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Best of Colt 7&8, The

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Date of Production:unlisted


Cast: Ledermesister, Erron, Tom, Dick Trask, Dakota, Denny, Mel Bush, Big Bill Eld, Bruno, Toby

Body Types:70's and 80's men, including shaggy haircuts, facial hair, guys with lots of muscles, naturally hairy men, uncut and cut penises, guys with tattoos


Things to see:gang rape, solos, outdoor sex

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

While the other Best of Colt volumes offered a plethora of classic 80's porn, the final volume suffers from not having much to offer in the way of sex. Generally, when watching adult porn, audiences like to be able to see all of the action, including a buildup with foreplay and a culmination of the sex, resulting in the climactic "money shot." However, these important qualities are what this compilation of porn shorts seems to be missing. In several of the scenes, there is little buildup, where we suddenly find the men naked, when in fact they were just clothed a few seconds ago. Most curious of all, was the decision not to include numerous cum shots throughout the shorts. There were probably 2-3 scenes where the actor actually cums, while the rest have the actors "acting" like they are experiencing an orgasm, yet there isn't anything to show for it. Perhaps the aspect of these shorts that makes these qualities standout is the bizarre editing in several of the scenes. In some examples, scenes rush back and forth between the oral action, and anal action, only to return back to the oral action. This happened sometimes in the other volumes, but it was forgivable because it wasn't completely distracting. Here, the editing is liable to decrease the size of your erection, which is the downfall of bad porn.

Another negative aspect of this DVD is the small cast. Most of the actors appear in several scenes. This leads to an (bad pun coming) over exposure of the actors. If the actors had been fun to watch and brought a lot of erotic intensity to the scenes, then I would have been more inclined to view these casting choices with a positive opinion. Unfortunately, the actors don't bring much to each scene, and it really ends up making the shorts not very erotic.

Therefore, I have deconstructed each scene to help you determine whether this final volume is one that you want to add to your collection.

Ledermeister:Ledermesister (his name)

His name is der Ledermesister, and he wants to show you his body. He greets the camera in the nude (at the front door) and then showers for our pleasure. He then rides a motorcycle, parks and jacks off his cock, but doesn't cum.

Erron & Ledermeister:

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A blond lad (Erron) sunbathes in the nude, thinking about a couple of men on a backpacking trip. In the fantasy, the two guys make out at a wilderness location. After touching himself, Erron goes back into his home to show off a hole in his Speedo. This was a very bizarre short. It wasn't all too erotic because it lacked the feeling of a real scene, instead jumping back and forth between an incomplete backpackers scene and then back to Erron and his strange posing.

Pool:Erron, Ledermeister, Tom

Erron lies on an air mattress in the pool, only to be surprised by two guys sucking on his dick. The three guys try to be adventurous by holding up one guy out of the water so that they can suck on his cock. However, they would have been more successful if they had simply decided to suck cock while one guy sits down on the pool's edge. At one point, one guy breaks away from the group and proceeds to make silly poses for the camera. This was a rather uneven scene, without any cum shots.

Oasis:Ledermeister, Dick Trask

Out on a ranch, two cowboys cruise each other, looking for a "ride." The guys drive away to the desert to check out their "equipment." The guys strip down, and make out passionately with dick sucking and rimming. When der Ledermeister is about to be screwed, we then see Dick standing up in a diving position where he quickly jumps down, only to land back in the previous pool scene. Ledermeister then rims Dick, the guys 69, and Ledermeister is fitted with an actual riding harness. He is then screwed from behind. Ledermeister cums, but we only see the "after shot," not the build up. This was a strange and uneven short. I can only image the drugs that the director was using when he shot this scene.

Breakdown:Erron, Tom, Ledermeister

A motorcyclist (Erron) rides on a deserted road, only to find der Ledermeister trying to hitchhike. Erron pulls over and sucks on der Ledermeister's dick. Without finishing, the guys ride off together. While continuing down the deserted road, Ledermeister gropes and strokes on his own dick. The guys then find a shirtless helpless traveler in need of some car assistance. However, they decide to gang rape him. They wrestle him to the ground, but the guy escapes and runs to an old house. The guys ultimately catch up with him and all three guys proceed to suck cock. However, all three guys don't cum at the end. This was a bizarre scene! The soundtrack was completely inappropriate, sometimes sounding like something from a horror film.

The Meterman:Ledermeister, Dakota

Ledermeister checks out Dakota's electric meter. Dakota, an attractive well-chiseled blond guy, then comes out of his house to remove his clothes. Ledermeister starts to blow Dakota and then the guys make out on a couch. Yet again, this scene doesn't feature any cum shots. Also, the end of the scene features some silent film footage in the scene. I have no idea what was going on in the filmmaker's minds for this bland scene.

It's Erron:Erron

Erron stars in this solo scene. He watches himself in a mirror as he strips off his clothes. He then gets close to the mirror and strokes on his nice dick. He even kisses himself in the mirror, and ultimately oozes out a white load. While this scene was merely OK, it was still erotic to see him masturbating what looked like his twin.

Stacked Deck:Denny, Mel Bush

A naked guy steps out of his home and towels off. A cowboy wearing a Speedo helps him to dry off some more, which leads to erotic rubbing. The guys share several positions then break away without cumming! This scene has some bad camera angles and editing, making it difficult to see if the actors are actually having sex.

The Posing Strap:Big Bill Eld, Dick Trask

A guy tries on a see-through jock strap for his friend. The jock strap leaves little to the imagination, so his friend quickly gets turned on. The guys grope each other, wag their dicks around, and share some oral sex. The guys also share some ass rimming. This scene suffered from some bad camera angles, and a lack of cum shots.

Bruno's World:Bruno, Toby

A guy steps out of a porno shop and walks away with his purchase. He heads back to his apartment and proceeds to read the dirty magazine. He then fantasizes about a hairy guy on the beach, while he touches himself. The beach guy strokes on his large uncut cock and releases a load onto his chest. After that, both guys are naked, softly rubbing each other, followed by the guys then making out by the pool. Finally Toby oozes out some cum after his long fantasy. This scene was OK, although it had some distracting editing. The DVD:


The print is faded, dark and grainy in some shots. The DVD has received some digital restoration, yet the image still has lots of problems.


This DVD features some different experimental sound than the other Best of Colt DVD's. Some of the scenes feature sound effects and some dialogue. However, the dialogue is very poorly recorded, resulting in the spoken words sounding badly dubbed as well as scratchy.


The DVD features over and hour of trailers and a slideshow.

Final thoughts:

This best of collection should be renamed to the "worst of collection. The sex is boring, the editing is distracting, the sound is horrific, and the guys are merely so-so. Therefore, I have given this dud a skip it rating. These shorts should have stayed locked up because they are so bad!

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