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Teacher's Pet

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:

March 2007

Directed By:

Jim Steel

The Movie:

Strict teacher Mark Slade keeps his students after class for talking during his tutorial. He secretly listens as the two horny troublemakers discuss their friends' sexual exploits.

The Cast:

Brad Benton, Brant Moore, Jesse Santana, Tristan Matthews, Kyle Aames, Jayden Holloway, Mark Cirriano, David Goldwyn, and Mark Slade.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

The dudes here are all appealing with a mix of dark and blond hair; muscle-bound, toned, and slender body types; hairy and smooth chests; full, trimmed, and shaved pubes; and cut 'n uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Brad Benton (cute with longish brown hair, toned/smooth body) slouches on the kitchen counter eating a banana when his pal Brant Moore (twink with short black hair, fem plucked eyebrows, slender/smooth body) barges in and the dudes begin kissing with plenty of wet tongues. Banana breath! Brant sinks to his knees taking Brad's stiff clipped tool deep throat all the way to those trimmed pubes. Brant sucks cock like a champ sliding his mouth up 'n down and working those nuts. Brad wraps his fist around Brant's stiff cut dick, spits on it, and slobbers up 'n down. Brant fucks his buddy's mouth as Brad crams as much of that fat cock down his gullet as possible. "Oh fuck yeah! Take it! Suck that cock! Go all the way down! Fuck!" Brant rubs Brad's tight hairy bunghole and slaps those butt cheeks.

Brad fucks Brant from behind using smooth fast strokes as heavy breathing and sighing fill the room. Brad humps that bum making Brant cry out with pleasure. Both dudes are clearly into each other and the action as Brad switched to pounding that twink hole in the missionary position. Brant digs being fucked fast 'n hard. Brant plows that tight shaved hole turning the kitchen into his own private din of lust. Brant now takes the lead by drilling Brad's tight hairy butt hole on the kitchen counter in the missionary position. Beating off while being porked, Brad shoots a large thick load on his stomach. Brant squirts a huge wet load all over Brad's stomach and chest. Enormous load!

Scene Two:

Jesse Santana (very cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth/tanned body) kneels completely naked on the floor and beats his large hard cut cock using his right hand with over-handed strokes. Lying back on the floor, Jesse spreads his legs exposing his very tight shaved bunghole that he can make pulse and pout at his command. That pucker has a life of its own as Jesse teases it with his fingertips. He pounds his pud, rubs his plump nuts, and finger fucks himself with his middle digit. Jesse is one hot fucking dude! Working himself into a sexual lather, Jesse shoots a thick load that flies out of his flared purple cock knob hitting the black and orange floor.

Scene Three:

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Kyle Aames (very handsome with black hair, facial hair, tattoos, and toned/smooth body) cruises is buddy Tristan Matthews (cute twink with short blond hair, slender/smooth body) as they both pretend to read magazines. Kyle gets down to business on his knees pulling Tristan's blue jeans and underwear down revealing his shaved pubes and hard cut prick. He takes that fucker deep throat working his willing mouth up and down the turgid tool much to Tristan's delight. Kyle eats Tristan's tight lightly hairy touchhole lapping at the pucker with his pieced tongue and really munching down in glorious close-up. "Eat that hole!" Tristan fucking digs having his lil' starfish licked and caressed. Kyle fucks Tristan from behind using fast 'n smooth drilling as moans, pouts, and simpers of sexual satisfaction fill the room. To finish up, the dudes watch each other jack off. Tristan dumps a thick load on his stomach as Kyle jerks his clipped dick shooting thick jizz on his fist and stomach.

