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Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/22/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production:

1970s, 1980s, 2002

The Movie:


COLT Studios presents seven short movies from the 1970s, 1980s, and up to 2002 featuring hot muscle studs in sweaty man-to-man action.

The Cast:

Moose, Bob Randall, Rocco Rizzoli, Nick Rogers, Jock Peterman, Kit Kittridge, Bruno, Clint Lockner, Lloyd Kasper, Mike Davis, Gunner Hyde, Ryan Kilgore, Tony Ganz, Mark Sierra.

Safe Sex/Condoms:

Yes and No (some scenes are pre-condom)

The Dudes:

These butch dudes are hot as hell with a variety of dark hair; muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests; full and trimmed pubes; big uncut and cut cocks.

"The Love Tub":

Hey! Let's open this lil' smut fest with a close-up of a yummy turkey leg! Bob Randall (nice-looking with short brown hair, mustache, toned/tight/smooth body) relaxes in the warm bubbly waters of his hot tub with an open bottle of champagne and the above-mentioned leg o' turkey sitting nearby. Bob grabs that fucking gobble gobble and chows down! Moose (hot dude with short dark hair, muscular body) arrives home and makes his way out to the hot tub. Moose definitely has an early 1970s Burt Reynolds look going on with his open Levis vest, tight blue jeans, and cool shades. He sits next to the hot tub and grabs that turkey leg! What's up with these dudes? Did they miss their Thanksgiving meal? Thankfully, the food is soon forgotten when Bob starts licking and sucking Moose's hairy chest and hard nipples.

Moose stands up taking his shades off while removing his vest and tight blue jeans revealing full dark pubes and a big uncut cock with very nice long foreskin. Bob rubs that beautiful unclipped tool licking and sucking the foreskin nipple, wrapping his hand around the growing shaft, and taking that fucker down his throat. Moose makes his way into the hot tub leading to some very hot tongue kissing and Bob showing off his tight shaved asshole. Moose fucks Bob from behind on a lounge chair using quick humping motions. Bob hops off the lounger and gets fucked doggy style on the ground while jacking his stiff cut dick. Moose shoots a thick load on Bob's bum and Bob squirts a huge wet load that flies everywhere landing on his chest and stomach.

"Coming to the End":

Nick Rogers (good-looking with short brown hair, mustache, toned/smooth body) soaps up in the shower washing his full dark bush and floppy cut dong as Rocco Rizzoli (handsome with dark hair, mustache, muscular/hairy body) sits playing with his big unclipped cock. Out of the shower, Nick heads over to see what Rocco is up to and the dudes get down to some heavy soul kissing with plenty of wet tongues. Nick sucks Rocco's hard tool cramming that uncut thang down his throat and sliding his mouth up 'n down the shaft. Nick plays with Rocco's tight hairy manhole while giving excellent head. Rocco doesn't want to be selfish so he chows down on Nick's stiff cut dick working his wet mouth up 'n down the stalk.

The dudes fall into a sixty-nine where they both feast on hard man-pork. Rocco fucks his pal in the missionary position fast 'n hard while Nick frantically beats off. Rocco straddles Nick fucking his mouth. Nick digs that cock and sucks the heavy foreskin and hangy balls. Rocco busts a nut on Nick's face and tongue. Nick grabs that cock pulling the foreskin forward and sucks like a man half starved for over-hang. Nick jacks off and fucks Rocco's mouth shooting a thick load on Rocco's neck and chest. Hot! To finish up, the dudes get down with additional heavy kissing. Hot! The action is accompanied by a perky organ ditty.

"Lovers in Summer":

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Kit Kittridge (handsome dude with short brown hair and smooth muscle-bound body) swims in the local lake wearing his tight white boxer briefs. Kit's pal Jock Peterman (handsome with dark military buzz cut, smooth/muscle-bound body) joins him and the dudes joke around laughing and splashing each other with water. Back at their cabin, the dudes share a very romantic moment with some deep tongue kissing and body rubbing as a homespun instrumental tune plays on the soundtrack. The guys remove their shirts revealing those hot muscle-bound bodies leading Jock to take Kit's hard cut dick down his throat sliding his wet mouth up 'n down the fat shaft giving very good head. Suddenly, the music changes to sort of 1980s nighttime soap theme song that swells as Jock pulls his shorts down revealing full dark pubes and a large cut cock.

