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Cowboy Country

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

COLT Studios presents six vintage solo shorts from the 1980s featuring butch muscle dudes along with one man-on-man action scene. These humpy guys definitely know how to strip their gears!

The Cast:

Ward Austin, Fred Slinger, Terry Bunz, Bob Duffy, Ed Horst, Mike Davis, Lil' Shadow, Gunther Keller, and Franco Corelli.

The Dudes:

These 1980s dudes are appealing with a mix of black and brown hair; toned, muscular, muscle-bound bodies; hairy and smooth chests; full and trimmed pubes; and mostly cut cocks. Lil' Shadow is uncut.

"A Western Shrine":

A yellow hand-written sign reading "Help Wanted! Experienced Grounds Keeper, Ranch Hand and. Inquire within" hangs from the front gate of a fence surrounding a large farmhouse. Ward Austin (good-looking with light brown/blond hair, smooth muscle-bound body) pulls up in his pick-up truck looking for work. Since no one is around to interview him, Ward simply makes himself at home and snoops around the property. New age type music and chirping birds swell on the soundtrack as he finds a small guesthouse and begins flexing/posing in the mirror. The big smile plastered on his puss as he watches himself gives away the fact that our good-looking stud is quite narcissistic.

Ward places a cowboy hat upon his head and strips down revealing that hot muscle-bound body, full light brown pubes, and cut cock. Stroking his growing tool to full hardness using his right hand, Ward pinches his hard nipples with the left. His purple cock knob is soon slick with ample pre-cum as his hand quickly slides up and down that hard shaft. Ward rubs his sexy bum spreading the cheeks to expose his tight hairy asshole. Ward works his prick fast 'n smooth shooting a thick load of jizz on his chest and the floor. Thick cum drips out of his piss slit. Ward scoops some up and rubs it on his hard nipple. Hot!

"The Farmhand's Workout":

Fred Slinger (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) rides up to a ranch house in his pickup truck, hops out and prepares to paint all the while some very cool retro style western guitar music plays on the soundtrack. Fuck painting! Fred removes his shirt and runs his hands all over exploring that sexy muscle chest. Getting turned on; Fred's hard cut cock and purple knob peek out of his short's leg. He sits back on a bench and starts lifting dumbbells making those muscles bulge with that meaty dong still sticking out. Fred finally pulls his shorts down revealing his full dark pubes and hot bubble butt. He digs that sexy ass spreading his butt cheeks and exposing his tight hairy bunghole. Lying back on a bench, Fred spreads his legs, rubs his nuts, and switches back and forth between hands jerking his stiff tool. Standing up and pouring water down his beautiful body, Fred pulls his pud shooting a thick load of love juice that flies everywhere and drips out of his piss slit. Hot dude!

"Strip Along Cowboy":

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On a highly stylized stage complete with cool yellow/orange lighting and tree branches, Terry Bunz (hot 'n smooth muscle stud with brown hair and mustache) stands wearing a cowboy hat, open Levis vest, yellow jock, brown leather chaps, and boots. Terry has all the usual male stripper moves down pat performing an erotic dance swiveling his hips and rubbing his body. He undulates to the groovy music featuring a 1970s style horn section and snappy bass line. Licking his fingers and rubbing those hard nipples, Terry shakes his groove thang bending over and caressing his sexy bum. He reaches into the yellow jock where we can see his full light brown bush, balls, and clipped dick. I've just noticed that Terry has a "rat tail" on the back of his hair. Very 1980s! He gives us a good look at his bum spreading the cheeks and exposing his tight shaved touchhole. Terry jacks his hard cock using his left hand and dumps a thick load of man-cream on his pubes and thigh. He scoops up his nut and eats it.

"Oil Spill":

Bob Duffy (very cute with short brown hair, smooth/muscular body) is dressed in blue jeans and a plaid shirt. He picks up bales of hay, loads 'em into a wheelbarrow, and heads out to feed the horses. Dripping with sweat, Bob pets the horses while rubbing the front of his bulging jeans. What is this? "Equus"? Thankfully leaving the horses behind, he walks down a path in the woods and soon stops for some private time. He unbuttons 'n unzips those blue jeans pulling them down to reveal his full brown pubes, plump nuts, and cut cock with pink knob. Bob is one hot fucking dude as he beats that meat using his right fist with over-handed strokes and working the deep piss slit of his swollen knob. He busts a thick nut on the ground.