Scene Four:

Jayden Holloway (cute twink with brown/blond hair, cool sideburns, toned/smooth body) is sitting on the sofa with kind of a worried look on his face when Mark Cirriano (good-looking with brown hair, beard stubble, and average/hairy body) sneaks up behind and the deep tongue kissing begins. The dudes definitely dig each other as they swallow those wet tongues and rub bodies. Mark pulls Jayden's shirt up rubbing his toned smooth chest and stomach turning Jayden on beyond belief. Jayden's hips begin to involuntarily undulate upward as Mark feels him up. Hot! Jayden mouths the front of Mark's bulging pants while Mark spanks his bare bum. Mark spreads those cheeks apart exposing Jayden's tight shaved hole and begins licking the pucker. Jayden pulls Mark's pants and briefs down revealing shaved pubes and a very hard uncut cock. He grabs that unclipped tool twisting the shaft and chowing down.

Mark gets back to munching down on Jayden's tight little bunghole making him pout and cry out with lusty abandon as his most intimate of places is enjoying a full tongue bath. Hot! The dudes sort of slide into a traditional sixty-nine on the large white leather sofa feasting on hard beef. Mark stands over Jayden feeding him that hard unclipped pork where the foreskin still completely covers the purple knob when hard. Hold what you got! It's a sexual circus act when Mark actually picks Jayden up----upside down in kind of a standing sixty-nine! Mark continues to taste that rosebud as Jayden fills his gullet with that rigid tube steak. Mark fucks Jayden in the missionary position with fast/hard/smooth strokes making the dudes fill the air with plenty of moans, groans, heavy breathing, and pouts. These dudes clearly dig each other and the action. Mark pounds that butt from behind sliding his blood-engorged member smoothly in and out of that tight twink-pussy. The dudes beat off with Mark on the sofa and Jayden leaning back between Mark's spread legs. Mark squirts a large thick load of spunk on his inside thigh as Jayden cuts loose with a large thick load of spooge hitting his chest and stomach.

Scene Five:

I'm not exactly sure what type of "school" this is but hunky muscle-bound dad Mark Slade (short blond hair) is the teacher and he's sitting at the head of the class completely naked jacking his hard cut cock. His tight right fist glides up and down his rigid organ while his left hand rubs his plump balls and explores his beautiful smooth muscular body. Mark's busy watching his students David Goldwyn (very cute with dark military buzz cut, toned/smooth body) and Trevor Knight (cute with short brown hair, toned/lightly hairy body) choke their chickens. David jacks his hard clipped tool using his right hand while buddy Trevor jacks his large cut dong using the same paw.

All three dudes pull that hard pork while keeping their eyes glued on each other's crotches. A very cool 1980s hair metal guitar instrumental loudly fills the soundtrack. Trevor spits on his big dick and jacks it like a pro wagging that thang from side to side like a male stripper. Mark's cock knob turns a deep purple as he frantically pounds his meat shooting a thick load on his fist. Trevor beats his long cock spurting a thick load into the air that hits the floor. Hot load! David reaches the point of no return shooting his thick nut on the floor.



"Teacher's Pet" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Brad Austin and Ralph Parfait is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of intimate close-ups. The picture quality his sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear all the usual lusty noises that accompany man-sex along with some very cool hard rock guitar instrumentals.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a star index which includes an menu of its own with the names of each model appearing in a particular scene and the various sex acts they engage in, and trailers for the vintage classics "L.A. Tool & Die", El Paso Wrecking Corp.", "Kansas City Trucking Co.", and "Hard Up". Also included is a slide show featuring high quality photographs from the movie with a dance music accompaniment.

Final Thoughts:

HIS Productions and Director Jim Steel continue the winning streak with "Teacher's Pet". The movie is a big turn-on featuring top-quality production values, direction, videography, and editing (D3) creating five scenes that move along at a nice pace and never becomes dull. The dudes are clearly into each other and the action, which is always something I look for. The guys give energetic performances as they chow down on dongs, eat tight bungholes, and engage in fast 'n hard butt sex. My personal favorites are Mark Slade (I really dig that muscle-bound hunk), Kyle Aames, David Goldwyn, Brad Benton, and Trevor Knight. I highly recommend for those looking for a big ol' turn-on with top production values and plenty of sexy dudes ready and more than willing for action.

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