The dudes continue to taste tongues as they stroke the other's hard dick. Jock lies back on a lounger chair and jerks off while Kit is standing above fucking his mouth. Kit sucks Jock's hard dong and big purple knob slobbering up 'n down and giving excellent head. The sucking naturally leads to fucking when Jock enters his buddy in the missionary position pounding his hole. Jock beats off shooting a thick load of jizz on Kit's chest and stomach. Kit cuts loose with a large thick load on the brown bed sheets. Hot!

"Lockner's Key":

Butch 'n hairy muscle dude Clint Lockner (good-looking, dark hair, mustache, muscle-bound body) enjoys some time alone laying on his bed with legs spread wide wearing only a tight white jock strap. Clint's hands explore his beautiful body leading to rubbing his bulging pouch as his thick full black bush and hangy hairy nuts force their way out. Clint pulls his meaty uncut cock out and begins to jack off using his right fist to work the thick foreskin up 'n over the moist purple knob. Very hot! Clint fanaticizes that Police Officer Bruno (nice-looking with short brown hair, mustache, tight/toned/smooth body) is on his motorcycle smoking a cigarette surrounded by cool red lighting. Bruno slowly runs his leather gloved-clad hands over Clint's butch hairy pecs giving 'em a good squeeze. Highly erotic!

Bruno strips down revealing his trimmed pubes and long cut cock with big purple knob. Bruno grabs Clint's dong jacking the ample foreskin as Clint yanks the Officer's big dick. Clint spreads his legs leading Bruno to chow down on that big thang cramming it down his gullet and stroking giving excellent head. Bruno licks Clint's hot bubble butt, hairy crack, and buries his face between those sexy buns. He finger fucks Bruno's tight bunghole and then plows him from behind using steady humping motions. Clint jacks off shooting a large thick load of cock snot in Bruno's open mouth and on his face. Bruno shoots a thick load of spooge on his inside thigh and pubes. Hot!


Mike Davis (hot dude with longish blond hair, heavy beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) is working in his yard when Lloyd Kasper (cute with brown hair, toned/smooth body) drives up in his jeep and cruises him. Lloyd immediately begins rubbing the bulge in Mike's blue jeans while jacking his hard clipped cock. Knowing a good "thing" when he sees it, Mike hops in the jeep and the dudes make out with plenty of wet tongue. Mike grabs Lloyd's stiff tool and slobbers up 'n down filling his mouth with hard meat. The dudes are very horny and practically swallow each other's tongues as they kiss, lick chins!, and go at it like ravenous animals. Mike reminds me of "Sawyer" on the television series "Lost". He straddles Lloyd in the comfortable and carpeted back of the jeep allowing his large meaty uncut cock and big balls to hang from the fly of his blue jeans. Hot! Lloyd sucks and licks that big dick taking it down his throat.

Lloyd deep throats that big dong all the way down to Mike's full brown pubes which leads to some fast face fucking. In a groovy montage, the viewer is treated to a variety of sex acts including sixty-nine, ass eating, sitting on faces, thumb fucking, cock sucking, ball sucking, and more deep kissing. Mike beats off and shoots his wad on Lloyd's tongue. Hot! Lloyd loves it grabbing that cock and sucking the foreskin. Lloyd busts a thick nut on Mike's hairy chest. Mike takes Lloyd's spent cock back into his mouth for another taste.

