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Best of Colt 1&2, The

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:unlisted


Cast: Killer Joe, Butch Barnes, Kirby Scott, Gunner Hyde, Rocco Rizzolo, Nick Rogers, Clint Lockner, Jack Hacker, Lars Lundig, Julio Campas, Ryan Kilgore, Mark Rutter, Ed Wiley, Mickey Squires, Tod Avery, Bill Curry, Vito Cesari, Jake Baker,

Body Types: 70's and 80's men, including shaggy haircuts, facial hair, guys with lots of muscles, naturally hairy men, uncut and cut penises, guys with tattoos


Things to see:bareback sex, oral and facial cum shots, rimming, outdoor sex, costume play

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Colt Studios has probably experienced great change over the past four decades that they have been producing porn. In the Vietnam era, they undoubtedly had to fight a societal message of homophobia as well as indecency and obscenity laws that kept their films from being distributed in certain towns. As the decade of the 1980's arrived, however, porn grew into a thriving and profitable market, thanks largely to VHS rentals and sales. Suddenly, gay men could purchase their own copy of a porn title without having to travel to a metropolitan town such as San Francisco or New York to see a film in a theater.

However, some gay men in metropolitan cities continued to head to porno theaters and porno shops to watch short 7-10 minute clips. These clips were often devoid of any story and went right to the sex. Sometimes, the clips were shown individually, or they were edited together to make some semblance of a movie. It's these classic Colt clips, which were shown in some porno theaters and shops.

When watching these clips, I was immediately struck by some of the differences in how porn is made today. First, the shorts are shot onto film, as opposed to video, so the shorts look dark, grainy, and faded. Additionally, the shorts were filmed without sound, although the films have a dubbed disco soundtrack that plays through each scene. Secondly, the men all sport the "Castro clone" look, with lots of mustaches, shaggy haircuts, and they like to wear leather. Presently, most porn actors have shaved chests, shorter haircuts, and only wear leather if they star in a leather fetish movie. Third, the men in these shorts have unsafe sexual practices. Lack of condoms and oral cum shots were the norm in the 70's/80's era. Now, a few companies feature bareback porn, but most companies (including Colt) require that their actors perform with condoms. Finally, I was amazed by the overabundant stereotypical male roles in these clips, including cops, construction workers, cowboys and other "manly" roles. This fetish for manly men symbolized gay men's desire to be like those "manly" men of the straight world. Now, those lines had been blurred, thanks to gay men coming out in those stereotypical straight men fields, such as sports, law enforcement, etc. Some porn might feature these stereotypes, but they aren't in abundance as they were in the porn from the 70's/80's era.

Colt has graciously released these classic shorts in these Best of DVD's. The DVD's are absolutely packed with porn from the era. Most of the sex is quite erotic and several of the men still look astounding. To help you determine whether these clips appeal to you, I have described the action in each scene.

Killer & Butch:Butch Barnes and Killer Joe

Two frisky auto mechanics work on motorbike, only to find that other "parts" might need a lube job. Butch has blond hair with a hairy muscular chest and a mustache. Killer is a brunette with a buff body and some tattoos. The guys suck on each other's greasy bodies, Butch fucks Killer, and the guys shoot their load on each other at the end. This was a good scene, although it lacked some penetration shots so they guys might have been faking some of the screwing.

Gym Nasties:Kirby Scott and Gunner Hyde

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Two guys working out at the gym decide to flex some of their "other" muscles. Kirby has a slight mustache and a haircut straight out of 1981. As he jumps rope, his dick bounces out, which entices Gunner, the other gym patron. Gunner is slightly older, has a mustache and a hairy muscular chest. The guys suck on each other's penis, and make out on a gym bench. Both guys release decent loads at the end. Overall, this scene good, except a lack of penetration angles made it difficult to tell if the actors were truly having anal sex.

Coming to the End:Nick Rogers and Rocco Rizzolo

Nick showers and soaps up his body, while Rocco touches himself. Nick has a great body with a very nice penis. Rocco has a beautiful tan body and a long uncut cock. The guys have some oral sex and then Rocco screws Nick's hole. The scene ends with each actor receiving a nice facial. Nick doesn't waste an ounce, as he takes as much as he can of the load into his mouth. This was a very nice scene!

Playing with Danger:Clint Lockner and Jack Hacker

A cop (Clint) enters into Jack's house to use his telephone and much more. Clint could easily pass for a CHP officer with his thick mustache, 80's sunglasses and masculine look. Jack also looks very masculine with a hairy chest and facial hair. The guys play with Clint's police baton, they suck on each other's dicks, and have some rimming fun. Clint gets two oral loads in this scene; one from Jack, and the other from his own cock, as his dick squirts into his mouth. Jack even helps to scoop up some of the run off so that nothing is missed. This was an oral only scene, although I think fans will enjoy all of the oral cum shots.

The Big Box:Lars Lundig and Julio Campas

A dark Italian stud (Julio) brings his delivery of baked goods to a house. He searches for the home's owner, only to spot Lars masturbating outside. Julio has a dark tan body with lots of hair, while Lars has a Swedish look to him with blond hair and some body hair. The guys 69 for a while (at one point, Julio shoves his dick and balls into Lars's big mouth), which quickly leads into Julio screwing Lars's hole. Both guys shoot some nice loads at the end. This was another nice scene.

