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Best of Colt 5&6, The

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:unlisted


Cast: Mike Davis, Joe Braggs, Moose, Johnny Harden, Rick Wolfmier, Mike Betts, Hank Ditmar, Mark Rutter, Gordon Grant, Tommy Romano, Big Max, Bruce Craig, Tom Blake, Marty Palmer

Body Types: 70's and 80's men, including shaggy haircuts, facial hair, guys with lots of muscles, naturally hairy men, uncut and cut penises, guys with tattoos


Things to see:outdoor sex, bear soaked masturbation, costume play

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

The Marlboro man, Burt Reynolds and Tom of Finland all shared a similar role in the lives of gay men in the 70's; they served both as a fantasy and the ideal "masculine man." These men were rough, bearded and hairy, and they weren't afraid to get into the mud or work their bodies hard with weights. The stereotype of these "masculine men" became the ideal for many gay men in the 1970's. Suddenly, gay men started heading to the gyms to increase the size of their muscles, they grew facial hair, and they dressed themselves in a pseudo Hells Angels meets cowboy look. This look ultimately came to be knows as the Castro clone look, largely because these types of men could be found around the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco.

It will come as no surprise to viewers that this Castro clone look can be found in nearly every scene in this DVD compilation. I lost count of the number of times where a scene featured a mustached leather clad cop or a greasy construction worker wearing tight jeans. You won't find much in the way of smooth chests or even twinks with tweezed eyebrows. Instead, we get scene after scene of masculine stereotyped men having sex. These portrayals of masculine men still work well as erotic entertainment since porn's function is to stimulate you through fantasies. As I watched this, I was reminded of my friend's fathers who showered out in the open at my childhood Boy Scout camp, with their well-chiseled bodies and beautifully hairy chests.

Out of the entire four Colt "best of titles," this one is my favorite, mostly due to two superbly hot scenes. One scene features two beautiful muscleman types having sex on a beach location. The scene has an unintentional haze to it, due to the film's age, which makes the scene feel like some distant memory that we all wish we had experienced. The other standout scene features the cover model, where he portrays a fantasy cop. The whole scene is extremely erotic because the cop teases his admirer, just as he teases his audience, without revealing too much of his body at once. When he ultimately gives his slave what he wants, the cop has in turn, given us what we ultimately wanted; feeling satisfied and significantly turned on. There are several other nice scenes in this DVD, but those two scenes were the standouts.

Now let's look at how all of the scenes work together as a whole:

Service Entry:Mike Davis, Joe Braggs, Moose

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Two hungry bears share their breakfast, but soon decide to share something else! Suddenly, a hunky water deliveryman stops by to deliver his package. The bears decide to invite him to stay for some drinks. The action quickly shifts to the guys making out together. The guys have some 69'ing and then the waterman screws one of the bears. The scene ends with some nice facial and oral cum shots. This threesome had some frantic editing, but the facial cum shot at the end was spectacular.

Overload!:Johnny Harden

Johnny is a younger guy with a smooth chest, and wears a leather jacket and a leather daddy hat. He clearly enjoys showing off his hard cock and shaved hole for the camera. While stroking on his penis, he rubs his hole, which ultimately leads him to shoot his load onto his face. He tastes some of the remnants. This was a rather nice solo scene because Johnny had some boyish good looks and a nice smooth body.

Muscle Beach:Rick Wolfmier, Mike Betts

On a hot day at the beach, a bronzed brunette nude sunbathes. Meanwhile a sexy younger lad, who sports a short mustache, checks out the sunbather. The guys eventually decide to make out on the beach. Both guys have extremely nice bodies, which are shown off as they play in the surf and water. They eventually share some erotic sucking and full body licking, then they 69. The younger bearded guy is screwed from behind and then both guys jack off. This was a great beach scene that was both romantic and hot.