"The Long Rangers":

Park Rangers Gunner Hyde (good-looking with short black hair, mustache, toned/tight/hairy body) and Ryan Kilgore (cute with brown hair, toned/hairy body) hop on their horses and head out through the beautiful green forest filled with pine trees. The dudes soon find a private place and begin kissing with lots of wet tongues and body rubbing. Ryan sinks to his knees taking Gunner's hard fat cut cock down his throat as his face gets fucked. Gunner rubs Ryan's hairy butt crack and buries his face between the two manly buns. He sucks his pal's stiff clipped dick. Ryan returns to his knees and deep throats Gunner's pork all the way to that hot full bush. We get a nice camera shot of Kyle's tight lightly hairy bunghole as he's bent over going to town on Gunner's dong.

Ryan sits on Gunner's face as his pal eats that tight asshole (no close-ups but the camera work is still descent). Like a true horn dog, Ryan fucks his buddy from behind in a fast 'n wild doggy style filling that tight chute with hard meat. Gunner fucks Ryan from behind pounding that tight touchhole fast 'n hard. The only penetration shot is very quick while Gunner drills Ryan in the missionary position. Ryan shoots a thick load of spunk on the ground and sleeping bags. Gunner straddles Ryan while beating off and shoots a thick load on his face and hairy chest. Hot!

"Work Load":

Butch construction workers Tony Ganz (handsome with short black hair, smooth/muscular body) and Mark Sierra (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body) head home after a hard sweaty day. Mark lies on the bed talking on the telephone when Tony walks in totally naked toweling off from a shower. Tony's full dark pubes and large hard clipped cock are on full display. Boing! Tony's now on the phone while Mark jacks his buddy's stiff prick working the large purple knob. Mark yanks his tool belt and blue jeans off revealing his trimmed pubes and large uncut cock. He lies back in the bed allowing Tony to play with his foreskin sliding his fingers underneath the over-hang and jacking it up 'n over the moist knob. Tony takes that big unclipped fucker down his throat giving an excellent blowjob. These dudes are clearly into each other and the action.

In return, Mark chows down on Tony's rigid clipped member deep throating down to those full pubes and slobbering up ' down. He definitely knows his way around a hard cock. Tony fucks the hell out of his pal's face and Mark fucking digs it. The man is crazy for hard tube steak. Mark positions himself under Tony and goes wild sucking those big hangy nuts. Hot! During this crazed sixty-nine, Mark is practically smothered with those huge balls! He spreads Tony's butt cheeks apart exposing his tight shaved asshole. Very hot! Mark gets back down on that big slab of man-meat playfully sucking and slapping it against his wet tongue all the time having a big grin on his face. Mark straddles Tony while spanking his monkey and shoots a thick load on Tony's chest. Tony straddles Mark while pulling that pud shooting a big thick load on Mark's chest and stomach.



The short movies included in "Couples" are shot directly on film and videotape and presented in full screen. The older movies from the 1970s and 1980s look quite good for their age with just a little grain and a nice clear picture. The movies shot on videotape are crisp and clean. The camera work is descent and provides coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking. There are not a whole lot of close-ups of the fucking; however, there are some very nice penetration shots from time to time.


The movies are shot silently with music added in during postproduction. The instrumental tunes range from groovy organ to homespun harmonica and cool/cheesy 1980s synth.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. There are no bonus materials.

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios reaches back into the vaults and hauls out some hot lil' gems from the 1970s and 1980s along with a fairly new offering from 2002. The movies are a big turn-on with plenty of butch muscle studs that give energetic performances and are clearly into the action and each other. The picture quality is descent throughout with the older movies shot on film containing a little grain and the more recent shot directly on videotape with a crisp picture quality. I found this collection of short films to be highly entertaining not only for the sexy dudes and hot sex but for the groovy/hilarious touches such as that damn turkey leg in "The Love Tub". I dug all the dudes with my personal favorites being Moose (with his cool early 1970s Burt Reynolds look), Rocco Rizzoli (hot butch with big uncut cock), Kit Kittridge (barrel-chested muscle stud), Clint Lockner (butch muscle dude with big unclipped tool), and Mike Davis (who looks like dude from "Lost" and has a huge uncut prick). My only complaint is that most of the fucking doesn't last very long and needs more penetration shots. I recommend for fans of butch muscle dudes and some hot foreskin play.

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