The Long Rangers:Gunner Hyde and Ryan Kilgore

Two park rangers ride their horses to a remote wilderness site. The call of the wild proves to be too hard to control so the guys start to have sex in a field. Both guys are brunettes, while Gunner is the only one with a mustache and a much larger penis. The guys have some oral sex, Ryan has his delicious ass rimmed and then the guys have sex on a blanket. Gunner ends up cumming twice, giving Ryan a nice facial, and then Ryan cums at the end. This was a good scene that was enhanced by the scenery and the actual use of horses (not for the sex of course!).

Prowlers:Mark Rutter and Ed Wiley

Two guys break into a home, steal some beer and start to make out on the home owner's couch. Both of the guys could pass for a character on the show, My Name is Earl, they are brunettes and have thick mustaches. The guys suck on each other and rim each other's hairy hole. The scene ends with a nice oral cum shot. While this was an oral only scene, the sex was still decent. I hope that robbers don't actually do this type of thing when they break into our homes!

Sun Strokes:Mickey Squires and Tod Avery

A gardener enters a back yard to make a plant delivery, but ends up delivering something else! In the garden, a bearded man sunbathes on a hammock. While the gardener gets the plants ready, the guy in the hammock starts to rub himself in a certain special way. Within a minute, both guys are naked in the hammock making out. After some dry humping, the guys suck on each other's dicks, then the gardener is screwed from behind. Both guys jack off as they watch each other. This was an enjoyable scene.

One More Time:Mark Rutter and Rocco Rizzolo

Two guys sunbathe in their backyard, until their manly urges take over. Rocco returns for this scene and he is accompanied by mark, a brunette with a mustache. Mark spends a considerable amount of time sucking on Rocco's very nice looking cock. Mark eventually ties a homemade cock ring around his package to heighten his pleasure. At the end, Mark shoots a load with Rocco's dick still in his mouth, and Rocco cums directly into mark's lucky mouth. This oral only scene was good; it was especially fun to see Rocco's glorious body glistening in the sun.

Military Pass:Ryan Kilgore and Bill Curry

An attractive military man (Bill) tries to hitch a ride without much success. Suddenly, Ryan parks his luxury car by the side of the road so that he can give Ryan a "ride." Ryan drives the soldier to his rich estate. Inside a darkly lit living room, the guys start to make out. The guys suck on each other's dicks and form a 69 position. The rich guy is wearing some really shot exercise shorts. The guys make out. After that, Bill fucks Ryan's hairy hole, making him bite down on the sheets. Ryan eventually cums with the dick still in his hole, and then Bill pulls out and shoots off his load. The house location set was rather nice and the scene as a whole was good.

Hard at Work:Vito Cesari and Jake Baker

Vito touches himself while he has an erotic conversation on the phone. Outside, the hunky construction worker (Jake) works outside. Realizing that construction worker could help him to erect his equipment, Vito invites the guy inside for some refreshing water. Inside, Vito starts to grope the guy and undo his overalls. Once the guys are naked, they suck on each other's cocks and share some rimming action. The guys shoot their loads quickly at the end. This was a good scene, and it should be noted that Vito has a really large penis!

The DVD:


Way back in the 1970's, porn was shot on actual film. This trend continued into the 1980's until shooting onto videotape became the preferred medium for porn. With that said, the first thing you will notice about this transfer is how dated the image looks. The colors are faded and somewhat dull, several scenes have a light haze to them, and some of the scenes have low light levels. Additionally, there were multiple scenes where the transfer exhibited horizontal interference lines. When I saw these lines, I was reminded of how annoying old VHS tapes could be. Finally, the various scenes feature some occasional speedup where the actors walk fast, or do "other things" fast. I believe this speedup is not a fault of the transfer, but simply how it was originally shown. This reminded me of watching some silent films, although here the actors are naked and toss around semen as opposed to pies.

Despite my numerous complaints, fans simply need to realize that these shorts were produced at a time when porn studios couldn't afford expensive video and film cameras. Also, while I haven't conducted any research on the subject, porn from the 80's might not have received proper storage and handling because people weren't anticipating the need to preserve porn for the DVD market. The DVD case listed that there was some digital restoration done to these shorts. However, the restoration can only do so much for these clips. Therefore, you need to decide if the dated images are enough to keep you from buying this title.


The disco influenced "pornzac" is very appropriate for the time of the shorts' production. The music doesn't often enhance the scene, but it does give you that nice retro feeling. Also, there is no dialogue to be heard, only music. This was simply how some studios used to shoot their porn shorts. In addition to the music, some scenes feature the occasional bird sound (normally when the scene takes place outdoors). Regardless, it's hard not to giggle when watching the film with its stereotypical porn music.


There are some nice extras included on this DVD. In addition to animated menus, scene selections, and hour's worth of trailers, the DVD features two different slideshows. The cast slideshow features a selection of actors posing nude. These images might have shown up on calendars and men's magazines in their day. The other slideshow features action pictures from the film, which typically includes the guys in the process of having sex.

Final thoughts:

This DVD is filled to the brim with 1980's porn. While the DVD images are dated and the film's editing can be quirky at times, the sex itself is quite erotic and hot. In addition to the sex and hunky men, many fans will enjoy reliving an era where men celebrated their bodies in a carefree matter, which unfortunately, led to the demise of too many of them. Regardless, the Best of Col 1&2 is a very nice title for those of you looking for classic porn. Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating.

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