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Best of Colt 3&4, The

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:unlisted


Cast: Mike Davis, Gunther keller, and Shadow, Al Parker, Bruno, Clint Lockner, Jack Hacker, Mickey Squires, Clint Lockner, Mark Rutter, Mike Davis, Mike Davis, Al Parker

Body Types: 70's and 80's men, including shaggy haircuts, facial hair, guys with lots of muscles, naturally hairy men, uncut and cut penises, guys with tattoos


Things to see:jock strap play, oral and facial cumshots, barebacking, costume play, nipple piercings, rough sex, outdoor sex,

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

When watching gay porn from the early 1980's, I find myself admiring the fact that there weren't any "gay for pay" straights trying to fool us. The men from this era had sex on film simply because they enjoyed having gay sex. It wasn't until the 1990's when you started to hear the rumor of some actors being gay for pay. The "gay for pay" actors might have had the same waxed chests and buff bodies, yet they would still need to be fluffed by a female or have some straight pornography to keep them going through each scene. Therefore, watching the shorts in these Best of Colt titles can be refreshing at times because of the sheer honest and raw gay sexual energy that these men share for each other. These men are having sex with each other because they want to (or at least the director thought they would) and being paid for it was simply an extra perk.

The Best of Colt 3 & 4 shows off more of those hunky and hairy men from the Castro clone period of the 1970's and 80's. Some of the men are spectacularly gorgeous with their he-man like chests and long penises (Franco and Gordon). Other men are very cute, some with trimmed beards and shaved chests. One of the nicest surprises of this set was the inclusion of three scenes staring the legendary gay superstar Al Parker. His erotic portrayal of a horny mountain man in Timberwolves 1 and 2 leads me to believe that these two scenes were very popular, if not legendary, with fans of the era. His attractive looks and body will undoubtedly still hold your attention. Of course, there are several other nice scenes in this large compilation. Therefore, I have included some scene descriptions to help you wade through it all:

The Bonus: Mike Davis, Gunther Keller, and Shadow

Out on the ranch, two cowboys are looking for "something to ride." Both guys are brunettes, while one sports a mustache. Each guy takes turn sucking on the other in the hot sun. Suddenly, another cowboy arrives on his horse, so the guys buckle up. The new cowboy offers the mustache less cowboy some money for sex, so they start to make out. The guys share some oral pleasures, including a 69, while the other guy watches alone. Finally, both of the guys shoot their loads, except for the other cowboy who steals the money.

Hand Tooled:Al Parker.

Al Parker has a short trimmed beard, and a muscular body. He touches himself through his jeans and then receives some additional help through a mysterious hand. The phantom hand disappears from time to time only to turn up again. The hand rubs his hole and sticks some fingers into his mouth. As the scene progresses, more mysterious hands show up, running all over his body. Al eventually cums and is fed some of his load by the mysterious hands. This was a slightly bizarre short that made me feel like I was watching the X-rated version of Mr. Bill's "Mr. Hand." However, Al looks very nice in this scene.

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Flatbed:Gordon Grant, and an unidentified actor

A guy pumps his flat tire on the side of the road. He doesn't seem to care that his penis has popped out of his shorts, and is flapping up and down. Suddenly, a car pulls up to provide some "assistance." Gordon steps out of the car to "size up" the situation. Gordon has an incredible body, with an unbelievably hot smooth chest. The guys head to the back of the pickup to suck some cock. The flat tire guy eventually takes it up the ass, as the car bounces up and down. However, the guys don't cum. It was very unfortunate to not be able to see any cum shots in this film. However, it was a pleasure to see Gordon's naked body in the hot desert sun.

Lockner's Key:Bruno, Clint Lockner

Bruno rubs his cock through a sweaty jockstrap. Bruno has an incredibly large chest, with lots of furry chest hair. While he works on his penis, a cop (Clint) knocks on his front door to tell him that he left the keys in the lock. Bruno thanks the officer and then returns to what he was doing. As he strokes away, he fantasizes about Clint touching him. Clint rubs his leather gloves all over Bruno's hairy chest. The guys then suck on some dick, share some rimming, and Clint gets fucked from behind. At the end, Bruno jacks off his load into Clint's mouth, followed by Clint's climax. This was a passionate and erotic scene that will please most fans of erotic cop play.