Ed Horst (handsome with dark hair, mustache, hairy/muscular body) hauls hay in a wheelbarrow (sound familiar?) and dips some chewing tobacco. Stopping at a large caged-in area, Ed feeds a variety of pesky chickens and one pompous peacock. With his duties completed, he sits on the edge of an old-fashioned outdoor bathtub and begins to undress. Off with the boots, socks, Levis vest, and blue jeans! Ed reveals his sexy hairy body, full dark bush, plump balls, and clipped prick. He jacks his hard cock switching back 'n forth between fists using long full strokes. Ed takes a bath lathering up that hot 'n hairy bod, balls, and dong. Ed really goes to town on his stiff tool sliding his slick hands up 'n down the stalk with legs spread wide. Hot! Using his groin muscles, he makes his hard prick bob back 'n forth. Cleaned up and out of the tub, he shoots a large thick load of cock snot onto the ground. Hot load!

"The Bonus":

Mike Davis (handsome with dark hair, cool sideburns, hairy/toned body) and Lil' Shadow (nice-looking with short brown hair, toned/hairy body) are fooling around with Shadow pulling Mike's hard cut dick. Shadow takes that stiff rod into his mouth giving it a good ol' suckin'. The dudes make out with plenty of wet tongue action. Mike sinks to his knees taking Shadow's rigid uncut pork down his throat. Gunther Keller (handsome with dark hair, muscular/hairy body) rides up on his horse as cool Hee Haw banjo music blares on the soundtrack. Immediately joining in on the man-to-man fun, Gunter kisses the dudes and sucks those wet tongues. Gunther chows down on Mike's cock and Mike jacks Gunter's hard clipped meat with large purple knob leading to a sixty-nine while Shadow watches smoking a cigarette and playing with himself. Shadow and Gunter get down to some heavy soul kissing as they beat their hard beef. Shadow shoots a thick load on Gunter's hairy bum followed by Mike's thick jizz landing in the same area. Mike spreads Gunter's bum exposing his tight shaved bunghole and jacks his pal's tool. Gunther shoots a thick load on his hairy stomach.


Surrounded by beautiful western scenery (looks like Arizona), Franco Corelli (very handsome with short dark hair, goatee, and muscular body) stomps around wearing daisy dukes with leather chaps. Franco is need in of some rest and relaxation after a hard 'n hot day of grueling outdoor labor. Toe-tappin' player piano type music is featured on the soundtrack. He strips down giving the viewer a nice show while revealing his awesome muscular body. Pulling his short shorts down, Franco shows off his closely trimmed pubes and clipped dong. He rubs those hairy nuts while using his right fist to beat that rigid tube steak. Using long full milking motions, Franco pulls that veiny pud while his hands roam all over his chest and thighs. Franco reaches fulfillment shooting a thick load of spooge on his fist and thigh. Hot dude!



The individual short movies featured in Cowboy Country are shot on film and presented in full screen. The camera work is descent providing full overage of the jack off with plenty of close-ups. The one man-to-man scene "The Bonus" is almost shot like a soft-core presentation. There are shots of the cock sucking but most is obscured with a lifted leg or head. For the age of these 1980s shorts, the picture quality is quite good. There is a little grain from time to time but overall, the picture quality is nice and clean. The final short "Relief" is shot directly on video and has a sharp picture quality.


The movies are shot silently with music added in during postproduction. There's a cool variety of tunes including New Age, Retro Western, acoustic guitar, and Hee Haw type banjo ditties.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and trailers for: Duel: Taking it Like a Man, Man Country, Wide Strokes, and Muscle Up.

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios presents a hot lil' selection of 1980s solo beat off short movies featuring some very sexy 'n butch muscle dudes and one scene with some man-on-man action. Each scene, with the exception of the last, is shot on film and maintains a descent picture quality. The final short, "Relief" is shot directly on video and has a sharp picture. The dudes are appealing with their good looks and awesome muscular bodies. My personal favorites are: Bob Duffy, Ed Horst, Mike Davis, and Franco Corelli (cover dude). My only complaint is that the one man-on-man action scene is practically shot as a soft core presentation. There are some shots of the cock sucking but strategically placed legs and heads obscure a lot of it. I recommend for fans of butch muscle guys, cowboy themed meat-beating solos, and those who crave vintage 1980s styles such as "rattails".

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