smooth/muscular body dressed in a tight black tee shirt and white swimming suit. He completes a series of stretching exercises in front of a bunch of red flowers. Scott strips down showing off his dark pubes and uncut dick (foreskin completely covering the knob). In a highly erotic move, he flexes, poses, and puts on a hot li'l show. To finish up, Scott continues his posing and preening while a gentle mist of water covers his body.

Doug Perry:

Doug's a handsome muscle stud with brown hair, cool sideburns wearing an open plaid shirt and blue jean Bermuda shorts. He's fucking awesome! Taking a tranquil walk through the woods, Doug removes his shirt and ends up pulling his shorts off revealing that hot butt, full dark bush, and cut tool. He oils up his body including those massive muscle thighs taking his time to get every inch slathered with the slick liquid. While rubbing his bum, we get a very quick peek at his dusky bunghole. Doug digs his body running his palms over his chest, hard nipples (pinching them), and arms. His dong is semi hard with a nice big purple knob.

Franco Corelli:

Franco is very handsome with short dark hair, goatee, and hairy/muscular body. Wearing a tight blue Speedo, he lifts weights outdoors making those muscles bulge. Flexing and posing, Franco takes a shower (outside, naturally) soaping up his sexy body including dark bush and semi hard cut dick.

John Pruitt:

John is an extremely handsome dude with brown hair and muscular/hairy body, dark pubes, and clipped pole. The scene consists of a very cool montage of black & white and color photographs mixed with live-action footage. He lies in bed wearing white briefs as the soothing sound of the ocean's waves ease him into a gentle slumber. Waking up, John runs on the beach in slow motion wearing orange shorts. There are more photographs showing John hang-gliding, playing the maracas, and a Pan type flute! Washing in an outdoor shower, John's cock becomes semi hard. Dude is hot.



Legendary bodies is shot on film and presented in full screen. The camera work is very nice slowly "making love" to the dudes' bodies with plenty of close-ups of those hot muscles, bubble butts, and cocks. Due to the age of the film, the picture quality is clear with some grain.


The sound is basic and clear with instrumental tunes accompanying each scene along with sound effects such as the ocean, running water, and splashing in the pool.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, a very nice gallery featuring fifty black & white and color high quality photographs of various COLT men, and previews for : "Minute Man Solo: The Hard Way" and "Minute San Solo: Work It Off".

Final Thoughts:

Although a soft-core presentation, Legendary Bodies is a highly erotic celebration of the male form. The guys at COLT Studios have reached back into their archives selecting ten appealing men with beautiful muscular and muscle-bound bodies. The camera caresses these physiques as the dudes gladly oil up and pose/flex for the cameras making those big muscles bulge. I liked all the guys and my personal favorites are Carl Hardwick (featured on the cover), Doug Perry, Owen Moore, and John Pruitt. I recommend for fans of vintage muscle studs with brown hair and some of the best bodies I've ever seen. The movie is enjoyable and would be perfect to play during a party with the sound turned down and your own turned up. Personally, I would play some cool jazz by Milt Jackson.

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