Hot Cop:actors unidentified, although it's the cover boy

An incredibly buff guy wearing a cop uniform and a helmet, stands in front of a naked twink, making twink beg for him to pull out his cock. He teases him by flexing his muscles, but never fully giving into his request. He then lets the lad unbuckle and pull out a very large cock and low hanging balls (his cock is already dripping some precum). The twink sucks on the nice cock and kisses it. The cop then forcefully makes the guy suck on his cock in various positions. The cop then jacks of a load, giving the guy a nice facial and wiping his cum all around the guy's face. The twink then shoots his load. This felt like one of those classic porn scenes because it was so memorable and hot.

Love, Sweat & Beers:Hank Ditmar

Hank has a mustache and a furry body. After some heavy lifting, he sits down with a beer and starts to rub his jockstrap through the opening in his jeans. As he strokes himself, he dribbles dome of the beer down his chest so that it makes his jock strap all wet. He teases the camera by stroking on his jock strap, until he ultimately pulls out his dick. He strokes for a while and then shoots out his load. There is a greasy and grimy intensity to this scene that works well. Hank truly looks like someone who would work at a construction sight.

Snack Up:Mark Rutter, Hank Ditmar

Hank returns to this scene. In the wilderness, hank checks out a passing traveler with his binoculars. The traveler soon joins him where they share some drinks and stare at each other's crotches. The guys suck on each other's cocks in several positions. Mark is then screwed with his legs up in the air, although it's difficult to see any penetration. Mark then jacks off a very nice oral cum shot. Hank then rims Mark's hairy hole, while Mark forms some acrobatic sex positions. Hank then screws Mark from behind and jacks off a load onto his back. This scene features some sporadic editing, yet the action was still very nice.

Hammerhead:Gordon Grant, Tommy Romano

Two brunette construction workers work with some wood. Gordon hurts his finger and proceeds to suck on his thumb. Tommy looks at it the thumb, and then proceeds to erotically suck on it to make it feel better. Gordon gets turned on so they passionately rub and kiss each other. Tommy then sucks on Gordon's rod, they stroke on each other, and Gordon screws Tommy's hole. However, the guys don't cum at the end. Both of the guys were hot, and both looked like they were going to cum at the end, but then the money shots weren't present.

Grease Monkeys: Big Max, Bruce Craig, Tom Blake

Big Max, a buff and sweaty construction worker, tries to fix a power tool in the auto shop. In the shop, he works with a hunky blond lad. A customer then comes in to have his vehicle serviced. The workers check out the vehicle then check out the customer. All three grope each other and start to make out. The blond then sucks on both guys. The blond has his ass eaten and the guys form a suck chain. Finally two of the guys cum, just not Big Max. It was nice to Se Big's nice body, but it's unfortunate that he didn't use that monster to probe any holes!

House Boat:Marty Palmer, Gordon Grant

Shot on the rivers in the Grand Canyon, Gordon takes his boat over to a sleeping guy on a raft. He ties the guy's raft to his boat and leads him towards his houseboat, while the guy is still sleeping. He drags him into his cabin to revive him. The smelling salts don't work well, so he removes the guy's pants to revive him "another" way. The blond slowly wakes up to find that he is receiving a massage. The guys then head outside where they passionately make out on the top of the houseboat. This wasn't the best scene to end the film, but Gordon is always a pleasure to look at in the nude.

The DVD:


As mentioned in my other Best of Colt reviews, these DVD's feature some old transfers. These transfers suffer from faded prints, occasional bad lighting, and muted colors. For porn this old, don't expect these scenes to feature crystal clear images.


Standard porno music from the era was used throughout the scenes, without any recorded dialogue. However, the music is appropriate for the time when these shorts were made. Watching the shorts now, we can see (and hear) how ridiculous the music is for the scenes. The music is so silly that it will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face as you relive that time in 1982.


Extras include one slideshow, and an hour's worth of trailers.

Final thoughts:

I liked this compilation of gay porn a lot. There are several nice scenes and many examples of beefy men. Therefore, this DVD comes with a recommended rating.

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