The Come-On:Jack Hacker and Mickey Squires

While a shirtless mechanic (Jack) works on a car, a horny driver (Mickey) pulls up, looking for a "lube job." Mickey eyes Jack's package and then starts to rub it up and down. As Mickey steps out of the car, his ass pops out of his torn jeans, revealing some "easy access." The guys suck on each other's cocks and share some hole rubbing. Eventually, Jack screws the guy's hole, followed by Jack shooting his spunk onto Mickey's chest. This was a nice scene, especially due to Jack's well-chiseled chest.

Moving Violation:Clint Lockner, Mark Rutter, and Mike Davis

Mark speeds away on his motorcycle, but is flagged down by a pursuing cop (Clint). Mark attempts to evade being captured so he runs off to a barn. Inside the barn, Mike is masturbating while he looks at various nude male pictures. The fugitive then enters the barn and ends up scaring the masturbating lad. The cop quickly follows, only to then handcuff the criminal. As the cop assesses the situation, the sight of all of the gay porn turns him on. Clint forces Mark to suck on his cock, while Mark lies immobilized on the floor. However, Mark soon joins the action by licking on the cop's leather boots. Clint and Mike then take turns sucking on mark's nice uncut penis, and remove his clothes. All three guys end up having a passionate threesome with Clint screwing both guys and shoving his baton into Mark's hole. The scene ends with some nice facials. This was quite a hot scene, enhanced by the exciting story line.

Water Pump:Franco Arbruzzi

After a sweaty day's work, Franco undoes his overalls to reveal his incredibly buff and hairy chest. He showers off in his jock strap, teasing the audience by not showing his full package. He thoroughly washes himself until he starts to rub his cock inside the jock strap, yet again teasing us. He then removes the strap and strokes away until he releases a decent load onto his leg. This scene was very nice because Franco is such a dick tease, not revealing his beautiful cock until several minutes into the film short.

The Senses Taker:Bruce Craig, Ralph Whitaker

A bearded census taker knocks on a front door, only to be greeted by an attractive blond man wearing only a towel. The blond lad leads him to the back yard, where a couple is making love on a lawn chair. As the taker asks questions, he touches himself through his pants. The guys then remove their clothes, share some oral sex and the blond guy has his hairless hole rimmed. Eventually, the census taker oozes out a nice load into the blonde's mouth (it was clear that the guy really wanted it), followed by the blond shooting his load. This was a good scene, although both guys are just average lookers. On a curious note, the scene ends with a cop arriving at the door. Perhaps something was supposed to happen after this scene.

Timberwolves Part I:Mike Davis, Al Parker

Mike has thick brown hair, a hairy chest, and a generally nice body. At a remote cabin in the woods, Al spends his day alone, looking out in the distance. Suddenly, an attractive cowboy (Mike) riding his horse joins Al for a visit. After some light chatting, the guys decide to enjoy each other's bodies. The guys suck on each other's dicks while they lie on a park table. Al eventually strokes off the cowboy and then licks up most of the cum. Al doesn't cum, however. Although this was strictly an oral scene, the beautiful surroundings, erotic sex, and attractive guys made this scene quite memorable. I wouldn't be all too surprised if this two-part scene was considered to be one of classic porn's finest moments.

Timberwolves Part II: Mike Davis, Al Parker

Clearly not tired from their previous outdoor sex, the studs make out some more on a rock, close to a beautiful waterfall. The guys share some oral sex and then the cowboy rims Al's hole. Both guys then alternate between screwing each other on a blanket, sometimes using memorable positions. Eventually, Mike cums and Al licks up all of the salty goodness. After that, Al gives mike a very nice oral cum shot, with some strings of cum landing on the guy's face and hair. This was a pretty hot scene that will please almost anyone. Both guys are very hot in this scene!

The DVD:


These are some old porno shorts that were shot directly onto film. Time hasn't been kind to these shorts because they suffer from dull colors, a lack of detail, and somewhat faded prints. However, these clips did receive some digital restoration so this presentation is probably as good as these prints can look without a costly restoration.


The actor's dialogue is dubbed with disco porno music from the era. The music might detract from some of the scenes, so you might just want to watch these shorts without the volume on.


The extras are similar to the extras on the Best of Colt 1 & 2. Extras include a cast sideshow, an action gallery, and an hours worth of Colt trailers.

Final thoughts:

Similar to my review of the Best of Colt 1 & 2, parts 3 & 4 are just as good at featuring attractive men from the era sharing erotic scenes with other men. The classic Colt elements are in place, including attractive and muscular men, outdoor sex, and several nice oral cumshots. Some of the editing is bizarre, and some of the lighting levels can detract from the action. However, this title still features a whole lot of good porn that fans will greatly enjoy. Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating.

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